View Full Version : Eagles vs Maple coins

19th June 2008, 18:22
I was looking at getting 100 oz of either the silver eagle or maple leafs.

The canada maple leafs are more pure.9999 silver and have a 5 dollar face value.

which one should i get, whats better?

19th June 2008, 19:10
What I posted was rubbish, but I don't know how to delete the post.

19th June 2008, 20:33
I would go with whichever one is cheaper...they are both great!

19th June 2008, 20:37
Dollar for dollar, Eagles if you live in the U.S. and Maple Leafs if you live in Canada.

Or here's a novel idea:

How about a 50/50 lot?

19th June 2008, 21:05
I like and have both. I will buy the one that has the smallest premium over spot.

And BTW, the Canada Mint is getting ready to put out Five-9-Fine bullion here soon. I wonder if you took that coin in you teeth if you could bend it?? Humm.... I wonder if I can do that now??? BRB...

19th June 2008, 21:12
Then the maple leaf would be worth more than the .999 eagles as it has the most silver.

I wonder why they do that?

19th June 2008, 21:39
According to the RCMs website, it's more of a prestige / national pride thing than anything to do with value. And if they charge extra for that extra nine then it's just a waste of your money.

Tried bending a 2008 9999 ML by hand, couldn't do it. An extra 9 on the purity won't change this. There's a difference between something being malleable and something being soft. Silver's more malleable (able to be worked with a hammer) than lead, but lead is far softer... if a ML were made of pure lead it could easily be bent by hand.