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  1. A Warning for America from South Africa
  2. John Pugsley: Exposing Some of Stealth Investing’s Secrets
  3. silver lease rates up big this morning
  4. A new gold and silver bull is born!
  5. The 3 flag bottom pattern strikes again :)
  6. Is silver rallying starting now?
  7. Survivalist Mode?
  8. Guys can I get an atta boy!!!!
  9. Russia begins to refuse credit cards in worsening global financial crisis
  10. U.S. pulls the plug on the world
  11. MEET the world new money
  12. A Win-Win Situation for China
  13. Back and Fill Time
  14. I Seen Em' On Cnbc With Gold And Silver On A Table Selling The Shtuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. short term silver top
  16. Will the credit card companies go bust?
  17. Anyone watching EXK
  18. Isn't anybody freaked out by the USD today?
  19. Plumbing the Depths of Depravity
  20. Today's Warp up
  21. Food For Thought
  22. Remember your Bailout Reps next Tuesday!
  23. Bailout Senators, too!!!
  24. 1 oz gold k rand - 900.00
  25. Peter Schiff Oct 28-2008 Bloomberg Video
  26. Forrest Gump explains Mortgage Backed Securities
  27. Got Gold Report – COMEX Commercials Least Net Short Silver In Years
  28. Gold Physical Demand at Record Levels Supply Delays and Shortages Deepening
  29. Requiem for Treasuries?
  30. 8 States Threatening To Remove Obama From Ballot-FL, CA…
  31. Wipe your ass with cash
  32. Plumbing the Depths of Depravity
  33. banks
  34. Postal Service Looks To Cut 40,000 Jobs In First Layoff In History
  35. If you truly believe the dollar is toast
  36. Silver Target
  37. Silver Mines Closing down.
  38. Pan American Silver 100 Ounce Bar
  39. A Bull in a Silver Shop
  40. An exercise in myth-busting
  41. Times are tough in America
  42. Wild Market: Sign of a Major Hedge Fund Blowup?
  43. Treasury warns of 'unprecedented' finance needs
  44. Porsche in $20bn 'sting'
  45. Officials Hold Home Invasion Press Conference
  46. S&A Digest Mentions Silver
  47. I'm pretty excited
  48. 100 oz bar
  49. Silver Eagles going for 25.00 on ebay
  50. Dollar up!
  51. Silver selloff
  52. I can't believe my lying eyes
  53. Lunch
  54. Dollar Bills Falling on my Head
  55. The Folly Of The Central Banks Of Europe
  56. Exxon Mobil Gusher: $14.8B Profit
  57. Rand lobbies Penagon:Start War to Save US Economy
  58. Slavery: Africa - Socialists Call for Reparations
  59. No Silver Again
  60. Reality Dawning...For Gold
  61. The Upcoming Gold Default
  62. New Subject... The New Men Suits
  63. Banks asking for credit card debt forgiveness
  64. House Oversight Committee Requests Bonus Info of Major Banks
  65. New gold rush is on
  66. GDP, 0.3% what the???
  67. Silver trading thoughts
  68. hong kong
  69. Economic Deflation in Gold Terms and the U.S. Dollar Collapse
  70. Bubble watch: The U.S. dollar
  71. Australian Bid to Boost Bank Liquidity Has Worked,
  72. Why the Dollar is Pissing People Off
  73. If the USD fails..
  74. Ditzy Dollar
  75. Manipulation
  76. Trading thoughts today
  77. Silver disappearing act
  78. The ticking time bomb of overpromised
  79. The Last Confessions of E. Howard Hunt
  80. Upcoming Gold Default
  81. World Tires of Rule by Dollar
  82. hmm, is this thing going backwards?
  83. PM Putin suggests Russia, China ditch dollar in trade deals
  84. 20% of homeowners owe more to lender than their homes are worth
  85. 10$
  86. Banks borrow record amount from Fed
  87. december COMEX's GOLD default : true fact or gold permabulls invention?
