View Full Version : Any Australia.s Out There...need A Little Help

11th August 2008, 15:23
Helli Mate, Here's' the story.

Me Mum is an Australian Citizen. She is living with me in the USA. She is a PENTIONER!!!!! ( as they like to say)

Anyway she is 84 had a heart attack and triple by-pass surgery. and her kindeys are not working.

It looks as if she will have to be in a stinking Nursing Home.
She has an Aussie Med card and has Gov. Insurance.

Can you give me the number to call, or can you call and see if she is covered
to be in a nursisng home herer is the usa and will they help pay her hospital bills.

Over here if one go into a Nursing Home, you have to turn over your house ,cars , all money;s,the cat and the dog and your first and last born..
All info will be greatly appecaited, thanks Ross

11th August 2008, 16:00

Sad to hear about your mum. In Australia, its not too different, in that you have to put up a bond and pay for your keep, which usually means selling your home and signing over your pension to the nursing home. Anyway, here is the contact details for the Department of Health and Ageing.


12th August 2008, 13:02
thanks Gino