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1st August 2008, 02:20
Here is a scenario that all of us here should consider. It certainly seems a very possible and rather easily carried out threat that would bring this country to a standstill in a moments time.


1st August 2008, 06:52
Pure propaganda (disinformation).

EMP effects do not extend beyond the visual horizon of detonation.
The weapon would have to be detonated directly over the US or at a very high altitude close to shore, both scenarios way beyond Iran's missle technology. See:


mick silver
1st August 2008, 08:33
if iran did some thing like this they would be bomb back to the stone age

1st August 2008, 14:18
if iran did some thing like this they would be bomb back to the stone age

Which they are well aware of. That's why they don't have any plans to nuke the US or do anything relatedly stupid.

Anybody who takes anything coming from this author seriously, especially from Newsmax needs a reality check.

This is Zio-agitprop. Nothing more.
BTW, this article was linked recently in another forum... same poster?

1st August 2008, 22:20
Seems a lot of work to get the second most hated enemy very far away when the most Hated enemy is just down the road.

" The Owl "

1st August 2008, 23:41
I first read this yesterday from a link on http://blog.goldsilver.com/ . I never saw it or posted it anywhere else, bum....and I wouldn't worry anyway, southern cal will probably self destruct before then...

I do know that I've read about E-bombs for several years which would have the same effects on a smaller scale. It seems to me a nuclear blast from 40 kilometers up would have a fairly large horizon coverage, too. and don't forget, Iran isn't the only country that's fed up with America...

One other thing, why wouldn't a country with a leader and thousands of militant religious fanatics willing to blow themselves up for the "glory" of their insane beliefs even think twice about doing such a thing?

3rd August 2008, 19:49

4th August 2008, 00:07
Electric power systems affected by EMP in the past recovered quickly, within minutes or hours.... they are fairly robust. When you look at all the systems that would have to work perfectly to pull off an EMP attack on the US, the cumulative probability of failure is high. So why bother ? Other, much more likely to succeed methods are available. 1) a dirty bomb .... they already have the radioactive isotopes, they would just have to be smuggled in. 2) an attack on an operating nuclear reactor or it's spent fuel pool, which could easily render 30,000 square miles uninhabitable for the next 1000 years.

I heard someone complaining that it would take three trillion dollars to build a renewable energy infrastructure that would free us from foreign imports. Complain ??? They should do their math and Rejoice !!!! Three trillion is what we spend on imported energy in 4 to 5 years.
Without oil imports we could reverse our balance of trade, become a creditor nation again, pack up our empire, and get rid of the FED.