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17th July 2008, 11:20
I have 260 uncirculated 90% Roosevelt dimes. About how much can I expect to get for them? I would like to sell them and buy some bullion/junk. I'm thinking I could get more silver for my dollar this way.

Also, I ran across some rolls of Walking Liberty Halves for $202 each yesterday. Is this a good price for these? It seems be a bit higher than their melt value.:confused:

17th July 2008, 11:29
If they are unc. in roles by dates, you can get a premium over melt price.. I would be intrersted if you want to e-mail or pm me details


17th July 2008, 13:53
here is a link to apmex.......just go down to $1000 face bags......you can expect to get somewhere between the buy and sell price.

if for example it says $1000 bag buys/sells for $13000 .....13,000/1000=13 so you can expect somewhere around 13 times the face value

i would always expect to get more than the apmex "buy" value ...if i didnt i would just sell them to apmex