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  1. DUNEY's silver short positions got raped . never saw MASSIVE SHORT COVERING there...
  2. Which stage of crisis is best for silver?
  3. Will silver drop , after Obama Care kicks in?
  4. "Inside Job" - a most interesting documentary
  5. Did Matthew finally get fired?
  6. Yeah, yeah, yeah.....
  7. Silver goin downnnnnn!
  8. Duney goin downnnnn!
  9. Preparing for Anarchy
  10. Paper Haters are Physical pm Dealers or Parrots!
  11. A Serious Attempt to HAMMER Silver by the Banksters is Coming Soon!
  12. The Muppets get Corzined again!
  13. Why the miners will never help the market.....
  14. CFTC Votes 4:1 for SWAP definition!
  15. Obama or Romney ? Silver Prices after election.
  16. Eric Sprott Will be Adding More Bullion to PSLV
  17. Manipulation.......Pure and Simple
  18. silver in coin shop. get it out? or let it go?
  19. Friday 13: Duney totally in terror: OIL from 78 to 87 in 2 weeks. Silver now 27.50$!
  20. I figue the troll could use his new meberships to respond.
  21. I figure the troll could use his new meberships to respond.
  22. With $10-20K who would you buy silver from today?
  23. Just for fun
  24. What effect do you think the Presidential elections will have on prices of silver?
  25. Have you worked hard, taken some risks, and become successful? Thank Obama!
  26. Myth-Busting 101: A Golden Dilemma
  27. Commodities May Weaken on Fading QE3 Bets
  28. Who here is the SENIOR silver investor?
  29. Fellow silver bugs
  30. Hints of QE3 or not?
  31. Fellow silver bugs II
  32. Fellow SilverBugs 3..
  33. Oil from 78 to 90 now. Record food prices. Duney silver short positions getting raped
  34. Can you help me find something wrong with this Platform?
  35. What would 48 Tons of tangible silver do if dumped on the market?
  36. Inside source vid:"Gold will explode in august 2012"
  37. Not a bad week.
  38. Someone smart predicts silver spot prices are going down to $10
  39. Global Elite vs Countries & Electorates
  40. Sign of Fiat Money in Distress
  41. Will we see $25 silver this summer?
  42. Will we see $20 or $50 silver first?
  43. Are the big shorts in silver still not making fortunes....
  45. Olympic medal debasement
  46. minimum wage goin up?
  47. Federal Reserve Audit Impacts
  48. goin up all week!
  49. Black magic spell cast to supress silver to $18/ oz
  50. Today Duney is shiting the bed. Bill Murphy's August short covering starting...today?
  51. another shooting in indiana with ak47
  52. Sprint stock doubled in 2 months
  53. Dollar Index Hits 84 on 7/24
  54. FED meeting on Tue/Wed QE3?
  55. Interesting chart
  56. guns and silver lovers
  57. making money buying and selling junk silver
  58. silver goin tank this week?
  59. todays drop between 8 am and 9 am
  60. Been away for 2 months...
  61. Where's the smack down?
  62. Sinking U.S. Dollar Sends Gold and Silver Higher
  63. Just another month.
  64. Time to Fight Back Against Too Big to Jail Banksters: NO MORE DEBT!
  65. Doomsday Dec 21st 2012
  66. WHY is Silver better than Gold?
  67. Places where its illegal to own gold or silver
  68. Anyone ever tip or pay with silver?
  69. Internet Sales Tax Coming Soon
  70. Carpet bombed?
  71. So Is Bart Chilton Wrong?
  72. Is this the last of the carpet bombing for this year?
  73. for all the bears
  74. Treason within...
  75. Silver As A Short term Investment/Hedge Against Inflation
  76. New news.
  77. Does this mean big bank failures are more or less likely soon...?
  78. I really did not want to do this.
  79. This is the encore
  80. Do republicans deserve to lose, since not choosing Ron Paul?
  81. How to screw Silver fans
  82. Gold will IMPLODE in 2012
  83. What would make this site better? Add your suggestions.
  84. Silver's Little Bubbles
  85. predictions are we really goin to 50.00 in august?
