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  1. 2012 Poll USA President
  2. Silver to face the wrath of the Death Cross?
  3. The TRUTH about IRAN
  4. Silver to back the Yuan
  5. Writer of the TF Metals Report explains EXACTLY how silver market is manipulated
  6. Silver Update 11/12/11 - Something Fishy
  7. Silver Update 11/13/11 - MF Global
  8. I'm sure there are prob hundreds of threads like this but......
  9. It's REAL......................................Honest!!
  10. Ethical questions about my silver state???
  11. Goldman Sachs raises gold, silver price forecast
  12. 50 Day Moving Average
  13. Super Snordelhans video - against the bankers and pharmaceutical industry
  14. Gerald Celente Gets Screwed by Bankrupt MF Global
  15. The BUBBLE has Begun!!!
  16. Silver Update 11/15/11 - Sprott
  17. UK to Replace Coinage
  18. The Mark of the Slave
  19. APMEX Pamp Suisse "buy back price"
  20. Truck Rentals
  21. Obviously, the end is near for silver price suppression. (leagalize crap)
  22. Burning Down the House (CME Group)
  23. Took Preofit
  24. You Run The Fed Game
  25. More Vertical UP spikes
  26. Floating in a Life Raft
  27. Monetary Throwbacks Discuss....The End of an Era
  28. How much silver have you sold so you could have money on friday ?
  29. JP Morgan buys more sway in LME takeover battle
  30. New to silver and could do with advice
  31. Question about 1 oz. bars
  32. New World Order: Code for Depopulation: A Thanksgiving Perspective
  33. Stack silver
  34. Monday will be a BIG up day
  35. GLOBEX means global extinguishing of kabbal opposition.
  36. Newbie silver investor- looking for information
  37. Matt Shelley, calling Matt Shelley...
  38. The two dips in silver this year?
  39. Question About Dealers
  40. The number one reason silver will go higher!!
  41. Lear Capital
  42. History Break, Money and Moneyers
  43. Comex Failure To Deliver Precious Metal
  44. Run out of silver in 9 years???
  45. Significance of 1:30PM
  46. was nov.30 a one shot wonder?
  47. Stirring the hornet's nest.. Looking for honesty here..
  48. GLD and SLV accounts frozen by Government
  49. Sunday Afternoon Quarterback Report
  50. Is Might Moose still here
  51. Help from the silver gurus
  52. Would it be good for the brokers that trade paper silver to help keep the price down?
  53. MF Global: By Design or Simply Greed? How Bad Is It Really & Where Will It Lead?
  54. Does MF Global, JP Morgan And other brokerage houses TRY to control markets
  55. To all the silver paper traders
  56. Whos hoping or asking for silver for christmas!
  57. silver vs real estate?
  58. 20/1 Ja
  59. gold standard
  60. 100 watt incandescent light bulb sales totally banned by feds starting in 25 days.
  61. Unveiling the Federal Reserve Cartel (Your Global Masters)
  62. Silver gold and time
  63. VV Vid:"If Silver Goes Down All Hell Will Break Loose In The Physical Market..."
  64. How low do you think it will go?!
  65. What Does the Future Hold for 2012?
  66. Euro vs. Silver
  67. If your vote was the only one that mattered...
  68. Tanstaafl!!!
  69. Market Price Today
  70. 1913 & 2011 were the two worst years in American history.
