View Full Version : Do you think it would be smart?

13th July 2008, 23:22
I'm thinking of buying some silver eagles tomorrow and seeing that it is around 18.70 mark do you still think it would be wise to purchase?

13th July 2008, 23:32
Buying silver is wise no matter how you look at it. Do I think you might get a better deal sometime later? Perhaps, but as volatile as things are now, if you don't, you might wish you did......hehehe, if that answers your question....

13th July 2008, 23:51
I'll answer from experience. If you wait for the deal of a lifetime, or for the price you REALLY want, it won't happen, or you'll miss it. MAYBE...just maybe, you'll get it, but unless you're buying for the very short term, any price right now will only appreciate.

It's kind of like parenthood...if every person waited to "be ready" to have a child, before they actually had a child, they'd never have a child. You just gotta do it.