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Celente talks about the 9-11 conspiracy too
I have trouble believing anyone would stage 9-11 for NWO purposes or any purpose, but today's world leads me to believe something's fishy.


When people like you start figuring out what is up,
we all better watch out because the **** is about to hit the fan.

Being ahead of the political curve I had figured out exactly what was up by July 2002 and posted my findings on the web (http://web.archive.org/web/20071025010027/www.heartbone.com/nine11/understood.html).

Better ridiculously late than never I suppose.

Sorry (not) to bust your bubble, but hell yes Dubya was always a puppet of TPTB.


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I guess the simple explanation is that "The Elite"
Like the Bilderberg Group, wanted a war so that the
USA would increase borrowing from central banks.
They trumped up this attack, trumped up WMD in Iraq
---and the rest is history.

But if this stuff is true, Bush is just a puppet who isn't
part of insider knowledge. Presidents just do what they're
told to do.

Strange world indeed!

You are just learning now that Presidents are puppets and public speakers?

Just look at the promises, and then the actions, and you'll see the interests being served and agenda being served is always the same.

We haven't had a real leader in that office since JFK in my opinion ... and unfortunately he was assassinated.

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I am not "Just Learning" that our presidents are puppets, Sheeesh!
I am also not a conspiracy kook. I find it hard to believe that everyone in this forum believes that 9-11 was an inside job.


Just remember though, that there is a difference between conspiracy THEORY and real conspiracies. Just because conspiracy THEORIES have some bad representatives, it doesn't take away from the real conspiracies that we need to pay attention to.

I like the way George Carlin put this, the way he does. The first couple of minutes of this clip.


9th March 2010, 20:55
Just a comment, Not taking sides or making judgements.
I think many of us are on some path to try and make sense of these things.
Some may be a little further along or have some knowledge that others don't possess yet. Others will laugh and ridicule right till the very end.
Big Media and our own government work very hard to help with the ridicule and disinformation.
I figure if you want to share or learn in this arena you're going to have to take some gut punches.
One thing I know with absolute conviction is that the only time you will get a hint of the truth from Katie or Brian Williams or Matt Liar [couldn't help myself] is when it's in their/or their handlers best interest to tell the truth.
How else is word of this stuff going to circulate if people who are trying to share are having food fights in front of the cameras.
Everybody is right and everybody is wrong. No biggie. Let's move on and get as close to the truth as we can.:cool:

9th March 2010, 21:30
Well said shitake. Anyone know where Masshole Steve has been? He's our resident disinformation and pro-gvmnt propaganda specialist. Perhaps he could add to this conversation in the comical ways that we're so accustomed to seeing from him. Grace us with your presence Steve and regale us with your fairy tales of how wonderful everything is in the world.

10th March 2010, 10:52
Well said shitake. Anyone know where Masshole Steve has been? He's our resident disinformation and pro-gvmnt propaganda specialist. Perhaps he could add to this conversation in the comical ways that we're so accustomed to seeing from him. Grace us with your presence Steve and regale us with your fairy tales of how wonderful everything is in the world.

Oh, jeez, thanks for thinking of me. Glad to see you missed me- I was starting to feel under appreciated.

But, unfortunately for you, you have a tendency to assume I believe something I don't.

Nothing is wonderful in the world. Everything is ****.

The main stream media is useless unless you want a good idea of the body count in a disaster or days-long coverage of the tiniest political mistep. Most of the videos on this website from so-called 'independent' news people are just as much **** because they don't use things like 'sources' or 'facts' and a good chunk of these youtube-only news sources appear to be created by people who can only be described as 'bat-****-crazy.'

Government and the private sector are racing to see who can be labeled as the most untrustworthy and most irresponsible to society as a whole. Everyone is going to pay the price for large corporations acting recklessly, big government acting stupidly, and society as a whole for sticking their head in the sand and ignoring a whole slew of society-crumbling problems coming up in the future.

The only reason I'm pro-government is because every day I'm faced with the stark reality that people and society-at-large is clearly too stupid and lazy to deal with problems on their own. Hence the reason that people drive hummers they can't afford to fill up, buy big, ugly McMansions they can't afford to own, and continue to eat themselves to death and then demand to know why their healthcare is getting so goshed darned expensive.

To sum up: Everything is ****, people are incompetent and unable to take care of themselves, the world is ****, the near-to-midterm future is ****, and unless we get our **** together, the long-term future is **** also.

Oh, though I'm with Jake for once. Really everyone? 9/11 is an inside job? I don't know what type of explosion YOU expect from a freaking jet plane hurtling into a giant building at hundreds of miles an hour, but nothing about that morning seemed faked or staged to me.

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Why is everyone too stupid to deal with problems for themselves?
Have they always been too stupid?
Are you too stupid to deal with problems for yourself?

People were stupid to buy and drive cars not mandated by government?
People are stupid to buy and live in large homes?
People are stupid to eat food not mandated by government as healthy?
People are stupid to buy private health care?

Buying large cars that cruise along at 9 mpg when the vast majority of our oil comes from countries that don't care for us fits my definition for either stupid or woefully short-sighted (take your pick). Especially when, surprise surprise, oil gets expensive the next year and you can't afford to fill up your gas tank. Refusing to acknowledge oil will stay expensive and most likely get worse is ignorant.

