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  1. Obama and silver.
  2. David Morgan Battles the Toughest Arguments Against Gold and Silver!
  3. You must vote
  4. figuring profits
  5. chossing a barter trade price
  6. Where's your sub $30 Silver now, Robert Geons.
  7. random market nes and stories silver gold crude options bonds vols etc
  8. Obama on Mt. Rushmore.
  9. Ecb announces umlimited open ended bond buying program
  10. The algos get beat again option vols still too low and who is selling PL
  11. Going up...
  12. Absolutely no constitutional authority behind a federal confiscation of PMs.
  13. Europe Gold dont beleive bubblvision
  14. Don't miss this post by silverheartbone. Excellent post
  15. 11/10/12 PM's week wrap and the look ahead and option pricing
  16. New Phase of Current Economic Downturn
  17. Japan GDP sink as thought 150 trillion more in QE and the first to a QUADRILLION
  18. Danger Will Robinson-Nanosilver from Clothing Can Pose *Major* Environmental Problems
  19. Why silver strangles are good and why the metals and commodities are going east and .
  20. Palladium en fuego today up 3% since 2 am
  21. Silver, The dollar, The Yen and The Hot Tub time machine
  22. Shelley the Disinformation Agent.
  23. fiscal cliff and silver mining shares?
  24. silver
  25. Silver Prices? We are all wrong.
  26. Metals and Oil under attack
  27. Libor, Gas, Electricity....then Silver?
  28. Who thinks the Silver "Market" is not manipulation.
  29. smackdowns
  30. Week wrap 11/17/12..........and OOPS Apple in the 1000 dollar club?? no job no ipod
  31. BITCOIN - How do you compare it to Silver and Gold?
  32. Anyone getting burnt out on buying silver?
  33. Financial Repression with the goal of imposing Democratic Socialism
  34. Silver VS JP Morgan
  35. markets, silver, and options
  36. Lost in the shuffle Platinum on Friday
  37. It's Pump and Dump (New York/London) Time.
  38. Any phys guys see CME/CMX/NMX declared force majeure for metals yesterday
  39. Consumer Conidence at 5 year high
  40. Buying, selling or holding?
  41. Top 14 Reasons To Buy Silver
  42. Everyone should watch this!
  43. What would you do if you won Powerball?
  44. Precious metals large move imminent
  45. Palladium a true fundamental story
  46. How to move any market legally without doing a thing
  47. Total Blitzkrieg on Silver Today
  48. Why Gold and silver fell in tandem with ags yet wti and the euro rallied
  49. News and tidbits and rants week wrap by Q 11-30-2012
  50. The Ultimate Fiat (No future for barbarous relics?)
  51. Can you say "Hello 35" for Monday NY?
  52. How much silver will be shipped from the comex warehouses in december
  53. Europena Gold definetly worth watching hits a 4 month low under the 1300EC overnite
  54. gold over there
  55. What happened Friday?
  56. So the Chinese are in on it too
  57. Hong Kong is "Lightin This Candle" WOW
  58. Need someone to count gold bars
  59. Things you can't afford and can return after Dec.21, 2012
  60. Need to unload some physical - need advice
  61. South African Gold production plummets last month and was down year over year too
  62. fed qe4 platinum gold silver palladium 40 billion in 10s and 30s to be bought each mo
  63. 15 minutes til FED QE announcement
  64. other bullish metals news besides qe
  65. Is the fed"s qe working? Take a look and decide?
  66. PM Miners need to form OPMEC
  67. Another sign of the times....
  68. Biggest Hong Kong silver slam in history
  69. attack under way started around 6:58 chicago time
  70. Gold in Europe
  71. What QE?
  72. Myth about bankers suppressing the price of PMs
  73. How LOW can we go?
  74. We have Launch in the public market
  75. STOP Complaining and Prepare for the WORST in 2013
  76. Copper Silver Japan election yen paper fiat physical money random
  77. Time to sell GUNS, and buy SILVER!
  78. Why Gold got hammerred and Silver too (supposedly)
  79. More QE Printing ets expceted out of Bank of Japan meeting in a few hour 140 trillion
  80. Where are the Noobs ?
  81. Gold Silver stocks currencies
  82. keeping a pulse on silver
  83. MSM black out1!
  84. 8 am EST beat down.