  88. Be Afraid… for Your Retirement Accounts!
  89. Stock Market Coincidence?
  90. Miners freeze spending
  91. Everything Is Happening As It Should
  92. Call this a crisis? Just wait
  93. The Tales Get Taller
  94. Where to Find Golden Profits in 2009
  95. Upcoming Gold Default
  96. Sounds like the birth of
  97. Ask the Experts
  98. Where's the Money?
  99. So, what to do with your money?
  100. The Tales Get Taller
  101. Obama: Spike energy costs to make people go 'green'
  102. What's Gonna Happen To Pm's {silver} When Every Nation's Cash Is Crap
  103. The End of Prosperity
  104. ------Nine Percent------
  105. Do We Need More of Keynes Now?
  106. The new gold rush: Supply of coins tight at Tucson stores Oddly, demand is up, supply
  107. Get The Skinny
  108. Kcast
  109. World Wide Depression - I think not
  110. Delivery Process For Comex Silver and Gold - Sinclair - End the Manipulation!
  111. Obama's New World Order Speech
  112. Have Ya'll Read This !!!
  113. Paulson's Swindle Revealed
  114. The Bush gang's parting gift: a final, frantic looting of public wealth
  115. Icelanders take to the streets
  116. The EU hits roadblocks in its mission to impose stringent carbon dioxide emission goa
  117. Once and For All, get your facts straight
  118. Currency Devaluation
  119. maybe this explains where all the silver went
  120. The Mischief Makers Go To Germany Looking To Take Heads...
  121. Hal Turner muestra el Amero
  122. Effectiveness of AIG's $143 Billion Rescue Questioned
  123. Credit card relief
  124. Learning
  125. UN calls for sweeping new "Bretton Woods" system
  126. Why a Gold Standard
  127. Paulson's Swindle Revealed
  128. When will the dollar collapse?
  129. Marc Faber says gold makes up biggest position of his holdings
  130. Effectiveness of AIG's $143 Billion Rescue Questioned
  131. Congressman Ron Paul (TX) to discuss Berg v. Obama on Lan Lamphere - 10:00PM EST
  132. The Great American Housing Nightmare
  133. FEMA sources confirm coming martial law
  134. The US headed for a depression AND a currency collapse
  135. Threat of More Hanging Chads In Florida!!!!
  136. I.O.U.S.A.: Byte-Sized - The 30 Minute Version
  137. Brown seeks cash for IMF as China, India feel crisis
  138. Gold, Silver, Oil begin their ascent
  139. Will Warren Buffett buy gold and silver stocks?
  140. Introducing the Ron Paul Silver, Gold & Copper Commemoratives
  141. Half a Million Plastic Coffins?
  142. FEMA Coffins In Georgia?
  143. Bretton Woods II!
  144. Great article from Krassimir Petrov
  145. Five Most Wanted Rip-off Artists ....
  146. Time for votes to be cast.....
  147. Derivatives Beast Consumes the World
  148. Silver breakout
  149. Gold futures rise as dollar falls vs. rivals
  150. Gold Rises For First Day in Four on Increased Investment Demand
  151. Silver likely to outperform gold as inflation hedge, Rogers says
  152. Gold Short covering good for silver
  153. Yen Carry Trade Back in Biz
  154. Make sure you write in Ron Paul
  155. More Signs Of A Silver Shortage by Ted Butker and Israel Friedman
  156. Feds May Be Considering Subsidy on Troubled Mortgages
  157. France issues gold, silver coins of high face value
  158. Long-term outlook for commodities
  159. IMF Bailout of the US
  160. Is It Inflation - Or Is It Deflation?
  161. More Signs Of A Silver Shortage
  162. What Everyone Should Know About COMEX Gold - By Eric deCarbonnel
  163. Obama Is Going To Pay For My Gas And Mortgage
  164. So how much silver is enough?
  165. France threatens to seize banks, German bail-outs escalate
  166. Europe did not see recession coming, eurozone chief concedes