While I want to blame banks for the mortgage crisis, millions of people bought a home that they could not afford unless their home values shot up. Buying something you can not hope to pay for without outrageously good fortune fits my definition of stupid. Also, buying McMansions is just in poor taste. Faux-rock facades? Egads.

And eating beef three days a week that comes from a cow who only ate grains (Which is deadly to cows when done for more than a few weeks or months, by the way) and then wondering why your colon is chalk-full of cancer is stupid. Then demanding to know why it costs more to insure you, then demanding someone does something about it isn't stupid so much as greedy and spineless.

I've never said buying private healthcare is stupid. Don't get me wrong, I prefer Britain's or Canada's system when it gets down to it, but I wouldn't say buying health insurance is stupid or shouldn't be allowed.

10th March 2010, 11:24

Jake, as you tend to say/respond.

As Forrest Gump said "Stupid is as stupid does", and as a dear friend of ours says almost daily, "Ya can't cure stupid."

And indeed there ARE a lot of bright people who are actually tremendously STOOPID!!

A few people nowadays worry about "free speech" and are blithely unaware that FREE THINKING was...abolished...a long, long time ago. Get 'em to stop dare thinking freely, and you'll soon have their yaps shut against Free Speech, also...

As for following what is authoritarian sanctioned good for you - then authoritarian sanctioned good for ya - that they OFTEN waffle on the exact same ITEM two decades apart.

I know (sense) you're imbueing your precious little girl with the right stuff, Jake. Keep it up...And teach her how to fight like a Mama Mt. Lion, LOL. Sharp and bright men can get it in the neck for speaking freely/thinking freely, but for womenkind...WOW! Bright women are hated by many, just because, but fortunately there are smart fellows who consider them "one of the guys" and to be trusted.

Count your blessings, SSF members, IF Your Better Half IS a Better Half and not a drawback and distraction in this serious-as-a-heart-attack "game" we're forced to play, like it or not, and your beloved thinks you're a paranoid crackpot.

Living by your wits is a valuable inner commodity - priceless even. And doesn't hurt to be witty and spice life with humor along the way. May's well laugh; we're all gonna die before we really live anyhoo....

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The only reason I'm pro-government is because every day I'm faced with the stark reality that people and society-at-large is clearly too stupid and lazy to deal with problems on their own. Hence the reason that people drive hummers they can't afford to fill up, buy big, ugly McMansions they can't afford to own,

so one of the reasons that you're pro-government is because individuals are financially irresponsible?

Like, perhaps individuals would run up a debt that their great great great great grandchildren would not even have the ability to pay?


10th March 2010, 12:12
<---Maybe you should move to Canada or Britain and you wouldn't have to put up with all the stupid people who live in Massachusetts?

You're creating an argument that I'm not trying to have. Nowhere in my arguments did I mention mandates, government intervention, requirements, etc. I'm just pointing out that people make bad decisions all the time. We all do it. Just like our corporations, made of people, make bad decisions. Just the government, made of people, make bad decisions.

Simply put, if you can't afford something and you buy it anyways, you are acting stupidly. There is nothing political about that. I'm not sure why you're trying to make this a political argument.

Answer these questions clearly, if you would:
Do you honestly believe it isn't stupid to buy things you can not possibly hope to afford, or are you just trying to argue?

Do you honestly believe it is a good idea to be so heavily dependent on foreign oil from the middle east?

I'm answering no to both of these questions, so I can only assume by the way you're arguing against me you're all for living far beyond your means (You must love the last two administrations then!) and you really enjoy having the middle east have us by the balls.

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show me the 10 most moronic individuals in America and I might stlll value their judgement more than Congress'

10th March 2010, 12:37
You said you were pro-government. Then, right after that, you told us people are too stupid to decide for themselves. I asked...and you haven't answered it, how you would correct what you deem as so terrible as having so many stupid undirected people in the country? I posed to you the question, "Do we need brilliant liberals to direct these "stupid people"? I went on to ask, how these brilliant liberals would be educated in the "right way to think" so they can brilliantly direct the "stupid people" into doing what the brilliant liberals say is correct. Please answer these questions first liberal.

We don't need brilliant liberals to direct stupid people. We just need politicians of whatever stripe to step up and do the right thing and create an education system that works -private, public, charter, I don't care. Just so long as we can start creating a population that understands basic math and science. There is nothing political about wanting every citizen in a nation to say "Hrm, if I make 45,000 a year and my dream McMansion costs 450,000 dollars with a mortgage at 7%...I probably shouldn't buy this home!"

There is no political brainwashing because these are not political questions. Teaching someone financial knowledge is completely non-partisan.

Your turn to answer my questions. Have it.

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My dear friend who blogs on Whiskey & Gunpowder addressed this the other week. Interesting article in her inimical style, garnered 35 compelling comments, worth reading by any who ponder what can be done about education. Even if you hafta ... do it yourself.


10th March 2010, 17:39
Thanks Steve! You've proved my point. I don't know which lettered agency you work for, but you need to be fired. You basically suck at being a disinformation, pro-gov agent. I hope they're not paying you much because you couldn't convince a five year old to buy into your asinine theories and idiotic perspectives. NO ONE is that stupid Steve - that's how we know you're paid to run off at the mouth.

Carry on Steve. You need to make the rent payment soon.