View Full Version : Drilled & filled Englehard 100 oz. silver bar

17th July 2008, 16:45
Can't get a picture posted here so am providing a link to a site that shows a picture of the bar. It's a many page site...pull down to about the center of the screen and the picture will be there.


Scrap Metal
19th July 2008, 13:22
That was very interesting. I do not have the money for 100 ounce bars...but it was an eye opener to see a photo of a drilled brick. Thanks.

27th July 2008, 03:02
Just off the top of my head, going by the atomic weight, lead is about 5% heavier than silver. and if about 75% of the bar was drilled, the added weight is about 3.75 oz. so the bar would weight 103.75 oz. That in my opinion is no where near "a little more than 100 oz." It's a lot!!! More than they would allow to leave the factory. Just have the dealer weigh it on a scale, and if it's more than 100.1 ounces..... Unless they shaved 3.74 ounces off the sides of the bar to compensate for the added weight.

They also have to plug up the holes, and that might be detectable.

Just stick to rounds and ASE's. And don't buy any Chinese or even Mexican Onza's. I haven't heard of any counterfeit Onza's, buy I don't trust Mexico

27th July 2008, 10:20
I think with silver this high, people will be very clever. Weight would probably not be the biggest problem to overcome. In light of the drill & fill problem w/bigger bars, I would never buy one. I agree with the "stick to 10 oz. & under" frame of mind. Not worth anyone's while to fiddle with something so small......yet.

27th July 2008, 18:13
A 10 oz bar is the biggest I would ever buy.I was a machinist for 21 years so I know first hand what can be done with metal.Those lead filled 100oz bars were not done by a guy in his garage with a drill press.Those bars were gundrilled and benched back to perfect.That is not a small operation, the machinery and manpower involved would cost a lot of money.