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Peter Spina
25th November 2005, 20:11
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The US Mint production of Silver Eagles is even more askew. For all of 2004 they minted 9,617,000 coins. So far, as of some date in November 2005, the US Mint has minted but 5,660,000 one ounce coins. Last year in 2004 December was a banner month with Christmas production of 2,622,500 coins. I am forecasting a significant under production for December of this year. Why? I'm going by what the Mint has done so far in November of this year (125,000) as contrasted with 492,500 in November of 2004!

Once upon a time I plotted and graphed all the monthly production averages for you. If someone retained that post, please send me a copy as my e-mail program has been cleaned out since then.

Summary: Anyone well-heeled enough - and they're out there - could readily corner the market on the 1/2 ounce 2005 gold eagle and stake out a substantial position in 2005 silver eagles - enough so and to hold them off the market ("safe hands"), creating a numismatic shortage. You'd be kind of a scaled-down Bunker Hunt of sorts, but then few out there could take the scorn and heat from the Establishment that he did.

Anyone can get all the monthly production figures since inception in 1986 at this site: http://www.usmint.gov/mint_programs/american_eagles/index.cfm?action=sales&year=2005

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