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Peter Spina
7th December 2005, 21:54
For those who may find interest in silver usage in alternative medicines, we invite you to read two press releases (combined) in the following article.

Ionic Silver Complex Designed for Use in Humans Receives U.S. Patent


Ardent Listener
30th March 2006, 18:47
Years ago I read an article about how they use to throw a silver dollar into the water barrow on the wagon trains in order to purify the water. I don't know if it really works, but if it dose, I guess a silver eagle would work even better. :)

Ardent Listener
30th March 2006, 18:51
Also, years ago I burned my hand and the doctor prescribed a cream that contains silver. It healed my hand very fast.

Silver Bull
25th June 2006, 21:30
Silver stops the bacteria from growing. So yes the story about the silver dollar in the water barrel is true. I have seen silver used in many ways. Soon, the US market will be introduced to a washing machine that actually puts silver into the water to kill off the bacteria that causes odors in the clothes. The medical community is beginning to produce plastic tubes embedded with silver to control bacterial contamination. So many uses for silver. The world is beginning to shine the color of silver!

6th February 2008, 16:40
I too remember the silver coins in the water; and am going to add a silver round to my 120 gallon tank (the household water, incl. drinking). Unless anyone knows of any possible dangers. It is hard to find any info on this, without going through 250000 possibilities.

17th April 2008, 21:39
The term "Born with a silver spoon in your mouth" has to do with the very wealthy (Probably the Bankers) way back before refrigeration. They used to give their kids silver spoons to suck on because it kept them from getting sick.
Back then people would put a silver dollar in the milk because it preserved it longer.

18th April 2008, 17:32
I've been rooting a sweet potato plant in water for several weeks. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that a slime had developed over the part of the tuber that was suspended in water and I was worried that portion would rot off before the roots were well-developed. I dropped a one ounce silver bar into the bottom of the glass and the slime completely disappeared within just a few hours and hasn't come back since.

That sure sold me on silver's ability to stop bacteria from growing.