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  1. Kitco not broke yet.
  2. spot price excuses are gay.
  3. In the end..
  4. Still sitting on the sidelines. Any predictions on next weeks silver price?
  5. Is this inflation view possible?
  6. Question for Matt Shelley
  7. Forex metal trading banned for us residents: What will happen next monday?
  8. See what happens when you let the noobs dictate policy on this forum "MR MODERATORS"
  9. What About This Prediction?
  10. Individual Gold Standard?
  11. Chinese mint increases output to meet rising demand
  12. Imports of gold and silver soar 222% in India
  13. Troops Home --> Dollar Positive --> Silver Negative
  14. Glut of Mexican Silver and Gold to Swamp Precious Metals Markets
  15. If we get this "Soft-patch" in the economy what do you think Silver will do?
  16. A silver lesson
  17. Apmex .10 over spot
  18. Why sell in May ?
  19. I told you:Bernanke ready for QE lite starting July 2011
  20. Looking Ominous for Commodities
  21. Dodd-Frank Act???
  22. Peak Oil, Bernanke and Silver Part II
  23. 60 million barrels of "new oil",short term effect on silver?
  24. RUSSIA & CHINA sign deal to switch to trade in rubles, yuan . bye dollar, slowly
  25. Commodity Takedown Phase II
  26. What to do?
  27. Debt
  28. Should i buy now?
  29. BEARISH SIGN: SILVER LIBERATION ARMY 'S JUST TOO POOR: no money to buy just 20 MM oz
  30. Massive bearish signals for precious metals and commodities for next 2 weeks.
  31. Silver Eagles $1.85 above spot
  32. Gold and Silver Outlawed In trading?
  33. DEC 6 2010 Everyone was happy AG 30 bucks WOW!!!!
  34. Look out...Above!
  35. Silver doom cancelled? Epic reversal? Buy between 32-34? Clive maund wrong?
  36. Check gold lease rates!!! Someone big hoarding gold?
  37. Interesting moving averages
  38. Photovoltaic Cells Now Being Made Without Silver Due to Price Rise
  39. Is Strong US Economy Good for Silver Price
  40. Tour de force by Eric Sprott. Definitive analysis of the coming Silver Moonshot.
  41. July 2011 SLV Trading Contest
  42. Is silver going to crash?
  43. Meet Andrew Maguire promoting a GOLD EXCHANGE ! Video inside
  44. Silver & Credit Card
  45. Wow
  46. Gone Fishin'...
  47. Shortage Schmortage!
  48. Copper slashes risk of hospital infections!
  51. Funds Bail Out of Commodities
  52. Precious Metals Prices Expected to Peak This Year
  53. I need your advice
  54. Us full ground invasion of lybia in 2 weeks countdown thread. Your opinion here!
  55. Silver's Up
  56. Casey Anthony Innocent, and silver up?
  57. Silver Trapped in Staircase Descent Channel?
  58. Roger was right? He saved me lots of cash.
  59. The 80S called, they said silver is too HIGH!
  61. Roger was wrong as usual. Silver made its bottom above 31$. Roger, wrong again.
  62. A Shiny...Dark Market
  63. Blame Peru
  64. Bet
  65. This Video Is Silver Related
  67. The There's Plenty of Money Act of 2012
  68. Jester Jay
  69. Get a load of this ad JP special bid rigging.
  70. Sorry
  71. Is $36. the new low?
  72. How ya doing What is Truth
  73. Kaboom
  74. When Silver was $2.20 an ounce.
  75. Time to Sell or back up the VW Bus?
  76. Gold up, Silver down, Dollar up! Whats it mean!
  77. EURO DEBT CRISIS EXPLODING. ITALY IS JUST TOO BIG. sorry roger: new record high GOLD!
  78. Why is the price of silver is down around 6% in past 24 hours?
  79. Gold/Silver Up
  80. Legalize Pot? would it effect silver?
