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strongman shelford
11th July 2008, 16:46
Hi, I need all your opinions .
I think I found a silver dealer.
But I need to know HOW MUCH are you paying for your silver.

please post how much r u paying for your silver, price, dealer, type of silver ( .925, . 999 , etc.) , city, estate, country and date here!

I need to know that.. Please I need your help guys. This info could be useful.


11th July 2008, 18:08
Sure thing Mr. Paulson! ;)

Scrap Metal
11th July 2008, 18:38
So I am not the only one who found this request odd? :confused:

strongman shelford
11th July 2008, 20:32
I am honest people.

I am not the IRS.

Ok, just say me how much is silver in your town?

11th July 2008, 21:13
Spot + or -........

Here's a dealer who ships international:


11th July 2008, 23:43
My bet is that aside from the major dealers we all know about, the local places that have silver available for purchase do not ship. I know for a fact that none of the local dealers around my neck of the woods ship anything.

12th July 2008, 00:13
I'm just going by what their website says: "We ship worldwide to most countries." and it was a major U.S dealer who gave me the link, because the major dealer doesn't ship international. I personally have not made purchases with this dealer though.

strongman shelford
12th July 2008, 09:59
Spot + or -........

Here's a dealer who ships international:


thanks, this website was helpful.

so it is the spot price +2% + shipping cost.

13th July 2008, 23:18
If you got big money to spend, www.tulving.com or some like Northwest Territories Mint

If you only have a few hundred at a time, I'd just go to the local coin dealer and pay the higher (ouch) premium. By the time you save up a few thousand bucks, silver could have rose 2-3 bucks, making that coin shop (ouch) price, cheaper.

Time is money, and it's going to get more expensive