View Full Version : What you didn't know about the wars

23rd March 2010, 23:09

Time to wake up the sheeple! What MSM will not tell you

28th March 2010, 22:08
Well, that looks like a fine ad for Chairman MaoBama. Since it was Henry Kissinger who gave Bonzo his first job I doubt he's going to be a savior. I haven't seen him repeal the Patriot Act or do anything else anyone thought he would do.

He just shoved a draconian health care bill down our throats by breaking the law and using 787 billion in "stimulus" money to buy vote from those he couldn't threaten.

His economic advisors are the who's who of Wall Street and the Federal Reserve just like the presidents before him. Chairman MaoBama has the exact same agenda they all have. It is no different.

You want to stop the wars? Get rid of the Federal Reserve, the UN, the IMF, the Wolrd Bank and the BIS. In other words the global central banking system. It's they our presidents and congress work for. It is THEY who control the "military industrial complex" Eisenhower warned us about 50 years ago.