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  1. New Silver Investor - some guiding questions
  2. Does cleaning bullion silver coins degrade their value?
  3. First Time Investor
  4. Spotting Fake Generic Rounds?
  5. Marked 10oz Bars.
  6. 1st Time!
  7. 1 oz silver rounds spot + $50.00 without free shipping on the bay
  8. I know this is a silver forum, But.
  9. Is anyone collecting the "America the Beautiful" proof silver Quarters?
  10. It's All Relative
  11. This Should Set Off Alarm Bells: RCM $20 Fine Silver Commemorative Coin (2011)
  12. got my toes wet
  13. unknown mark on silver ingot
  14. Aren't their enough coin/PM shops around? (buyers pay too much online)
  15. Just hopped on the bandwagon
  16. Which is a better Idea.
  17. It's official!
  18. Philharmonic Bullion, how is it different from other bullion?
  19. Bullion strategy, are Legal Tender coins actually worth the difference?
  20. with toes wet, put my legs in the water now
  21. is silver "decisively" over 30 yet?
  22. Prices Of Silver On A Huge Upward Trend - Capitalise By Buying Below Spot
  23. New and buying 90%
  24. Thoughts on these Fractional Silver Coins
  25. Does it make sense to own a scale?
  26. Score...kind of...
  27. Thoughts of blemished ASE and Maple Leafs
  28. Chinese Morgan forgeries have shown up in DC Metro Area
  29. Silver Dirhams
  30. Nice-Looking 90% Junk worth it or not?
  31. I wish eBay was a good guide for silver prices
  32. Colorado Connection Anyone?
  33. Does anyone know about golddealer.ca?
  34. Pre 1965 Dimes & Quarters
  35. Deal proposed... What do you guys think?
  36. Fakes?
  37. moderator
  38. what would you pay for war nickels?
  39. One for joe...
  40. US import duty on Silver coins and commemorative coins
  41. Lcs has 1 ounce .999 coins
  42. Rogers just stash discovered in India
  43. wolf hunting
  44. U S Mint stops production of Silver Eagles
  45. WHy am I buying
  46. Selling gold in Europe. Need advice
  47. Utah tender
  48. Would you....
  49. Can someone explain how ASE's (and other bullion coins) are alloted please?
  50. How many ounces?
  51. Silver Hype, why we buy it? Dollar Collapse, True Value, Conspiracy, Silver Price,etc
  52. US_Mint_Reducing_Allotments_of_Silver_American_Eag les
  53. Generic bars
  54. New 5 oz Silver Coin
  55. Does Charlie Sheen pay his ..'s in silver?
  56. Silver Maple Help!!!
  57. 10 oz bars. JM, Engelhard, or Generic?
  58. How much to own?
  59. In Pizza we trust
  60. Japan causing the PM's to dip?
  61. Advice on Goldmoney vs Physical
  62. Has anyone ordered coins from AUSTRALIA?
  63. Bernard von Nothaus GUILTY of something
  64. Selling Silver-Help Needed
  65. FU DOG / BA-GUA from Straight Silver
  66. New To Silver Investing
  67. My new round
  68. Ugly 2010 coins!
  69. are the masses buying silver ?
  70. Should i buy?
  71. Top Ten Coin Show in the country Boston this weekend.
  72. The Grizzlies Just Came Out
  73. Nickel (United States coin) 75% copper 25% nickel
  74. ASE's selling faster than they can be produced
  75. selling franklin halves
  76. I'm no gymnast...
  77. Engelhard Silver Prospector Round with Gold Nuggets in the Pan
  78. The Hunt Brothers: Help a Newb
  79. Advice on burying my silver coins
  80. Cheep! Canadian Silver!
  81. Silver Eagle production, our Government manipulating the people
  82. Cook Islands "Masterpieces of Art" Coin Series
  83. What are the most traded silver rounds? Who mints the Silver Buffalo round?
  84. Question about sales tax in Texas
  85. Ships WORLDWIDE............Oh Yeh!!
  86. Shouldn't be long now...
  87. Coin Auctions
  88. Confused about government setting/regulating price of Silver
  89. Your opinion - Numismatic and silver
  90. Silver Snow Ball
  91. A good place with low premium in Los Angeles
  92. Slipping In Clad Bars Alongside Real Silver Rounds On Ebay
  93. The G-word...
  94. Swap Numismatic for Bullion?
  95. Silver Drop
  96. USPS has no idea where my 100 Au eagles are!
  97. canadian pre 1967 silver coins
  98. So how much would YOU pay??
  99. Help Me Spend $1500!
  100. Haven't received your SilverKeisers?
  101. Standard Mint
  102. silver half dollar grading
  103. Question about swaping 90% face bags for eagles
  104. Price 1oz Silver Coin versus Spot Silver Price
  105. Pinkish/Orange on 100oz Silver Bar
  106. I've been reduced...
  107. Where's the Monster Box Panda guy...?
  108. Taxes on swapping silver rounds for gold eagles?
  109. hear about this incident? $750k in silver from feb would equal $1.5 mil today ?
