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  1. WHEN to DUMP Silver?
  2. Comex gold inventory drops most ever in a quarter.
  3. Nucleur War and PM's
  4. How to Dump Silver
  5. Canada Gold Reserves - 3.4 tonnes just behind Republic of Mauritius
  6. Cypress Now Losing It's Gold Reserves
  7. Long term S&P Triple top formation
  8. IRS tells agents it can snoop on emails without warrant
  9. Silver to launch 4/12/2013 at 1500 hours
  10. $20 Silver isn't possible. Is it???
  11. Prices crumble in front of our eyes!
  12. I really want to know the answer to this
  13. Silver
  14. Playing the SLV options. For protection.
  15. I don't wanna say I told you so....but I told you so....
  16. Where?
  17. I really wanted to see $20 an ounce for silver when I buy
  18. Just checking out the price and it's at $23.51
  19. Out of stocks (Sinagpore dealers)
  20. Bitcoin is Worth More Than Silver Because of the Secret Deep Internet and Legacies
  21. Maybe we will see $12.00 oz silver again!
  22. Arizona joins Utah - Silver and Gold are again legal tender... MONEY!
  23. Selling Gold Not Yet Out of the Ground / Big Bank and Mining Co. in Trouble
  24. Germany Not Allowed to See Their Gold Stored in U.S
  25. friday april 26th close predictions...
  26. Forecasts ???
  27. Lowest premium challenge! Silver Skeptics Come to Post!!!
  28. Arizona Set To Use Gold & Silver As Currency
  29. Gross Error of Google featuring the wrong image!!??
  30. What's the lowest spot price we will see this year?
  31. Buying silver coins now?
  32. Epic Music for the Collapse of the US dollar, the liberation of Silver price !
  33. Hyperinflation is coming! Dollar collapse imminent! Buy silver! Buy Buy Buy!
  34. Sales tax
  35. ETF Liquidation Question? Possible reason for GLD and SLV drop?
  36. Tracking all silver coins deals and premiums on Ebay
  37. idk if you guys have seen this....
  38. One more JP Morgan exec decides the grass is greener somewhere else.
  39. Nice Swing
  40. 100% Margins on Silver & Gold is here.
  41. Anyone grabbing any of these?
  42. Visualizing The Collapse Of Fiat Currencies
  43. Contrary to what most people think on here.
  44. Silverbug Research: what is the favourite SILVERBUG song/anthem ?
  45. What would the price of silver be in fait dollars if
  46. We've laid to rest the question of silver ever going below $30 - But will it go above
  47. Forum Posts being deleted!?
  48. Coin Shops and Bullion Dealers Must Feeling Sick
  49. Will silver break $22?
  50. Duneyman Jr was right again! Low 20s
  51. Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange to Cease Trading
  52. Gentlemen's Bet: $15 Silver Spot By End Of Week - By 5/24/2013
  53. My Bottom Prediction - $18.50 to $19.50
  54. WE all live with a silver trampoline, a silver tampoline, a silver trampoline
  55. I honestly don't know whether to buy or wait.
  56. COMEX admits its Gold and Silver inventory reports are fraudulent!
  57. Like I said,
  58. Valerb
  59. Guess what, Gold is going up, Silver is going up.
  60. Just havin more fun then going to 40 texas hotties gettin naked.
  61. I guess it's game on.
  62. Valerb is a liar, shill & a bully.
  63. "I predicted the latest gold smash today 48 hs before because of..."
  64. CEO Blames Gold and Silver Drops On Paper Speculators
  65. Rather than the Silver Correction be Hated, it Should be Embraced.
  66. Valerb, have you really found
  67. Oh darn
  68. While the Buying Window is still open... BUY!
  69. Post your evidence of Market Manipulation here
  70. Buying all the way down... But, where's the bottom? How will we know?
  71. With all this talk of slowing down QE and selling the metals...
  72. Holy Bejesus!
  73. It finally did it! below $20 and goin lower!
  74. Mines closing down
  75. New 1000 ounce physically delivered Silver contract
  76. $10 Silver, Anyone?
