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7th March 2010, 11:41

7th March 2010, 14:05
Don't forget to buy shares in Hormel. The real Spam is selling so well they put extra shifts on. It's cheap, filling, and about the only way that victims of the Great Recession can get protein.

7th March 2010, 18:23

9th March 2010, 01:59
Used to be able to buy hog brains,

You know I searched that in google and found this:


Apparently it's safe to eat pig brains but not to inhale. I passed that
onto someone I know who's dad works in a pork plant.

9th March 2010, 02:11
Our pigs have never been ashamed of anything biologically attached to their bodies,LOL.

And almost everything IS used by packers, including cleaning the guts for casings, etc. Used to be able to buy hog brains, which some people scrambled with eggs. I never did make blood sausage, although my late mother-in-law did.

Then, of course, there are Rocky Mountain Oysters - like the finest tenderloin. I'll dine on 'em, but my husband won't, although in my younger days I held down many a 40 lb. shoat while he wielded the scalpel that changed them from a boar pig into a barrow. What always amused ME tremendously was to be around the meat case, and watch Mamas picking up meat, and watching them scoop up those pretty packages of flat, round, bun-sandwich size "pork patties" that had the pretty yellow coating on them, with instruction for frying, which they were taking home to feed their families. Yum! Yum!

And I KNEW if I'd sidled up to them and informed them they were preparing ground up hog gonads for their family's consumption they'd have prolly upchucked right into their shopping carts.

Boiled tongues are good. Hearts okay, although we tend now to just toss 'em into the sausage grind.

Funny about Minnesota Spice - I grew up there - and that's about RIGHT. When I was a kid they all had the blood pressure rates to validate - SALT. Pepper shakers were there, but used only by the dining 'radicals'. Hadda move 1000 miles away to discover the spice rack, lol, that I now use with wild abandon and great results.

And of course the hides are good for...FOOTBALL! (We tend to nail the hides to a wooden fence post to attract pesky coyotes and take potshots at the Wile E Critters.)

My DH loves tongue but when he was a kid he had this cow that licked him one time.....now just to be sure you understand this man will literally eat anything and then steal the food off your plate too but when the meat came back from the slaughter house he could not brig himself to eat that cow's tongue.

9th March 2010, 03:46
Pigs have the same type of digestion system that we have (1 stomach).

I was responsible for A-Coops and the fields, shoveling(manual labor). My cousin castrated the little hellions when it was time. She ate them raw....man she was tough....I'm glad she was much older than me 'cause she handed out ass=whoopins like the govt. hands out food stamps. And the boys from counties I knew not the name feared her.

We always said/thought Shoulder of Pork/Ham was another fitting explanation...I really couldn't care less....I worked with a Cat 25 years my senior a few years back....man he was the ****!He said spam got him thru the war...ate it right outta the can....calories baby! Yeah...those Cats sweated some calories. He walked point his entire time in Nam....carried a scatter gun...his shotgun I think was key to his success. My guess is all of the point walkers used them....just at different degrees of effectiveness. I learned alot from that Cat....he survived operational late stage prostate cancer....said he got sprayed with the Agent all the time....I'm glad one war prepped him to win another.

Curiosity will not kill the C/Kats of SS Nation!