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  1. GOLD & SILVER to EXPLODE higher and why the monetary base will never shrink!
  2. Silver to go down big again
  3. tax refund check theory
  4. Silver to go down to land triple bottom?
  5. Will silver fall if nothing happens on Dec.21
  6. Bart Chilton says there is Silver manipulation on Fox
  7. 1 Gram Of Silver Per IPAD/1 Ton of Ore Per 1oz Round
  8. Red Alert!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. The people that are not manipulating their market, failed
  10. Something by somebody
  11. Mighty Moose
  12. Do we still wanna keep score?
  13. Obama & romney lie
  14. Good luck all
  15. Why Physical Silver over Paper Silver?
  16. buy, sell, hold?
  17. Broker To The Queen:- “Not Owning Gold Is A Form Of Insanity.”
  18. Gold, Silver Are Hard Assets That Hold Value...
  19. Gold and Silver Now Defends Not Just Liberty But Simple Reality
  20. The Silver Stage Has Been Set For Grand Performance In 2012
  21. Eveillard – All Hell May Break Loose & Gold Is Way Undervalued
  22. Avoid Capital Gains Tax on Silver
  23. Next leg up..
  24. Why doesn't banker bart chilton do any thing.
  25. TIME to RESIGN Bart Chilton
  26. Time for our money to be owned by us.
  27. CDE and Bolivian mine- forgive the newbie question....
  28. Oddly, Silver Outshines Gold in Latest Cartel Clubbing
  29. What does Chicago, the Sheley family & Bart chilton have in common?
  30. Silverblood
  31. Just for the heck of it sheley
  32. Darn I must be the knew king
  33. Not seeing to many People that wants to kiss a dying breed VALERB
  34. Bottom In? Silver Prediction for March 14th & Beyond into 2012
  35. JPM Whistlerblower Says JP Morgan Manipulates Silver & Gold Futures
  36. Can Ron Paul win still?
  37. Bankster Left Speechless by Irish Journalist
  38. Oh my god!
  39. NSA building a massive spy center in Utah
  40. Buying Gold and Silver in Panama City, Panama using GoldBullion Panama?
  41. Is it different this time?
  42. Bankster *TOTAL* takeover.
  43. March 22, 2012 Earthquake Alert (due to 188 day cycle/heavy mass object in space?)!
  44. A Massive Spike In The Price of Silver Is Imminent
  45. 3/21 BrotherJohnF Video
  46. Silver Price Manipulation at the Speed of Light ...or Even Faster
  47. Everyone is into PM's for $$
  48. Matt
  49. If silver is really Money!? Open ended questions here! Please comment.
  50. silver goin tank to twenties again ?
  51. This is to Matt & his buddies
  52. Industrial alternative to silver
  53. Price of Silver on FRIDAY, 3/30
  54. hunger wars libertarian movie
  55. Pick Your Destiny - EXCELLENT A+ non-mainstream dollar collapse analysis.
  56. Don't Be Stupid, Silver Will NEVER Go Below $30, EVER Again!
  57. number crunching silver bad investment?
  58. CNBC Gold reports
  59. Hidden consequences of non-physical silver
  60. Latest Gold and Silver Report
  61. Delicious dip.. need chips
  62. New investor here!
  63. Market manipulator question for everyone with an opinion..
  64. Great short read
  65. Recognition of Silver Manipulation Stated in a S. Carolina State Treasurer Report
  66. The Morgan Report
  67. Apple Stock vs. In-Your-Hand Silver: Who Wins the Big Race by the End Of 2013?
  68. The Big Picture On Silver
  69. JUST FOR FUN!!! We might be in the wrong business fella's!!
  70. does Ron Paul really wanna win?
  71. silver spot goin be in the 20s this month.
  72. You Gotta Hear this: JPM's Blythe Masters on CNBC
  73. Corrupt Banking System: Even a 12-Year Old Girl Understands
  74. NTR And APMEX
  75. More US Debt Downgrades: What Will Be the Impact on Silver & Gold?
  76. I own the ultimate Guard Dog!
  77. Watching paint dry
  78. A good day for the forces of "LIGHT"
  79. Urgent letter I received from the Vice-President of my Retirement Services
  80. To anybody that cares about which market the manipulation is being done now.
  81. 85 viewing and less than 10 comments today.
