View Full Version : Who Is the Worst Currency Manipulator? Ouch!

Edmund Law
5th April 2010, 18:14
The USA was all set on April 15th to accuse China 'manipulating' the Yuan and being a 'currency manipulator' a formal and serious title of misconduct in international affairs. Now we learn that the USA seems very reticent about forcing this issue.
However the biggest currency manipulator is the USA. It has via sub-ordinate parties (AIG, then Bear Stearns and now JP Morgan) 'manipulated' the global currencies of gold and silver, especially silver. These have always been the competition to fiat currencies and especially the reserve fiat currency the dollar. In fact a moments thought shows that the idea of a fiat currency being a reserve is in fact a contradiction in terms, a logical absurdity. Illogical Captain!
It would not surprise me if the reason the USA govt has decided to soft-peddle the currency manipulation charge with China is the clear evidence China could bring to the party about how the USA has manipulated the global currencies of gold and silver. A transcript of the recent CFTC meeting would be all they would need to win in any international court of arbitration or adjudication. Those in favour of the manipulation, probably unwittingly, in effect admitted that it exists and in some detail - in a public and legally constituted forum!
Throwing stones is never a good idea if you live in a glass house.
Truly the end of the manipulation to silver is upon us and it is only right that Ted Butler be congratulated in this regard. He was the voice in the wilderness before any other as far as I can tell. Now we are all at it (except Roger of course, whatever his faults he can not be accused of being a Johny-Come-Lately!).