  77. Will today Monday, June 24th mark the bottom of the "market"?
  78. This is where things get interesting
  79. Silver Ratio's Gone Wild
  80. Silver selling for under $20 now and maybe $19 later today!
  81. How long till gold is $800 per oz?
  82. Will this break your Silver Addiction?
  83. Junk silver prices, now and then.
  84. Silver has done real well
  85. The conspiracy of the conspiracies
  86. Four indicators for 3000 FRN silver, so far.
  87. Collecting vs trading, bubbles, overpriced vs underpriced, Silver, gold, rates
  88. Everything is Rigged, Get Over it!
  89. $10.00 - $12.00 silver within 2 weeks?
  90. Silver Eagles & Maples for only $10 a pop !
  91. Extreme Bearishness is uually bullish especially when it comes from a bull AG site
  92. Your time to prepare is very soon coming to an end.
  93. This is a no-brainer
  94. I think the bottom is in.
  95. a historic week Gold, Silver, Crude, Italy, France, China
  96. Chris is back. Anyone picking up these. I know I placed my pre-order.
  97. SILVER IS 20$ . SO now, LEAVE JP MORGAN ALONE you stupids!!
  98. My Dumbest Investment
  99. Prediction Revision
  100. Fire in jp morgan vault
  101. Same ol crap, different day.
  102. RED ALERT: GOLD CRASH 2013 financed by the Bank of England?
  103. This place is a ghost town
  104. Blythe Masters Replaces Ben Bernanke As Federal Reserve Chairman
  105. Worth the watch
  106. Year of the Snake
  107. JPM now going LONG gold
  108. To the moderator valerb
  109. closed thead bs
  110. What does it take to have the moderator close a thread?
  111. Oh is this not fun?
  112. How to close a thread.
  113. People bailing out of the Equities & reinvesting into Silver Market + Short Squeeze?
  114. Anybody see this story ?
  115. JPM selling 1 Chase Manhattan Office Building that Houses its Gold Vault.
  116. Will this run to the 40's be different ?
  117. They Report You Decide: Silver Outperformed in August
  118. Labor Day weekend, Silver gains & Gold loses? What gives? Indicators of the future
  119. IS it war that I am feeling? This must be WAr?Russia warns of catastrophe if Syria re
  120. Same old cheating ass whores
  121. Hey slim , want to replyabout valereb
  122. You know whats sad?
  123. Except fo slim, gollum and a few of the old timers
  124. Valerb
  125. Value of a TV
  126. In Case You Missed It....You Probably Did!
  127. JPMorgan Closes Precious Metals Sell Recommendation, Goes "Tactically Overweight" Com
  128. MUST READ: Remarkably 3 Sources Now Buying Entire World Gold Production
  129. Is the manipulation in the metals about to begin again?
  130. Still Number One Despite the Monkey Hammering!
  131. Manipulation to force metals start from lower levels? WHO LET THE DOVES OUT!
  132. No Tapering?
  133. Pastor Lindsey Williams latest DVD's :ELITE EMERGENCY DATA vid ( COLLAPSE DATE)
  134. Why GOLD AND SILVER may keep crashing NEXT WEEK VID
  135. Kitco on your phone , the tumble weed thread
  136. F JP Morgan. They screwed me out of millions of bucks.
  139. Bart Chilton To Commodities Traders: You Are On Your Own
  140. We're back!
  142. News You Can Use $250 silver!!!
  143. New Record set for ASE sales
  144. Anyone backing up the truck at 17.50?
  145. Australia, Chile, Peru, Mexico, and the USSA are all major silver producers.
  146. fundamentals
  147. Webmaster- please fix your site
  148. If I had a Million Dollars...
  149. provident has a one day sale on NE oz rounds any qty 59 cents over spot ends 12/02/13
  150. We go down in history as the world's biggest FOOLS if we don't load up on silver now
  151. Mexican drug cartels now taking over Mexican mining
  152. New source of silver found!!
  153. manubullation (according to gold traders)