  110. Worth a look at least
  111. Another guy who says be careful.
  112. trading gold for silver
  113. Like a Cat that got the Cream
  114. my recent collection
  115. 10oz Silver Bars and 1oz Gold in London
  116. Polishing Silver
  117. Something old, mayby
  118. Fake American Silver Eagle?
  119. Leave coin roll "as is" or grade each coin????
  120. Franklin Halves plus 10% premium
  121. Shortage of physical silver in UK??
  122. Uncirculated 1926-S Peace Dollar
  123. Have you guys seen a WWII silver dollar with a 5 year spread.
  124. Help Please. How much is this worth in silver alone. 1997 Proof Commemorative Silver.
  125. silver and tsa
  126. How much would you pay for 1988 & 1997 Silver Maples.
  127. Asking questions
  128. Tulving 100 oz minimum order
  129. Bullion direct reputable?
  130. Premiums
  131. New member
  132. 20th Century SIlver Eagles
  133. Quick question on 2005 1oz Silver Eagles
  134. 10 kilo rabbits
  135. Phil. Orchestra 1Oz - Real silver?
  136. Was this a good punt?
  137. domestic tranquility
  138. Anyone holding 100 Oz. Bar(s)?
  139. Anyone buying this week?
  140. Kilo silver coins
  141. Want to purchase silver eagle coins....tight deadline
  142. Face value of bullion coins to be used?
  143. Apmex Flash Sale
  144. Does anyone have experience minting custom rounds?
  145. Things are only getting slightly stupid in the coin market.
  146. Silver Coin Hunting
  147. Will Silver ever catch up with gold?
  148. How to sell ?
  149. Aaaaarg! I just seized some Pirate Treasure!
  150. Capital Gains Canada
  151. Looking for 10oz Academy stackable bars.
  152. Trouble getting order for gold delivered.
  153. Golden Eagle Coins (Dealer)
  154. Extremely Over-Priced Silver - Enter to view 1 oz Silver @ $200 USD
  155. Guy ruined value?
  156. The trouble with eBay
  157. American Silver Eagles Proof have shipped from the U.S. mint
  158. I love APMEX contest
  159. You Lucky Dogs
  160. Hi all, quick question about 999 troy ounce coins
  161. Problems selling eagles on CL
  162. How many ouces to a kilo silver bar?
  163. Approximately how much
  164. even exchange
  165. Goofy question about serial numbers
  166. Good deal?
  167. Has anyone seen this 1KG Kookaburra before?
  168. Canadian buyers of bullion
  169. Canadian bullion buyers
  170. Canadian bullion buyers
  171. Is your local coin shop now selling copper bars?
  172. Canadian bullion buyers
  173. Canadian bullion buyers
  174. Where can you get J\M Engelhard 10oz. bars?
  175. <'82 Pennies & Nickels
  176. Identification Help
  177. new to Silver (and this forum) -- want to invest
  178. Safe Deposit Boxes
  179. ASE with No Date?
  180. Most beautiful silver coins
  181. letter from the us mint
  182. Selling for fun and profit
  183. 75th anniversary coca cola art bar MIDDLESBURO, ky Value?
  184. Just got a great deal
  185. 40% halves
  186. If you had $5000 .......
  187. Silver Inheritance
  188. what to expect when selling
  189. 1 ounce of Gold, or 5 shares of Apple?
  190. Silver bullion & Coin shop in Montreal? Cant find any
  191. Bringing silver coins into the UK
  192. Something different
  193. Monster box of Silver American Eagle bullion coins
  194. Largest gold bullion coins of the world
  195. COMEX bullion testing
  196. Mexican Libertad
  197. Bullion Vault.com
  198. Junk Silver Question, quality of coins, date readability, etc.
  199. Silver Macaw rounds
  200. New to this and looking for investing advice
  201. APMEX sale on Sunshine 1 oz until 3 PM 9/9/2011
  202. APMEX one ounce rounds on sale until 5PM EST 9/13/2011
  203. Britannia's
  204. Oxidation of Bullion and Numismatic Coins?
  205. Ok. What the heck
  206. Completely New to Investing - Advice Amid the Chaos?
  207. 2012 Perth Year of the Dragon?
  208. Should we start a picture threadf of
  209. Wtf?
  210. Looking for a little advise
  211. Silver Quarter???
  212. Idea to keep your silver from tarnishing
  213. A few questions about purchasing.
  214. I thought about selling once.. or twice
  215. Silver Scarce November 17
  216. FYI.. cheap maples!
  217. it is not only LCS, even the US Mint will not sell silver right now
  218. Reform the coinage system.
  219. Buying in person from silvertowne...experience?
  220. Can someone help me with this?
  221. The USPS just lost my Silver...AGAIN!
  223. Sell cc track1/trac2/dumpbin + wu transfer + paypal + ship +smtp
  224. I hack all country + trackdumpbin + wu transfer + bank login
  225. WTH is up with Ebay?
  226. Latest "Hot Coin" on the market if anybody is interested
  227. After market pricing for 25th SAE product $699?
  228. Eagles or Rounds
  229. US Mint Sells Nearly 3/4 Million Silver Eagles 1st Day of October!
  230. question about silver eagles and maples
  231. price?
  232. Boast your purchases here
  233. Source of Silver Bullions in Central America
  234. Best dealer to purchase silver bullion from?
  235. Brookfield Collectors Guild
  236. Silver Coin For Short
  237. American Eagle question
  238. Opinions on buying $38 silver now from Local Coin Shop
  239. Copper Coins!!?? Lets talk about potential here, Silver lovers!
  240. 31.95 gram silver eagle?
  241. Buy bullion somewhere with Amex?
  242. Old pour silver bar question!
  243. Ever have an underweight but "legit" round?
  244. advice or answers?
  245. Silver Coin Question
  246. Where best to sell silver?
  247. International Sterling? Yes or No...
  248. 25th anniv. set any buyers?
  249. coin roll huntig
  250. New Releases