  167. Coin dealer unveils premium figures: ThomWatch
  168. Any hope for rare coins?
  169. The Great American Housing Nightmare: Next Phase
  170. Obama Wins
  171. Apmex just got in a bunch of (random) stuff
  172. Brien Lundin: Is Gold Holding a Wild Card
  173. Massachusetts State Income Tax Repeal Fails
  174. Silver is pretty dang cool,if you ask me
  175. This is where it gets interesting...
  176. Silver Town out of silver
  177. Early gold shortage attributed to 1834 melt
  178. The new order in Australian mining – uncertainty and panic
  179. Silver will do better than gold, says Jim Rogers
  180. Why precious metals look set for a winter rally
  181. We Won!
  182. I've pondered and pandered.....and this is how its played
  183. 6 cents to 8 cents in the last 6 minutes
  184. What happened in the late 70's, early 80's?
  185. A credit crater too big to fill?
  186. Global accounting accord 'on edge'
  187. New wave of job cuts across America could worsen downturn
  188. http://www.canadianbusiness.com/markets/market_news/article.jsp?content=b1105112A&utm
  189. AIG - Too Big To Play Fair
  190. France threatens to seize banks, German bail-outs escalate
  191. Euro-Pacific's Radio Show - NOW PLAYING!!
  192. Mr. Mortgage Says: No More Mortgage Payments...
  193. Physical buying slowing
  194. International Forecaster November 2008 (#2) - Gold, Silver, Economy + More
  195. Silver – knowns and unknowns, but a still bullish appraisal
  196. When is it ever going to happen ?
  197. Good News From Venezuela
  198. Why? Tell Me Why Why Why???????
  199. Deflation
  200. Federal Reserve #2
  201. Hollow
  202. One-Year Emergency Food Supply For One Adult
  203. Cash Or Gold
  204. No More Mortgage Payment Soon
  205. Your $3 trillion bailout
  206. Obama To The Rescue?
  207. Cisco warning signals that corporate tech spending is falling off quickly
  208. Venezuela is taking over Las Cristinas gold mine
  209. Democrats target your 401(k)
  210. US FED: Warsh Says Growth Won't Return Until New Financial Architecture Emerges
  211. What Happen To Kelly
  212. Halliburton Confirms Concentration Camps Already Constructed
  213. The biggest disappointment of them all...
  214. India: 8% Futures Contract Delivery Defaults
  215. Bob Moriarty: Laying Out a Feast for Bears and Gold Bugs
  216. After Shocks from the October Meltdown
  217. Supply Destruction
  218. Former power-plant CEO counts on distressed mergers ... and bankruptcies
  219. Gm Stocks Trading Stop
  220. where is jason hommel
  221. Kitco Silver Chart!!
  222. what happends when stock market crashes from xmas sales
  223. silver price n demand if stock market crashes
  224. Noboby said it would be easy.
  225. Al Martin Predicts Lower Gold Prices
  226. What/Why is JP Morgan doing?
  227. Obama Says: "Shut Down" All Tax Havens....
  228. Devaluation, Hyper Inflation Coming Soon
  229. Short Squeeze Nov. Contract
  230. This Does Not Look Good
  231. Gold gains as investors exit greenback
  232. New world currencies?
  233. Kass Nailed the Great Hedge Fund Unwind
  234. Silver Eagle Mines cries 'uncle
  235. Australian mining industry freezes recruitment
  236. Opportunities to Escape Paper “Wealth”
  237. Too Lazy to Work and Too Nervous to Steal
  238. silver is up
  239. zee amero
  240. There Is No Amero
  241. China Stimulus
  242. What Will Ted Write
  243. Hyperinflation
  244. eBay PMX
  245. China and Commodities
  246. Recent 11:00 am silver sell offs
  247. You want a solution ?? Stamp out Central Banking NOW !!
  248. Got Gold Report – COMEX Commercials Least Net Short Gold In Years
  249. US Treasury Being Looted
  250. Market Times