  154. It's that time of the year again
  155. The permabull idiots
  156. Discretion and keeping a low profile
  157. Interesting reaction after FOMC
  158. London Gold Vaults Are Empty
  159. Gold Set for Biggest Annual Loss in 32 Years
  160. silver on a verge to breakout
  161. We have a lift off
  162. So I was talking to a Morgan Stanley fixed income sales rep for listed companies.
  163. The Cat is Out the Bag
  164. Financial Times Says Gold is an Armchair Farmer Fraud!l
  165. Coin Show Door Prize Offering and Vendor Article
  166. Why is it taking soooo long
  167. RED ALERT for FIAT CURRENCIES: World Bank Whistleblower K Hudes and Fekete UTUBE VId!
  168. It appears the old files have finally been restored!!!
  169. Hey Vale, has this brutal silver market taken Tulving out?
  170. Eric not like other multi-millionaires...
  171. Copper below $3 a pound
  172. On a postive note
  173. Hey what's new?
  174. infrared heater
  175. Comprehend not defend.
  176. Proposal: Boost the purchasing power of coins by a factor of 10?!
  177. Silver spot is below the cost of production. Get ready for lift off!!!
  178. Ted Butler and how Silver is running dry
  179. London fix done for august 14th!
  180. Is $15 Silver possible? Dare we think of $10 Silver?
  181. Ron Paul says that fiat currency everywhere is about to crash
  182. Don't risk placing your assets in safe deposit boxes - or bank accounts!
  183. End of the Silver Fix
  184. Thought I'd give an update
  185. How to Profit on the Gold to Silver Ratio
  186. Bix on the 'fix'.
  187. Caution: Gold and Other Precious Metals Not For Amateurs
  188. Competing Currencies vs Gold Standard
  189. COT report
  190. Will we ever see $30 silver again???
  191. Will silver get pulled down with gold
  192. New Evidence: How Zombie Bank Controls Silver
  193. It will be interesting to see how Shanghai Gold Exchange affects gold prices
  194. Silver in the low 17s now.
  195. u.s. Dollar Ready to Implode
  196. How to make predictions in the market
  197. How to predict the direction of the market.
  198. Where the hell's the bottom ???
  199. Is anyone buying silver now?
  200. Yes this is more like it, $16.14 and not $14.16
  201. Do you have a 401k?
  202. Where's it Gone? Where's my Precious?
  203. Silver Price Comparison
  204. Looks like a great day to increase your stack
  205. The early bird gets the worm
  206. Silver 17% move today & not a squeak from the MSM bull$hitters!
  207. Silver's 17% move today hushed by MSM.
  208. Thanks everyone for showing up
  209. Monkeys and Hammers.
  210. Slv etf
  211. Can someone explain to me how the manipulation works?
  212. Dollar oil and gold. Nuff said?
  213. 2015 gold / silver
  214. OMG, OMG, like, OMG
  215. Dow/Gold Ratio indicates the bottom is not in yet
  216. It's All Coming Undone
  217. Buy or Sell - Not Sure What to Do
  218. How's that $42 silver workin' out for ya'?
  219. Three strikes and you're out. Time to "Greece" the skids!
  220. China about to unpeg RMB from USD?
  221. The year of the Kat
  222. Sell on the rumor buy on the news
  223. CREDIT UNION Safety Deposit Warning
  224. When no one else is interested that's the time to buy?
  225. CME Hike Rates by 11%!
  226. Common Sense and Buying Silver
  227. It's Just Technical Selling
  228. 10 Banks to be Investigated for Gold & Silver Manipulation!
  229. Silver apple watch
  230. Because of the obvious manipulation of the silver spot price,
  231. Interesting read , because it's history
  232. France to Ban Cash Transaction after September 2015!
  233. The average silver investor is stupid.
  234. Coconut Certificates - Silver Certificate Warning
  235. Stock Market Correction of at least 50%
  236. HSBC to Close Deposit Boxes!
  237. Jeweller Buys Goldmine!
  238. Cash Banned in Louisiana
  239. I $hit You Not!
  240. Help me understand something here
  241. Silver 'Market' Manipulation Stopped?
  242. India Looks To ReMonetise Gold!
  243. Pentagon Report Reveals ISIS is CIA Baby!
  244. The Upcoming, Inevitable "Comex-iddent"
  245. Funny read
  246. The Upcoming, Inevitable "Comex-iddent" summarized
  247. Is anyone selling? Better question: is anyone still buying?
  248. Is Bullion Direct/Nucleo Exchange joining Tulving? This doens't look good.
  249. Who just took Delivery of 3.5Moz of Silver?
  250. $8 Silver, Anyone?