  85. Silver below 30 now
  86. you know it's bad when
  87. PM trading pricing history options vols selloff gold silver dollar stocks etc etc
  88. SP 500 just had a flash crash dropped 45 points in 15 minutes at 7:01 cst
  89. Bullion Premiums
  90. the calm before the storm
  91. LCS report
  92. How long until it will be illegal to own silver or gold?
  93. 2013 - Bernanke's year
  94. Merry Christmas !
  95. Best place to look up current silver-to-gold price ratio
  96. Looks like a nother down december for our metal.. Bah hum bug...
  97. Back to the box seats
  98. 2013 is around the corner
  99. A failure on Comex Silver Alasdair Macleod
  100. Please take the time and read..
  101. Holiday Gift Stackin'
  102. Happy Holidays, Mery Christmas, my wife got me a lot of silver and SHFE vs COMEX
  103. The ide of the "Cliff" no one wants to talk about that uglier side
  104. Something very positive in the Precious metals world today vols vix etc
  105. Good morning all.
  106. Famous Bart Chilton Qoutes
  107. Just so Bart & the CFTC knows
  108. The meeting I was in today &
  109. Feb 15 economic melt down aliens and ww3
  110. Weres your silver rocket at?
  111. 4 to 6 chickens per ounce
  112. US economy and Congress
  113. A quote from a past president send from a colleague worth a read
  114. Gold $100 bills
  115. Silver price predictions for 2013
  116. Best stock market simulation games to trade silver ,commodities and stocks. Opinions?
  117. Ferderal Reserve Atlanta Business Continuity Plan
  118. fiscal cliff "deal?"
  119. Launch Time
  120. India to mint 2,000 MILLION silver coins ! ! !
  121. 11.25oz of Silver for 1 Sterling.
  122. Silver "Mini" "Flash Crash tonite 6:13-6:17 pm Chicago time"
  123. A SECOND SILVER FLASH CRASH IN ONE NIGHT THIS ONE a 2% er what the who?????
  124. those who want silver under 30.00 in physical form read
  125. Don't retreat...
  126. Blinded by the fruits of debasement while Climbing a fiscal cliff
  127. Easing Printing Banks QE Basel commitee etc silver gold dollar yen yuan china
  128. A lovely waterfall on 300 contracts in PALLADIUM AT 11:01 a mini flash crash
  129. Back in the day and today USA vs EU depression vs the best its ever been?
  130. Chicken Inflation Theory
  131. Gold $100 bills (Part 2)
  132. A Silver miner
  133. 1 Trillion Dollar coins
  134. Platinum Gold correcting heading toward zero maybe silver still need to catch up
  135. See I told you so!!
  136. New $1 Dollar Bills to be inflated
  137. Gold just hit an ALL TIME HIGH ON TOCOM
  138. Silver traders
  139. Do you have any reasons why we should not have a flat tax rate in the U.S.?
  140. Who pays tax on silver when buying? Do you?
  141. I care not who mints a trillion dollar coin...
  142. EUROS DISCARDED as impoverished Greeks resort to bartering...
  143. Obama trillion dollar coin
  144. Gold Platinum and Silver and reltionships
  145. $600 Silver & the 'Global Coastal Event'