  81. Push Silver Down Before You Push Silver Up?
  82. Silver Update 7/13/11 - Collapse
  83. SGT Interviews Bob Chapman: The EU is in Huge Trouble and We’re Next
  84. James Dines Predicts $300 – $500 Silver. Got Physical?
  85. Why is the price of silver is down around 6% in past 24 hours?
  86. Were silver pessimists right?
  87. Will Silver Dip back to $35 or lower?
  88. Call me...fiat Bob for now. Down to 3 oz of silver
  89. Silver Update 71411 Blast off
  90. S&P: "50% CHANCE WE CAN LOWER US RATINGS in the next 90 days"
  91. Its great to be dag gone Capitalist!
  92. Need Gold & Silver, Call Me back
  93. Forget $50 Silver…The REAL Inflation Adjusted Silver High Is $500+
  94. US gov to consider selling fort knox gold and national parks
  95. Ron Paul wants to reduce the debt by burning US bonds owed to itself.
  96. Anybody know what happened to the silver price this weeK?
  97. Not sure if this has been posted
  98. Where is Silver heading on Monday morning?
  99. Shorted 2/1 leveraged Silver @ 38.32 and 39.05
  100. Newb question....
  101. Attn: Silver action
  102. Nice to see silver over $40 again!!!!
  103. Price predictions silver spot after debt ceiling agreement?
  104. $100 silver by xmas!
  105. Weak dollar.. gains
  106. bank of america bankruptcy soon?
  107. Silver should be $80/oz
  108. Now that it is over 40 where will it be tomorrow?
  109. Chinese Gov:Nervous? just 2 weeks and your main debtor could go bust
  110. Quick Maw!
  111. Which Trading Platform does everyone use?
  112. Saw this interesting tid-bit... looking for some input...
  113. Back over $40!
  114. Matthew, can you give us some percentages? Thanks
  115. To all
  116. Damn, They let me out of prision ervery week
  117. Clear 41 today???
  118. Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange
  119. Fifty bucks
  120. I See a Dip Coming
  121. Strange days..
  122. Hedging Precious Metals
  123. Where is Silver going on Monday morning?
  124. How to Make a Profit
  125. Americans i need help: Boehner leaves the table. Us default in august?
  126. Check out the chart, the spot is a poppin'!
  127. The Market - Metals & Stock
  128. I Think everythings over but thr crying.
  129. Another Way to put it.
  130. Why is it that "analysts" like to make things complicated?
  131. Sterling silver flatware
  132. 1 kilo silver bar vs. 1 ounce gold bar
  133. Local copper thieves vs jobs ratio? thank god its not silver!
  134. Fifty Dollar Silver the 3rd week in August
  135. QUEEN of ENGLAND's stockbroker: "GOLD heading to 1750$ soon"
  136. Silver Update 7/27/11 Weekend at Bernie's
  137. looks who's worried
  138. Interesting View Point on taking Profits
  139. How many ounces constitute a decent stack?
  140. Aug 2 possibilities
  141. Is anybody thinking about the wynter group getting involved?
  142. Has anyone done business with CMC Markets?
  143. August 2011 SLV Trading Contest / New Sim
  144. Ron Paul's Warning
  145. Republitards raised debt limit 7 times in 8 years for bush...
  146. Where will silver and gold head on tuewday morning?
  147. celebrating silver destruction
  148. CFT Prediction #36
  149. Can someone tell me how to post pics and charts? - thank you
  150. Investing in Physical Silver 101
  151. POG to US debt ceiling
  152. What's happenning? $38.54???
  153. People Buying at $41
  154. CFT Prediction #37
  155. Don't buy silver...
  156. JP Morgan now recommending gold ( august 4, 2011 wsj article)
  157. silver drama?
