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9th April 2010, 13:37

9th April 2010, 16:55
"I won't be holding my precious metals or precious metal stocks forever, as the swinging pendulum of history dictates that cash-producing businesses and the stocks behind them will become undervalued at some point. I don't fear missing this opportunity in general stocks, I fear being too early in buying regular stocks."

I suggest rather than stocks per se, one should invest in cash flow. This is why I am in conventional oil, because the fundamentals are so overwhelming they make bullion look pasty. I use my oil royalties to buy bullion, but I wish I could find more private equity oil. The good stuff is sold out before I even hear of it. The cash-producing businesses should be those that produce essentials such as energy and food. Does Hormel have dividend stocks? I hear that Spam sales are on the same vertical line as silver Maple Leafs and American Eagles.

One also has to make a distinction between bullion as an investment and bullion as an insurance policy. Just as I have insurance on my house and cars, I bought physical gold as insurance for my old age. The silver I will trade once the ratio gets down low enough (30 to 40).