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  1. Wallstreet and Irene meet before QE3.
  2. Do you know the differece?
  3. BULLETIN: Silver! Final Warning!
  4. Bank of Thailand pressures to discourage gold buying.
  5. Great Crash Ahead
  6. Difference and Kitco spot price and CNBC price
  7. Inflation is the ultimate Taxation without Representation
  8. Automatic Earth forecasts precious metal price decline
  9. Is It Fun Time?
  10. My ban will never be
  11. 2 a& kitco orried about me/
  12. buffalo
  13. what happens to PM if world accepts recession / depression
  14. Liberty Dollars may be subject to seizure
  15. I should have bought under 45.00 oz thread.
  16. *jp morgan chief strategist: "go all for precious metals now" **
  17. September 2011 SLV Trading Contest
  18. New stimulus program
  19. Ho-hum
  20. How long for the big silver correction?
  21. Im riding the gold bubble!
  22. See you all tuesday
  23. In any downturn, there is usually a silver lining.
  24. Hit $43 again
  25. OK Silver hit $43.+ Look at the real stuff.
  26. This might be out their for some.
  27. Why Silver will Rule again
  28. I guess everybody just wants to put the blinders on
  29. Silver Set for 20-Fold Price Rise?
  30. Jim Rogers Bullish on Ag & Three Key Metrics Which Strongly Suggest That Silver Is...
  31. US Sues 17 Major Banks Over Risky Mortgages - Kabbal Enrichment Program
  33. Agenda 21 - World Control Program - Will shut down all non kabbal Ag mining.
  34. Jon Nadler, Senior Analyst Kitco, Chimes In On The Precious Metals Conspiracy
  35. Ron Paul debate 10 cents gasoline per gallon.
  36. Crazy action
  37. Ron Paul wins again Republican Debate.
  38. Obamas Job act might be ok for Silver!
  39. When I became a member of this site.
  40. Like I said
  41. Roger reappears
  42. French banks downgrade next week? later FRANCE downgrade? Greece Default anyone?
  43. Qe3 coming and more inflation!
  44. Silver is not goin down! Economy is BETTER!
  45. 90% or .999?
  46. Remember when $400 bought you 60 ozt of silver? Now it buys 10 ozt.
  47. silver mining and usage facts?
  48. How much silver would 500 Billion Buy?
  49. Synthetic Silver and/or other viable industrial alternatives
  50. Gold drops below $1,800 after central bank move
  51. Under $40...time to buy!
  52. Silence of the Shams
  53. Moodys 's warning today: "we may downgrade italy next month"
  54. Matthew Shelley - still got your head in the sand????
  55. How to make money investing in Silver
  56. The Dutch Ask Their Central Bank: "Where Is Our Gold?"
  57. So what whizz Kid System / Philosophy does THIS Follow.
  58. Hey dont blame me? Its cheaper for you to buy!
  59. S&P ahead of Moodys! They downgraded Italy today!
  60. Roger's wisdom? Official poll
  61. E-bay no longer allowing the use of E-bay bucks on Bullion...
  62. Silver Below $40 Again!
  63. Panic on the markets and PMs are all down, dollar up.
  64. STEADFAST'S PM prediction over the next 3 weeks...
  65. Rodger called the dip right on target? how ?
  66. Fed announced it's plan, so what's next?
  67. Big drop equals correction tommorow.7
  68. Is Ron Paul's Campaign One to be Reckoned With?
  69. Terminal Decline
  70. Will Silver Stop Falling at $34 Again This Time?
  71. Silver Drops 10% In a Day and All the Bears Come Out
  72. Newbies
  73. Silver Officially In Bear Market
  74. why did silver get hit harder than gold?
  75. Omg!
  76. 20 dollar silver? time to back up the truck to unload?
  77. Ebay premiums time to sell?
  78. history repeats itself 50 dollar silver!
