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Silver Oldie
6th April 2010, 04:36
Yesterday I noticed two 10 oz bars on BD Nucleo with $178 bid and $182.60 asked. On a whim, I tossed in a bid @ 180 and silver promptly shot up $23. My immediate reaction was well, that bid will never get filled. By 1:00 this morning silver was back down to $17.90 and guess what, I got my order filled.
With silver now at $17.92, I own the two bars at $.26 over spot. shipping is minimal as these two will be added to others of mine still held at BD. Sure beats the $.79 /oz over spot at Ap++x for 10 oz bars!

6th April 2010, 06:25
Everybody knows one. The cheapskate is the person who rarely -- or never -- picks up a tab; who never chips in enough when the bill is split.

Imagine a dime sitting on top of a silver dollar: In a Venn diagram, the frugal people would be represented by the silver dollar; the subset of them that are cheapskates would be the dime.

This is my hypothesis: All cheapskates are frugal, but not all frugal people are cheapskates. I have friends who are almost compulsively tight with their spending on themselves, but give generously to others.

I also have friends who are both frugal and cheapskates.