  86. Summers is about over, prices rising.
  87. Manipulation
  88. Silver Smashes First Major Resistance Point, Moves On To Sideways Consolidation
  89. How long could you live "near normal lifestyle" if banks & swipe cards went DOA
  90. 30 dollar silver will be the new support line. Don't wait any more.
  91. I predict a riot
  92. Sh!t, these prices suck!
  93. New Member looking for online purchasing advice
  94. New Magic
  95. Ultra Bullish Mode Now
  96. Gold standard
  97. How would a return to the gold standard affect the silver market?
  98. Will Silver go down Sept 12Th!
  99. The True Free Market Advocate would be Opposed to a Gold Standard
  100. Mabus
  101. I WAS THE guy screaming BUY SILVER when it was 26. WHERE ARE u duney now?
  102. FDIC commercials on radio
  103. Silver order trouble... does silver really burn or is that fiat?
  104. When banks run out of cash
  105. For those of you that have been here for a while as well as new
  106. New to posting here, but not new to metals silver or investing ...talk about options
  107. Local Coin Shop Reports.
  108. Stashing Silver and good hiding places.
  109. Is silver goin to 50.00 oz yet?
  110. Full Interview With Billionaire Frank Giustra
  111. Info from the options front Implied vol in SI GC GLD and SLV WAY TOO LOW!!!!!
  112. So much focus on QE and stimulus did any one realize the spain bank story? euro story
  113. is Romney a christian? mormon
  114. US Dollar Backing
  115. Oh my< rodger is back!
  116. Slim, If you really
  117. Lets see how many real people are here
  118. Lets see how many real people are here
  119. is it time to sell?
  120. junk silver for bartering? SHTF
  121. Big Mac Vs Silver
  122. Minutes away from history ecb boe gold and silver
  123. Gold and Silver 4:16 AM CST
  124. how high will silver hit this year?
  125. My (real) stash
  126. Libertarians are fighting back against Mitt.
  127. Silver Price Option vols and todays action
  128. An positive attck on Silver and Gold re NFP #
  129. Get out of Paper Silver before you regret it.
  130. Site being attacked? Overloaded?
  131. Matthew Shelley
  132. Wall Street Update September 9, 2012 by SQ
  133. Tomorow is a day to never forget.
  134. Gollum & Slim
  135. Yea I am here all week
  136. Hard Assets Investment Conference
  137. Wall street update and optionstalk by Sa Qu 9/11/12
  138. 9/13 Fed Meeting
  139. US ambassador in Libya killed! And silver, oil, and gold go down?
  140. Glad to see they are alive and well.
  141. What's the value of Singapore Mint Bird curreny Silver Bars ?
  142. Wall update 9/13 "fed day"
  143. We Have Lift-off
  144. FED QE3 - $40 Billion per Month (open-ended) - Effects of Silver Short & Long Term
  145. SLV short interest, silver not added on price rise
  146. Hong Kong being left behind
  147. Better hide your gold and silver - and your guns
  148. Wheres the big 50?
  149. A look back on the past two weeks events
  150. Friday Pressure Cooker
  151. Another raid coming?
  152. 1964
  153. For Training Purposes Only
  154. Sunday Pre Game Show
  155. UP or DOWN ???
  156. Let's get Physical
  157. Commodity Transactions should be made public
  158. Still waiting for the CFTC. . .
  159. Gary Johnson The Peoples President!
  160. New years perdictions
  161. Attack on Oil means other "attacks coming soon"
  162. Platinum under attack
  163. $7 million in gold coins found in dead man's home
  164. Machines just dont get it.........how 3 trillion does nothing to the pm's
  165. Global implosion imminent
  166. This is why Jesse Ventura is not allowed on Live TV
  167. 5 Star Interview with Lindsey Williams
  168. Noon is the new time to watch
  169. Now, I shall tell all why we are free from the manipulation.
  170. Would you move to another country to live?
  171. I'm a Futures trader but want most of my "egg" in silver/gold.
  172. The Good Old Days
  173. Today we hit $36
  174. Gold at all time European Highs and gold and silver thoughts
  175. well we are off!!! market is now open!