  79. check out today's manipulation pattern
  80. The Market forcast
  81. Silver Wipes Out Entire 2011 Gains
  82. Buying oppurtunity or buyers remorse?
  83. Dont worry, be happy
  84. Strong Support Seen For Silver At Uptrend Line
  85. Is Silver Drop Over? Or is the Silver Nightmare Just Beginning?
  86. Venting Thread for us Physical holders.
  87. On It's Way Back To $50!
  88. Just wanted to be the first to point out
  89. Margin Hikes are Winning if your SELLING!
  90. Bob Chapman special report video
  91. Silver bars
  92. Margin hikes and option deadlines
  93. Any dealers to trade gold for silver?
  94. Expectations for the week.
  95. Here is a Kitco chart you don't see everyday
  96. Question about selling to monarch precious metals
  97. Physical & Paper now Completely detached and living in their own little Worlds.
  98. Reason not to buy today
  99. $$ Buy$$
  100. Silver's an awesome investment
  101. Rodgers words of wisdom.
  102. German judge sabotaging euro fund. Doom is in the air!
  103. Seven (7) MILLION new ounces to flood the market!!!
  104. Talk about a bounce
  105. Silver Strikes Back Silver Bugs hoarding physical
  106. Silver ETF (SLV) and inverse ETF (ZSL) relationship
  107. London Gold Exchange Permanently Closed For Business
  108. True Value of Silver
  109. Tightening The Noose: France Bans Cash Sales Of Over $600 In Metal
  110. Silver just keeps getting hammered
  111. Even conspracy theorist sceptics MUST start wondering.
  112. Starting to Look Like a Dead Cat Bounce
  113. Silver Newbie...Coins vs Bars
  114. Gold & Silver on the Verge Of Another Drop
  115. Seriously wheres the silver for reasonable price/spot + premium?
  116. Glad to see the new banking laws are still their.
  117. HOLY!!! White HOuse Advisor telling that EURO APOCALYPSE COMING VERY SOON!
  118. Be the first to correctly answer this puzzle
  119. Will October be like September?
  120. Barclays top precious metals analys t suckit cooper: " silver is the weakest metal"
  121. Expect a 1-Day Drop of 3000 Points or More on the Dow Jones to Occur!
  122. Bullish/bearish meter at 24HGold. BEARISH
  123. Did the silver bubble pop?
  124. Is Your Hometown Experiencing A Surge in Fake Coins? Mine is...
  125. How Many ASEs Are Tucked Away Inside IRAs?
  126. 80 million ounces!!!!
  127. Copper/ platinum set to tumble with margin rate hikes. Silver next?
  129. Uncanny Comparisons: Silver Spot/ JPM Stock Price & Their $hort$
  130. Brotherjohnf: silver and gold very bullish
  131. Is Silver a 'Desparation Trade'? Chris Eibl says...
  132. Europe's Econonomy Scenario?
  133. Even the networks are dropping soap opera's
  134. Let Roger back
  135. Time for MIGHTYMOOSE to weigh in as my guest.
  136. CFTC's Gensler Faces Congress Today On Failure of Implementing Position Limits
  137. 25.00 is the magic number?
  138. Reasons for numerous margin hikes please?
  139. Tulving's Inventory
  140. Converting Eagles and junk for other uses?
  141. Proof the SEC/CFTC is incompetent (if not someting worse)
  142. Are All the Banks About to Go KA- BOOM!?!
  143. What if JPM Goes Down?
  144. Brad Meltzer's Decoded: Ft. Knox
  145. How much gold is actually held by the federal government?
  146. I need silver to be $46/oz
  147. More Hanky Pankies from the Bankies
  148. Cheapest site for coin supplies?
  149. Back from vacation! Did you miss me?
  150. Silver goin collapse again or what?
  151. whos says silver must go up?
  152. The New Guy
  153. A wise man once told me that whenever I hear a public figure use the term 'austerity'
  154. Dealing with the stupid games of sceptics and jerks...
  155. I hope silver DROPS like a lead ball
  156. will deflation arrive with greek default? silver tank?