  71. Was Rodger right 25.00?
  72. Dead Cat Bounce
  73. Forget Fiat, What's Silver REALLY Worth?
  74. Why such a loss?!
  75. Silver dealer premium rates charted where?
  76. Let the numbers speak for themselves.
  77. Obama ended the war and silver sucked.
  78. What is your trigger price?? Buy or sell...everyone has one ...seriously
  79. Perhaps ebay would be a better gauge of silver prices??
  80. Has Silver Price Bottomed?
  81. Can batteries get good, that is the question
  82. Alchemy in the 21st Century
  83. Remember this story??? 2009
  84. Our renewable resource.
  85. A Devastating Dollar Short-Squeeze Is Gathering Steam
  86. The Golden/Silver Rule
  87. Too Late to Reverse, the Chosen Curse
  88. Total Silver inventory in the world misreported? Interesting findings.
  89. Kinda New here
  90. If paper trading of silver was removed, and only physical purchases were allowed??
  91. The Silver Rush at MF Global
  92. Interesting Developments ... The Silver Rush at MF Global
  93. Why did MF Global 'bet' on the Euro Bonds?
  94. Comex FAILURE TO DELIVER Precious Metals - Here is proof
  95. So explain to me the the more the sellers the lower the price..
  96. Maple Leaf Forever Coin
  97. Backwards Silver Conspiracy
  98. "True" physical market versus Paper market
  99. Silver is in a head and shoulders manuver....can you say BEARISH?
  100. What was up with the Site Blocked the past couple days
  101. How low will we go? Why stack if its cheaper next week?
  102. I wonder how many people got sucked into Silver with $100 predictions
  103. Silverseek Members best website for silver investing.
  104. If Ron Paul wins, silver will Skyrocket!
  105. Do You Wish You Had Sold at $48?
  106. Silver says: Help, i've fallen and can't get up!
  107. Suggestion - add link to SilverSeek.com on forum page
  108. SHTF debate Silver Bartering.
  109. More Market Manipulation by the CME Group
  110. inflation and current silver price?
  111. New (potential) invester seeking advice....
  112. Was 2011 a Gain or Loss for Silver?
  113. 2012 Predictions
  114. Taiwan Gold (& Silver) Mountain!!! Much unknown to me world history.
  115. Haven't seen this in a while..
  116. Ann Barnhardt
  117. Just had a nice conversation with my 87 yr. old Grandfather...WORDS OF ADVICE
  118. I've been trying to be an a hole.
  119. Matt Shelley and Plant Guy
  120. Why did Milk, Gas, bread
  121. Sprott trying to get producers to hold onto there inventories??
  122. Bass Was Directly Told "We Are Just Going To Kill The Dollar"
  123. My Prediction Was Wrong
  124. Sucker's Rally Today?
  125. Silver price predictions on your gut feeling only..2012
  126. The $64,000 Question
  127. Matthew You are Posting Alot
  128. So what really crashed the silver rocket ship last year...>>
  129. Gold, [Silver] and the Collapsing Economy
  130. PBS - Presidentiall Poll
  131. To a very healthy, enjoyable 2012
  132. Do Central Banks Have ANY Effect on the Silver Market?
  133. Will Physical:Paper EVER be 1:1?
  134. time to sell silver stash and capitalize in some OIL
  135. i think some members are getting seriously bored on here..so who bought a...
  136. Nation urged to increase holdings of gold
  137. So please try to explain to me..if the computer traders can move the price down..
  138. Open letter to police and sheriffs.
  139. silver rally coming for few months?
  140. Silver in Electronics
  141. rusty silver bucket ?
  142. Miner holds back silver sales
  143. A Iran war would cause silver to?
  144. Segregated Storage?
  145. Eric Sprott: "Who is not Getting the Silver?"
  146. Friday 13th and Silver is Collapsing
  147. All in all, a good week.
  148. Paperbug Comedy....Silver Haters
  149. My man, Franklin Sanders
  150. Jim Willie interviewed on TRUNEWS
  151. Liquid Silver for Printing Electronic Circuits
  152. The Great Silver Market Myth!
  153. Chinese PAGE exchange
  154. Who on here actually buys and sells physical silver(not paper) just to build
  155. Is there really enough pysical silver to cover all the paper silver ..
  156. what is it?
  157. $32.16 - 26.16 = $6.00
  158. Resist Tyranny Now: Buy Silver
  159. W for the win
  160. A decent week
  161. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????