  176. Are you buying? Are you selling? Are you holding? WHY ???
  177. Silver price swings
  178. Criminal Over- Leverage in the Paper Silver Market
  179. Futures Expire Wednesday 26th
  180. Why the silver futures market is thoroughly unnecessary for most everybody
  181. silver goin down to high to mid 20s again!
  182. Should we wait till next summer to buy?
  183. Effect of QE3 erased in paper market
  184. Gotta love those fairy tale tellers
  185. SILVER to BLAST through $36 today
  186. 34 dollar silver, a new support line.
  187. JP Morgan FINED for market manipulation
  188. Judge throws out CFTC's position limits rule
  189. High Alert! Millions Of Bankers Cant Bank Online. USA
  190. JPMorgan Loss Could Be Next Shock Event (100 Billion)
  191. Would this idea work? Silver rise eBay
  192. Food Prices on the Rise.
  193. Lindsey Williams Elite
  194. Jim Willie and the Real Story on QE3 and impact on Silver
  195. Groundhog Day (Friday Oct 5th)
  196. Great interview with Frank Giustra
  197. Unempolyment down?
  198. I do believe the week of 10-08-12 to 10-12-12 should be a very interesting week.
  199. Bank shorts
  200. happy genocide (columbo) day!
  201. What would you do?
  202. What important thing was supposed to influence a huge shift in Silver prices by now?
  203. Wednesday 10/10 Groundhog day continues
  204. Precious Metals Price on NBR Question
  205. This is what the United States needs to do!!
  206. KITCO having problems?
  207. what to do?
  208. The new $100 bills are printed with a RED $100 - at least they're honest
  209. Executive Order Allows Seizure of Americans’ Bank Accounts
  210. 10/16 to 10/23, 2012 - wynter_benton
  211. The spot price of silver in USD.
  212. SILVER keeps dropping! BETTER BUY IT UP.
  213. Its happening...goin downnnnn
  214. Gold and Silver options, vols, ranges
  215. Silver pools
  216. Just How Bad Is It?
  217. Silver and Gold options are cheap cheap cheap
  218. KITCO 3-Day Spot Silver Chart
  219. End of week metals blog
  220. Congress Introduces Bill for FEMA to plan "Mass Fatality Plan"
  221. 1000's of US Troops enter Israel
  222. Why you are in Debt video. George Carlin
  223. This is not a market
  224. The Euro and Silver zero correlation dont believe the bubblevisions!!!
  225. It's all playing out, as expected
  226. Germany takes the advice of SilverHawk
  227. Germany's Central Bank Told to Inspect Overseas Bullion
  228. Precious Markets Silver, Gold, Platinum, Palladium look at 2:36pm est 10/23/13
  229. What's your story when they send the Brown Shirts around to collect your Silver...
  230. We're going up from here - Sunday Morning QB ing
  231. Nymex/comex floor closing due to storm on monday possibly tues too
  232. A couple things to talk about!! ELECTIONS, STORM, MARKETS
  233. Silver shortage? Buy at any price?
  234. The economy and the markets are a lot stronger than we most of us thought it would be
  236. Silver is going to crash
  237. Wont make bubblevision but its money printing at its finest.........100 trillion!!!!!
  238. silver under water
  239. In a world of 100 of trillions whats 4 billion amongst friends 4 billion in Gold GONE
  240. Silver and Gold options vol super low great risk reward
  241. good day today...
  242. Guns and Silver prices after election.
  243. Where In The World...???
  244. Heavy Buying Overseas - Heavy Naked NY
  245. Is Silver Money?
  246. Gold and Silver vol got taken to the wood shed
  247. We are there.
  248. Gold and Silver Options week wrap and the big week ahead
  249. Dunney for President!
  250. Love/Hate Relationship