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Peter Spina
11th December 2005, 15:22
"Just as IRS spies are "slipping into church pews", they will also be sent to flush out the owners of "unregistered" gold, turning in to the IRS those who cannot prove an excise tax was paid, or receipt for its lawful purchase. Look to the advance of gun control for clues as to how a tyranny advances upon its people, and will do so to prevent competition from lawful money, gold.

As for pastors of all faiths, I would urge them to relinquish their IRS tax-exemption, and stand on their own in administering the Word of God to their congregations. To do otherwise is to preach a watered-down version of christianity in compliance with federal guidelines." - Charleston Voice

Silencing the Shepherds
by William Norman Grigg
December 10, 2005

Silver Bull
25th June 2006, 22:17
Most pastors would be glad to give up their tax exempt status if the government would stay out of church business. Biblically the tithe, or first ten percent followers give, is to take care of the Levites, the ministers. Our government in it's quest to keep the seperation between church and state, stick it's big brother nose into the church by not allowing the ministers to be paid this amount, but a much smaller percentage based on what they think is ok. All the while they consort with big business such as Enron. When was the last time they butted their nose into Ford, GM, Apple, Microsoft, etc. and told their CEO', CFO's, etc. how much they were allowed to make. Once again putting limits on small and medium sized businesses while cow-towing to big business.