  157. RIP Lindsey Williams you will be remembered!
  158. Lindsey Williams Interviewed by Chris Waltzek - Oct. 11, 2011
  159. Face it, silver does better with "good news" than fear of recession.
  161. Good night all
  162. Latest WEBBOT results: Harsh Winter of 2011! Food Riots. Calorie economy.
  163. Gold, gold, gold.....What about silver?
  164. Silver Is Falling Fast
  165. Buy now,or wait for Europe to crash?
  166. It took 2 days for silver to drop $10, it will take 1 week for it to hit over $60
  167. Newbies beware of gun toting Perma Bulls!
  168. New Position Limits to be Set on Metals: CFTC's Bart Chilton Explains
  169. Cash N Carry
  170. Opinions on buying $38 silver now from Local Coin Shop
  171. Im predicting 25.00 silver before thanksgiving!
  173. Silver bounced off $30, how high will it go?
  174. You want premium, I'll show you premium
  175. This Is for Those Still in Denial about JPM
  176. Seeking Alpha, today in commodities
  177. Ponder Points
  178. Clive Maund Article (Oct 20/11): "If Europe Should Fail"
  179. Silver spike
  180. Silver can still dip below twenty an ounce
  181. It All Comes Down to this about Silver...,
  182. Live with Bix Weir at the Silver Summit 2011
  183. How long till we repeat another stock market/silver crash?
  184. Don't we deserve better than this?
  185. Good, but good enough?
  186. Will we see below twenty an ounce before a return to fifty?
  187. 2011 silver eagle rolls on ebay.
  188. Gold Rush premier friday on Discovery.
  189. Isn't TSHF could for silver?
  190. Do you want a negative long term return on your money?
  191. The experts turn bearish on silver
  192. The bears are back in town
  193. Dangerous to sell at $42+
  194. Silver Seek members poll. Are you a bear or bull?
  195. Gold and Silver ratio back under 50, Boy has it been awhile
  196. Is silver really a good inflation hedge?
  197. This article explains exactly why you should by PMs (for medium/long term investment)
  198. At least we are smarter than those copper investors
  199. Was the Euro Deal Really Worth the $5 Rise In Silver?
  200. *******silver price predictions for the future!!!!**********
  201. For those who think I am just a permabear
  203. Here is the official word on silver prices
  204. Haven't we seen all this before
  205. Lets see what Silver does next week.
  206. Mighty Moose, It's almost November. What's next?
  207. Just went fishin
  208. Question for apocalyptic stackers
  209. Got rounds today under spot, downswing ahead?
  210. No explosion predicted for 2012
  211. Attn: Silverseek Forum Hijacked
  212. Fiat Sacrifice: USD (Pigatha) is 'FED' Countless Yen Alive, Once Again = PMs Down
  213. Nine or Eleven to the Elevens
  214. Life was so much simpler then
  215. Is all your artillery aimed in the wrong direction?
  216. Stronger US dollar is a GOOD thing!
  217. the crazed permabull s will love to read this
  218. how to execute orders during a weekend?
  219. The value of a NICKEL
  220. Gold Stuffing...
  221. why so many bears?
  222. HSBC offers a realistic perspective on silver
  223. How long till qe3?
  224. Gold, Silver and Fraudulent Investor Traps by Jim Willie
  225. Who believes JPM is the Only One Left Standing in the Way of Silver?
  226. ALERT: Given my level of concern for the fast-devolving European credit crisis . . .
  227. This Will Get Ugly: MF Global Slides into Bankruptcy
  228. Any Bets on the Bernanke Speech this Afternoon?
  229. FEMA Concentration Camps ready to open?
  230. the Greeks are about gone
  231. RCM goes Public!!!
  232. Gold Leaving Silver Behind?
  233. Along Came A "Fat Finger"....
  235. Bullionism was not mentioned in my history books.
  236. "deep thoughts"...or:"Maybe The Other Side of Paradise Ain't Pretty".
  237. Iraq Dinar
  238. More proof the CFTC is incompetent
  239. Silver is outperforming copper
  240. Overnight Trading is Pathetic
  241. China's Gold Imports Jump Sixfold
  242. Silver Set To Reach New Highs
  243. Attention: Steelworker, Rodger, silverheartbone, Moderators, ETC.
  244. Something wrong with this payout
  245. David Morgan on the Fundamentals of the Silver Market
  246. Was it just me or is everybody buying on everybodiys worries about another one down.
  247. Thursday Morning Silver Market Blahhhhhs
  248. WHO is the CME Group?
  249. WHO is the CME Group?
  250. Friends, Foes. I guess you know why you are reading this.