  162. Give Matt credit
  163. Dare You Still Declare "TO DA MOON!"
  164. Southern Europe Permanently Crippled, The Only Tool Left Is Hyper Inflation
  165. Not even a month in and predictions are missing..on the low side..
  166. Big Corection In The Next Two Weeks ??
  167. BDI (Baltic Dry Index) Not Lookin So Good
  168. What is India Trading for Iranian Oil?
  169. RP Warns of World Currency Plan
  170. Length of silver price corrections
  171. Broke-Ass EU Governments Ban All Precious Metals Trade with Iran as Part of Sanctions
  172. Bubble crap
  173. Israel's nuclear deterrent method exposed.
  174. looks like Sprott found some Silver to buy in a hurry
  175. Silver mine shut down.
  176. Voting from Afghanistan
  177. Whats the most you would pay in 2012, for a oz of silver?
  178. $2+ a month silver upside swing for the year sounds possible
  179. Silver $30 or $42/ounce. Which Will Silver Touch First?
  180. Another reason why Silver will return to a proper ratio with gold.
  181. want to buy silver.scared!!!!
  182. I Will Pay $400/ounce for Silver to Everybody
  183. This could ruin life as we know it for the Gold/Silver bugs!
  184. coincidental coordinated campaign
  185. How much silver in a box of self-guided bullets?
  186. are we already in a bull market for silver ?
  187. US States propose introducing gold / silver currencies
  188. My Silver to Gold Ratio Calculations
  189. Sayonara COMEX! So Long CME! Your "Futures" Are Worthless
  190. G/S Ratio Shows Spot Prices Have Been Completely Captured & Are a Total Fabrication
  191. COMEX lowering margins..... guess who is desperate for more customers
  192. How long till silver has another correction?
  193. 60% massive collapse in baltic dry index shipping rates in 2012. End of world trade?
  194. When and if the SHTF ever happens, you better have more sh+t, than silver....
  196. What is your primary vote - Now?
  197. This must be the best silver site.
  198. fun fun
  199. JesterJay
  200. FEDERAL reserve BANK
  201. Italian Police Seize $6 Trillion of Fake U.S. Bonds
  202. Silver does what Gold does . . . only more so.
  203. Silver Non-Volatility
  204. Israel & Iran
  205. Iran & Israel
  206. Silver Hit 35$ today!! YAY!~!!
  207. Silver kicking some Gold butt today!
  208. New sivler investor! Help! :D
  209. Silver going up = bad
  210. Where do you guys purchase silver bullion from?
  211. 17 tons of silver from shipwreck return to Spain
  212. COT report.....WOW !!!!!!
  213. Short interest down. Margin requirements down. Settlement day coming quickly.
  214. Time for everybody that is a visitor to weigh in.
  215. Another thing about physical or paper
  216. Good night all
  217. Greyerz take on gold
  218. $3,500 in the bank atm.
  219. Silver Charts/Data
  220. In feel silver is going to have a good week.
  221. All eyes on silver
  222. Still good time to invest in silver?
  223. Silver looks toppish at 35 . what do you say?
  224. Pow!
  225. My how things have changed
  226. To the Moon!!
  227. Let's see if they finally fold...
  228. Will Silver hit 50.00 usd or 20.00 usd per oz first, before DOOMSDAY 2012!
  229. Chime In For Silver
  230. anyone watching Ron Paul give Bernake hell at 10Am today?
  231. Silver Under attack
  232. What is next?
  233. what do u think?
  234. Lolololol
  235. ****I'm about to pull out my Wallet! These prices keep dropping!****
  236. Ron Paul Grills Bernanke & Displays a 1-oz Silver Eagle to the World. Excellent!
  237. Well
  238. Buy buy buy!
  239. '...Run All the Way Up to $47'
  240. Give me a clue please
  241. Bro John's 3/1 Vid Naked Shorting
  242. Just made my biggest purchase :o)
  243. newbies and why, bubble not yet
  244. Just For fun?
  245. I know I should not do this
  246. OK I am stupid
  247. Andrew Maguire Says the "Silver Arrow" Is Nearing Release
  248. Leap Day Violation
  249. Silver is the (banksters) Achilles' Heel!
  250. would you buy silver at $100 ?