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28th February 2010, 08:46
It's only getting worse...


of one mine
28th February 2010, 09:12
As a californian I concur with goldmoneys assessment. The banks are backing into a corner. Its hard for them to take the losses of defaulted mortgages and turn them around if they are not willing to lend the money back out in new loans especially if those new loans have an interest rate of 7% or higher. All I keep hearing is the rates were gonna go up. At the last minute the fed chickened out. My thinking is if they do start raising rates no one will buy any homes. And where would that leave the banks even the big guys will be out of luck.;)

of one mine

28th February 2010, 09:31
"The winners will be those who get gold, silver, oil and other commodities on the cheap before their prices explode."

Please note, those of you who panic every time the price of silver corrects.