  146. The Historical Case of $960 silver
  147. Platinum has led and Silver has lagged now PL got two stepped for 50. 00 just ALGOS
  148. BUBA OFFICIALLY announces they want there GOLD back not rumours anymore
  149. There can only be hyperinflation of the FRN (USD), deflation is quite impossible.
  150. Fantasy or reality it still looks great on paper
  151. Silver to break 32 today
  152. US Mint suspends sales of silver eagles...again!!
  153. Welcome to Stage 2 of the Silver Shortage
  154. SLV holding near all time high and mint suspends silver coins... an attack is imminen
  155. Algos learning the hard way in platinum
  156. Silver Eagles and SLV are Connected
  157. Something you folks would like to read
  158. Silver to hit $40 by Friday close
  159. Silver will hit $35 - or $25 by end of the month
  161. watching ebay lol
  162. Post Federal Reserve Silver.
  163. My take on things
  164. Excessive low option vol has been the precursor to a move in the past
  165. the can kicked down the road for another 100 days or so
  166. AAPL AG and AU what to look for tommorrow
  167. a question for all of the physical silver gents regarding a coin from the US
  168. kwn story on chinese backed gold yuan
  169. Silver Mines to start shutting down
  170. russia china uk gold dollar yuan pound
  171. I heard the canada mint is cutting shipments of there silver coins too the leaves
  172. Its not a joke SIlver just had another "mini" flash crash 6:08 cst 30 cents 8 seconds
  173. Spot GOLD and SILVER - FROZEN
  174. Mining stocks worth less than 5 years ago
  175. Let me make one thing perfectly clear...
  176. Media Pushing the Stock Market
  177. What silver be doing today
  178. POLL: Is there a Silver Shortage!?
  179. Negative interest rates
  180. COMEX delivering 758,800 ounces of GOLD Friday!
  181. Freedom Girl
  182. Slave Queen Medallions
  183. Another smack down coming this morning??
  184. And I though the USA was doing so well ????????????
  185. Manoobulation
  186. Any of you guys have money down in Venezuela
  187. Silver options volatility hits 8 years low
  188. Gold vending machine in Boca Raton may be first of many
  189. All bullsh!t aside, you KNOW that now's a good time to load up on Silver
  190. The 7:20 AM Chicago min flash crash havn't seen one during mrkt hours in a while
  191. Major seismic activity detected in North Korea
  192. Is Japan the Land of Rising Silver Demand?!
  193. Ketchup, Silver or gasoline ? or Foodstamps ?
  194. any thoughts on this 1620 gold and why silver didnt drop below30 "yet" along with it?
  195. If I was Matthew Shelley's boss I'd sack him
  196. They thought it was a meteorite exploding over Russia
  197. The Secret JPM Gold Vaults in London & Schemes
  198. Why are Anglo-American Libertarians also anti-internationalism?
  199. Australian Gold Repatriation
  200. Silver goin to 20.00 oz yet?
  201. You Know the "Market" is a fix when.....
  202. possible "double bottom"
  203. I haven't decided on the exact price
  204. Trickle Down Gold and Silver
  205. Collectables you would buy, other then silver?
  206. Good time to sell Silver!
  207. February's Strange Divergence In Precious Metals
  208. Where's your sub $30 ASE now, RobertFGeons?
  209. Isn't $27.97 below $30 ???
  210. Correction and Manipulation
  211. Visualizing All The Silver In The World
  212. Visualizing All The Silver In The World.
  213. New developments of note in silver market.
  214. Is this the same JPM who infect the Silver Futures "Market".
  215. Good news everyone
  216. Crossing International Boarders with PMs
  217. Goldseek excerpt from yesterday. Probable confirmation of bottom.
  218. Silver Market Closed on 8 March 2013
  219. What manipulation?
  220. For the morons who suggest gold has no real world use
  221. There won't be any collapse ;)
  222. Banking deposits taxed in Cyprus
  223. Banker going mad at construction site!!!
  224. Impact of Cyprus banking theft
  225. Article suggests that London bullion fixing is distration from comex price fixing
  226. Jim Rogers doesn't think that gold and silver aren't manipulated.
  227. So what made Silver jump straight up today?
  228. Coming soon to a neighborhood near you...
  229. China educates her citizens on monatary history!!!
  230. question for shelly???
  231. Chinese State Media educating her citizens on the global financial order
  232. Oops! There goes the bank account!
  233. How LOW Can We Go???
  234. Chinese Movie in 2011: Empire of Silver (With English Subtitles)
  235. good friday?
  236. New COT report. Commercial options
  237. Silver to LAUNCH on open - April 1
  239. It too200 years to break even on an investment? is that good ? silver history 101
  240. Can you believe it ?
  241. Time to Max out your cards and Apply for Loans!! Hhah!
  242. Can you guys help me name the people in shown in the video.
  243. The great disconnect between paper and physical Silver
  244. RED ALERT: TOMORROW THE gold CArtel will make a massive assault.
  245. Silver downside
  246. What a miss on NFP in the USA and Canada
  247. Maniputaion , printing, debasement, or all of the above tocom gold
  248. We Have Lift-off Friday April 5th
  249. Silver "paper" short shortest since pre 2008 finanical crisis
  250. The Sleeping Giant Awakens?