  82. The time is now.
  83. NYMEX & matt
  84. Anything else in the world would be called counterfitting
  85. JPMorgan Downgraded from AA- to A+
  86. Defying the Volker Rule: Is JPM Guilty of Proprietary Trading?
  87. 2 Epic Videos from TruthNeverTold on Silver Manipulation
  88. Sitting on my pile but really thinking about picking up some to sell in a year??
  89. More proof Gold market is rigged
  90. Those evil manipulators!
  91. Silver vs Msft
  92. This is for you Matthew Shelley
  93. You heard it here first
  94. Like many times before, The EAST is leading civilization out of darkness....
  95. Should I be buying Silver right now or not????
  96. Platinum a better buy than Silver?
  97. Infograph Illustrating Derivative Exposure of 9 Biggest Banks = $228.72 Trillion
  98. Buyer and Seller Information on Comex
  99. whats a better investment?
  100. Back for a few days...
  101. UK Officially back in Recession
  102. Silver TA Not Good...
  103. Silver Bullion Videos on Youtube!
  104. Shorts getting fried...:-)
  105. An argument against silver
  106. Another Central Banker admits to Gold Price suppression
  107. Dip Dip
  108. Gold Manipulation now Making it to Mainstream Media
  109. market direction?
  110. Will Silver get over $50 in the next 5-7 years?
  111. Definitely, not any market manipulation?
  112. MUST READ: Silver News - What Can Break The Descending Triangle?
  113. For Those Who Want the Blood of Mighty Moose...
  114. Everybody should read thr article that
  115. Matty & valerb
  116. Let"s all take a month off.
  117. I'm just painting pictures
  118. “Civilized People Don’t By Gold."
  119. China approves silver futures trading
  120. Trade It! Buy, Sell, Trade STORE. YOU GOTTA READ THIS!
  121. Warm up the truck...
  122. Well that didn't take long to close under $30
  123. Darkest Hour Before the SHFE dawn
  124. Hope I don't Pong when I should Ping
  125. Life is right
  126. I guess Robert fn Goen & valerb
  127. Matthew & Valerb
  128. Who cares how BOA &JP Morgan
  129. Buy silver now!
  130. Silver Falling Off The Cliff AGAIN?
  131. Liquifying Ones Shorts
  132. How do exchange rates affect silver prices?
  133. Don't Be Stupid, Silver Will NEVER Go Above $30, EVER Again!
  134. Precious Meta IRA'sl
  135. What does the JPMorgan loss mean for PM?
  136. The effect of a bank collapse on mortgages and loans
  137. Aw heck
  138. Silerheartbone.
  139. Jp Morgan
  140. Jamie Dimon
  141. Buy Platinum, Crash ????
  142. Don't buy high.. Buy low!
  143. Description of Commissioner
  144. Daytrading
  145. tom woods
  146. Silver is at $27.97 and the excitement out here is insane
  147. The Predicted Run on Banks is On
  148. Wouldn't it be weird
  149. TA Points To Massive Struggle Between Bears and Bulls
  150. Just Goes to prove as Silver Bullion collector's we can do nothing...
  151. So who is thinking of adding to their stack, and who is panicking here..
  152. Proof that Goldman Sachs sold naked shorts and were happy to break the rules
  153. dunno if on the right forum, but here goes
  154. PM's not the next bubble that has burst
  155. Triple bottom
  156. If George Soros can do it, why can't we?
  157. Silver to Break Hard Past $50 Between June & August
  158. silver to break below 25.00 mid summer.
  159. Duney and Moose both right!?
  160. sell your house and silver for Facebook !
  161. China ?
  162. The Silver Story Documentary
  163. 401k vs silver and gold
  164. Been Busy
  165. Invest in silver before the greek election?
  166. The Dreaded Triple Cross!
  167. SEC won't do sh!t about JPM's recent market manipulation
  168. Comex Classified as 'Too Big to Fail'
  169. GOING DOwn...
  170. Will silver fall below 20.00 per oz ?
  171. has the silver bubble popped?
