View Full Version : Video Excerpt from CFTC Metals Hearing

Mighty Moose
30th March 2010, 19:33
I think this video captures the essence of what is going on in terms of the fraud that's occuring in the metals markets. Listen to the admissions made by the slithering apologist for the bankers.


Mighty Moose
30th March 2010, 20:54
Here's one more, this time with just Mr. Bullion Banker, apologist extrodinaire, as he unwittingly reveals more of the "ponzimonium" or better described as just plain ole fraud. Somehow he's oblivious to why all of this is so blatantly wrong.


Everyone needs to realize its not just the fraudulant nature of these bullion markets which is potentially harmful to investors. This poses very serious financial implications which could threaten the security of whole nations whose financial institutions are willfully involved & whose governments are complicit in this matter, even if its only through negligence by simply turning a blind eye to the misdeeds of these financial entities.