  158. E-bay stinks.
  159. can anyone explain this DJIA volume
  160. Palladium & Silver makes glass stronger than steel.
  161. US DOWNGRADED!!!! Monday cant come soon enough...Actually Sunday night 6pm!
  162. Was the U.S. credit rating downgrade in error?
  163. I am a drunk
  164. What is the credit down grade going to do to the price of silver?
  165. Comex (crimex)
  166. SilverHawk back for a special one day appearance.
  167. Hunt Bros. remembered
  168. Markets in Israel plunge and are suspended today!
  169. Gold to pass platinum
  170. All aboard the silver rocket ship!
  171. Early morning Stock Market update from around the world
  172. Wtf
  173. Gold vs Silver reaction on "Black Monday"
  174. Silver Skyrocketing!
  175. You have to look at PM's from a Global view.
  176. Why does silver remain below $40?
  177. Patience vs Panic
  178. Silver takes the up lead among precious metals tonight.
  179. need everybody opinion on $5/ounce silver price prediction this coming mid august..
  180. Goldman sachs: Qe3 is coming this year or in early 2012
  181. Ron Paul celebration 2012 winner thread. God bless America
  182. This says it all...
  183. Kramer (Mad Money) on Silver
  184. Now for the real question
  185. Is gold really going to $3000?
  186. Danger! Cme raising gold margin requirements. Be careful with the 1800 level now!
  187. Unbelievable!
  188. The three demands of silver
  189. News from Europe
  190. Historic daily silver prices
  191. Is an up silver market dependent on an up stock market?
  192. Junk Silver
  193. positive article in the MSM
  194. article by Hugo Salinas
  195. For the record, December spot price
  196. GATA Conference & Andrew Maguire
  197. Too boring for even Duney to show-up.
  198. Too boring for even Duney to show-up.
  199. A Frosty Outlook From Bob Chapnman
  200. Huge Stash man living lavish with the blue label today baby.
  201. new Swiss Franc
  202. Win A Free Silver Eagle By Making A Loan Through Kiva
  203. Ok boys.... get ready!
  204. Strange thing happening on google finance
  205. The Silver Cork
  206. Wellsfargo says gold is in a bubble.
  207. Mayby Bart Chilton should hire Yahoo investigators.
  208. Matthew, Please google "chavez gold"
  209. As Chavez Pulls Venezuela's Gold From JP Morgan, Is The Great Scramble For Physical S
  210. Hey, krispy & Silver Smith
  211. This is what makes the world better. Silence.
  212. Should the president cut off
  213. I guess everybody is just scarewed.
  214. Lets go girls
  215. Thats all I give a crap about. Not 1 person has a opinion.
  216. Gold soaring again, and Silver...
  217. Everbank: Offering a 5 Metal's CD
  218. JP Morgan Announcement
  219. Obama or gop Front Runner Ron Paul better for silver!
  220. Lift-off!?
  221. Just today, the gold chart is starting to look like silver's!
  222. What do you think...
  223. Shorting Silver
  224. These fees may be good to silver in the long run.
  225. by Sept 2 friiday will be 50.00
  226. Another reminder to buy, buy, and buy more
  227. anyone buying today?
  228. 200 Years of U.S. Silver Prices
  229. 50.00 spot will be different this time? I think so!
  230. I attacked gold cartel 's whore roubini here. I was right. Keiser attacking him now
  231. Israel gold and silver opening tonight.
  232. Sunday night: Gold and silver moving up
  233. Idea: good or bad..
  234. what will be the immediate impact of Q3?
  235. $44 and climbing
  236. Comex Gold default?
  237. Leave jp morgan alone! Chinese margin hikes? Nice try. Failed! Japan downgrade!
  238. Is Bernanke going to announce QE3?
  239. Analysts Downgrade Silver to "Sell" from "Hold".
  240. looks like a really good deal online at ...
  241. Every Morning between 8-9am EST, its so obvious,The Banks at work- KNOCK IT DOWN!
  242. Looks like silver is getting slammed this week.
  243. Secret Fed Loans
  244. hand-drawn semi-log charts
  245. Silver fights back!
  246. How much ammo does CME have left?
  247. Where Are We On This Chart?
  248. Mormon Silver
  249. I got free silver
  250. Silver Flash Dip