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10th July 2008, 00:43
I may be purchasing a safe to store my metals and other important stuff, it's a vintage safe someone is selling from their grandmother's estate. I wasn't exactly planning on buying a safe but was skimming though the collectables section looking for silver/gold and stumbled upon this which seems like a pretty good deal...

Here's a link to the ad:


I e-mailed them and they said they'd let me have it for $250 if I pick it up tomorrow...

It's incredibly heavy (which I see as A Good Thing) and is on wheels.

Measures 19 1/2" Deep x 16" Wide x 26" High (includes wheels)

I'm wondering if this is a steal for $250?

My Pants Are Cold
10th July 2008, 01:28
Looks pretty nice, metal'd be fine in it, but I doubt it's "fire resistant" for documents and such.

10th July 2008, 01:43
1) make sure you change the combination

2) concrete it into a wall or floor, at least 8" on all sides ('cept the door), and use plenty of half-inch rebar.

10th July 2008, 01:46
Yeah I don't really need it to be fire resistant, just theft resistant.

As for concreting it in, that's not an option as I rent. I plan to keep it in a closet behind random stuff.

10th July 2008, 11:22
A heavy safe is a good safe, but if you can't reinforce it to the floor, and can't secure it in any other way, then having a wheeled safe is about the least "safe" thing you could store valuables in, no matter how heavy.

10th July 2008, 13:35
OK so it's on wheels. Do you think you'd need something as big as that safe? If you put it in a closet at the far end, or a small room with no outside access. The random stuff would make a huge screen for it, it will be something no one would think much about. Getting in and out of it should be a hassle even for you.

I rent also, and live in a small apartment building. My apartment is in the front part of the building close to the street. It would draw attention if anyone was moving anything into it or out, because of its' location in the building. If this is something like where you live - I'd consider getting the safe and coming up with a way to twart anyone being able to get to it.

10th July 2008, 17:26
While I agree the wheels can make it easier to steal, but to get into my house you have to go up about 8 steps to a porch, anyone trying to wheel it even with another person would be thwarted by the steps as you'd need at least 3/4 people to lift it.

I would keep it in a closet as I mentioned, I use the closet mainly to store empty boxes from stuff like my PS3, Wii, computer, etc that I don't want to throw away as they make moving said items easier...and I also keep some various cleaning stuff (chemicals, broom, mop, worthless crap to any thief). Anyone looking for valuables would move on quickly as they would have already found the PS3, etc in plain sight in my living room.

My main question was do you think it's worth it for $250? Or should I take the $250 I would spend on it and invest in more silver or a different safe. My problem with many newer safes in the same size range is that they are not nearly as heavy as since I don't have a way to secure it down, they would actually be easier to steal in my opinion, even without wheels.

10th July 2008, 17:30
If you like the safe, and it is fully functional, $250 is probably a VERY good deal.

10th July 2008, 17:51
You could always remove the wheels......although that's a nice safe and I would be reluctant to cut them off. I wonder if they are bolted on?

10th July 2008, 17:58
There should be some of those phillips' screws around where those wheels are. The stairs to your place; and the fact the stairs are in plain view from the street or public is a good security issue. I'm thinking you'll be able to come up with a way to make the thought of trying to remove the safe from its location in your apartment very unattractive.

Old safes are not only great works of art if there's any gold leaf on it. $250 for this one IS a good deal. The 'behemoth quality' keeps people from wanting to deal with it. Like open it, or try to move it, or anything.

Hope you have your crew chosen as to who's helping you move it!!

13th July 2008, 14:42
Well, I got it. $250 well spent in my opinion. The wheels are bolted on and don't look like they come off without a fight, so I'm just going to leave them. One good thing about them is they don't swivel, so really it only rolls in 2 directions, making it somewhat annoying to roll about. The wheels are solid metal discs basically, I was thinking if I could somehow put a hole into one or two of them, then put a lock through that hole, it would disable the wheels making it even more of a beast to even think about moving. Finding a crew wasn't too hard, I just bribed them with free drinks afterward :)

It's heavy. Real heavy.

It looks cool.

It likely has some value significantly over $250 as an antique based off my research...I just got it cheap because this guy was in a rush to get rid of his dead grandmother's belongings so he could fly home to LA...

It hold my PM's much more securely than I had them stored before.

I'm very glad I got it :D

Thanks for the input, everyone.

13th July 2008, 22:55
Build a doghouse out of 2x4's, like you would a house, and screw on the outside walls so you can easily remove them. Hide silver in the walls. Who's gonna know? Then buy a German Shepard to live in it

14th July 2008, 17:21
They shoot dogs, so maybe a serpentarium and a pair of spitting cobras? :cool:

15th July 2008, 21:42
Build a doghouse out of 2x4's, like you would a house, and screw on the outside walls so you can easily remove them. Hide silver in the walls. Who's gonna know? Then buy a German Shepard to live in it

Too late... I already have the safe. and a very hyperactive miniature Pomeranian in the house to draw attention away from it :)

15th July 2008, 23:08
miniature Pomeranian in the house

oops, don't accidently lock it in there!

My Pants Are Cold
22nd July 2008, 00:00
oops, don't accidently lock it in there!

He's right, you should lock it in on purpose:p

22nd July 2008, 02:47
ooooooooh, that's one doghouse I wouldn't want to be in.....can you imagine a wife's reaction to that?....send me to Afghanistan with a bullseye on my shirt....

26th July 2008, 13:10
Nah my safe is too full of silver and gold goodies now to fit the Pom :D