  172. It sucks that I have a job &
  173. Signal for QE III? Can the DXY (USD) and WTI (oil) Make a 'Crude' Crossing?
  174. LBMA, GLD, and the BOE is ALL ONE INVENTORY of Gold, Says Harvey Organ
  175. Oh, golly NYMEX is not trading Silver again are they?
  176. I guess I am having to much fun
  177. I would've gotten away with it if it hadn't been for those meddling kids.
  178. Are you Buying, Selling or Holding? Why?
  179. Silver is going to make some big moves.
  180. Steadfast's Market Prediction - for the not to distant future.
  181. Morgan Stanley May Sell Part of Commodities Unit
  182. Has the GSR (Gold/Silver Ratio) Topped?
  183. Wheeee...!!! The Silver Slide
  184. QE lll Coming Second Half of Year(Fox Business News)
  185. No Surprise: CFTC Prefers Catching Small Fish
  186. Silver Infomercial in China
  187. Silver Ending Week on Slightly Higher Note?
  188. What silver MIGHT do by June 19
  189. Silver Better Investment Than Gold (press release)
  190. Panama, anybody?
  191. OverSeas Markets-Silver Up Over 1 Percent
  192. Goldman Sachs : Silver,Gold to Rise 18% in 12 Months
  193. Silver Volatility
  194. Who besides the military-industrial complex has been benefiting?
  195. Gold/Silver standard, or competing currencies?
  196. The Pauls support Romney!
  197. US Dollar article on goldseek.com
  198. Rand Paul supporting Romney, Look in here @@
  199. World Gold & Silver Standard to Emerge in 2013 after Global Financial/Monetary Crash
  200. I Was Wrong about the Price of Silver...
  201. "The EURO Titanic Has Now Hit the Iceberg" Says Nigel Farage
  202. Darn NYMEX if they traded silver,
  203. Someone Is Lying About Greece Solely Bringing Down the Global Economy
  204. Silver goin down to to $4.00 oz.
  205. Are you ready for today's dip?
  206. 2012 Correction in PM
  207. JPMorgan CEO, Jamie Dimon, Called a Crook to His Face prior to Senate Hearing
  208. o.k new contest for all with a crystal ball that still works...pick a 3 DAY SPREAD..
  209. too many silver/gold buyers in every town.
  210. Cashed out state pension on retirement
  211. Want to buy silver, but......... (price manipulation/past prices)
  212. What happened to $27 silver??
  213. Whos the biggest Silver pumpers on the site!
  214. How do most feel about spot price, when it drops?
  215. Gloom and Doom Bottomed out!
  216. Constructive discussion on silver
  217. Here I go again. What do people think about the Chinese buying LME
  218. ABC and Gold
  219. Knowing when to say When
  220. the whole problem with people who offer the HIGHEST PRICE , WHEN buying..
  221. I am Strongman .CARTEL IS FAILING . SILVER 26.5 bottom. LOADING The TRUCK!
  222. NATO Member Turkey Says Syrian Jet Take Down Is A Hostile Act
  223. H. Clinton condemns Syrian downing of Turkish fighter as "brazen and unacceptable"
  224. Silver leaving its 26,50 bottom now. R u hoarding like crazy or what?
  225. Just wondering what you might consider a legitimate investment
  226. Silver took a $1+ sudden jump just now - What's up with that?
  227. I Already Told You: Gold WILL 'Officially' Become Money in 2013
  228. Thinking about Silver
  229. EU sanctions against IRAN on JUly 1 including banning exports. Strait of Hormuz ....
  230. IT´S official. RUSSIA HOARDED GOLD in MAY 2012 ( IMF) . Gold 1500 bottom is behind us
  231. A lot of New Sock Puppets on SilverSeek: Silver Must be Ready to Launch
  232. Is 25 per oz around the corner?
  233. geez glad I didnt tell m boss to invest last spring!
  234. Obama declared NATIONAL EMERGENCY. I´ve loaded the truck with silver some days ago .
  235. Will silver follow dropping oil prices?
  236. Metals Analyst says possibley see silver in low 20s!
  237. Papertards, Deflationtards, cowards and Duney JR don´t see oportunity RIGHT HERE!
  238. will silver follow current extremely high soy price? STOP duney with deflationtardism
  239. Gold and Silver OPTIONS Expiration THIS WEEK. Hoard now, thank me next week
  240. Duney shitting in the punchbowl again?
  241. Thoughts about Lindsey Williams.
  242. whats goin happen to silver if it goes below 25.00 oz usd?
  243. Supreme Court Upholds Obama Care...AND SILVER DROPS ?????
  244. NOW would be a good time to buy a gold or silver mine
  245. Chinese General: War with USA inminent. Should I buy silver just in case?
  246. Clear, Unrebutted Admission of Silver Manipulation on CNBC
  247. I came a few days BEFORE the silver BOTTOM screamiNG BUY SILVER! READ THIS NOW!
  248. M. Shellster, kabbal bookie. It could be the nucleus of a halfway decent sitcom.
  249. The Real Fireworks to Start AFTER July 4th!
  250. Has silver actually bottomed?