View Full Version : Italy Faces Derivatives Time Bomb

11th March 2010, 16:17
Dominos anyone??


11th March 2010, 18:23
Of course the world's major Investment Banks will deny to the very end and have been relegated to refusing comment as of late. Goldman Jacks is upset about Matt's article in Rolling Stone I'm sure...aw, too bad...I'm sure their business would be better if we were all kept in the dark like mushrooms and light was never cast upon their nefarious activities. They are all bigger fish than that sociopath Madoff, but they are still fish with the same DNA and sociopaths nevertheless. The difference is these investment banks have the benefit of govt. protection. Getting publicly berated by politicians interested only in political grand-standing is for the benefit of the sheeple's slumber. Dunderheads like H. Paulson openly accusing the Russians and Chinese of collusion to undermine their poisonous derivatives markets is a laugh to say the least. Guilty parties are clearly desperate to divert attention away from the fact that their ponzi schemes and criminal markets were built by them to entice countries to play in their games of chance. Once countries gambling addictions are firmly entrenched they cannot get off the "teet"....how convenient. And why wouldn't investment banks endeavor to build phony markets when it's easy to scream "too big to fail" when it plays out poorly....then hold out their hands for taxpayer bailouts under the auspices that us common folk "need" these institutions to protect the construct.

Whenever I jumped freight trains to get across the country...at least I had enough brains to pick a slow mover and jump the last car in case I slipped off...that way i wouldn't get run over and killed...sure it would take a bit of time to walk on top, climb down, across, climb up, walk on top and work my way forward to the 3rd engine car(driver's in the 1st), climb inside and get warm...but it's the safe and sane approach.

These countries are run by idiot beaurocrats that thought it prudent to become clients of blood sucking criminal investment banks. They are deserving of a financial beat down for their stupidity...problem is, it's always the populace of the worlds nations that suffer from their leaders lack of wisdom and their dereliction of duties...the people will be left to pay the bill in the end. When Europe wakes up to the fact that our financial construct has serious design flaws...it will be time to bring back the guillotine.

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