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  1. Golds move bodes well for PM stocks and silver
  2. Something Isn't Right
  3. Any Concensus on a Possible Drop?
  4. CNBC's Option Action to tell how to short silver using options
  5. Physical Silver Inventories Getting Tighter, Premiums Rising
  6. What's with all the perma-bears?
  7. Propaganda and proximity of collapse
  8. More assinine posts from roger, ignore this schmuck.
  9. GOLD IS HEADING TO 1600 IN MAY 2011 THAT`S WHY Roger is so scared writing BS here
  10. Gold-Buying Central Banks
  11. Here are some interesting statistics regarding the - protest roger movement
  12. SLV Trade Contest
  13. Roger roger must go.
  14. Roger Seek is here.
  15. Anybody else feel the same way???
  16. Stagflation is back
  17. Proper way to exterminate Roger
  18. Add Roger to your ignore list through the forum - Life is great
  19. Is anyone seeing this?
  20. Holy ****, look at this chart
  21. $5 move
  22. Osama bin laden is dead
  23. Epic drop in silver? Try harder: Gold ain`going nowhere > 1555. Dollar index still 73
  24. EpÌc drop attempt in the night? Euro still high 1,485 .dollar index still low 73....
  25. Monday morning may 2 2011: Dollar index still shitting the bed now below 73
  26. Silver up $3/oz!
  27. Silver drop and silver stocks and Bin Laden
  28. Only $2.90 'til the big 5-0!
  29. Obama greatest president ever! Bin Laden
  30. CPM Group: Silver Market ‘Extremely Vulnerable’ To Sharp Decline; Gold May Also Fall
  31. Major Precious Metals Bug Sells Silver
  32. Another CEM margin hike -- 3rd time since last week
  33. What's wrong with Kitco's spot price?
  34. Comex defending silver shorts aggresively: They keep raising margin requirements.
  35. test thread
  36. Silver is About to Explode!!
  37. Don't mention any names in this thread
  38. A bunch of idiots.
  39. How Low Will You Follow Silver
  40. Silver Testing Sunday-Night's Support Level Again
  41. Just an idea
  42. What are everyones preferred places to sell?
  43. How low can it go? (Where do you think support will be?)
  44. Roswell Hyper-Drive Will Consume All Available Silver
  45. Bought SLV calls 42 May 21 for 1.25
  46. Spot price is goin to zero! get out now and get physical.
  47. Support levels / Bottom Call
  48. Something to cheer the downers up
  49. Suicide Hotline for Silver Latecomers
  50. $16,200
  51. Ok... How deep could this correction go!?
  52. Told ya the dip was coming
  53. Favorite Coping Strategies
  54. Anyone Buying Today?
  55. Backwardation increased AGAIN!
  56. It's not just silver, major markets taking a hit, are we going to see another 2008?
  57. 90% taking a beating on ebay 28x
  58. No Further Falls for 5 Hours
  59. 4th Margin Increase
  60. Peter Schiff on CNBC talking about silver
  61. Three Black Crows - anybody know about these?
  62. What's Up With Failure To Deliver Physical?
  63. Apology
  64. Destroy the banksters before they destroy us.
  65. For all you panzies out there...
  66. Paper silver
  67. hoping for 20.00 silver!
  68. Selling my Golds!
  69. How many of you are hitting 'sell' instead of buy on your futures trades?
  70. 2 more margin increases by CME?
  71. Ron Paul debate and Money Bomb TODAY
  72. Searching for a bottom on a sad week of CME manipulation
  73. I would have lost $150,000 if...
  74. That dollar with a bowl problem up over 74 today.
  75. Ah, the good 'ole days
  76. US Regulator probes reasons for silverslump
  77. Worn out & contemplating a move of sorts…
  78. Great Panther is SOLD OUT? and APMEX is still buying above SPOT?
  79. The Big Silver Heist
  80. Your plan!
  81. Very obscure and strangs bars
  82. A Different Perspective
  83. i hope most of you seen the top and sold.
  84. what happened to the bulls? i thin they sold and ran!
  85. Took a deep breath and bought
  86. Is $35 the new bottom?
  87. gotta feeling its about to rebound!
  88. back in the green.....for how long and is the dip over??
  89. dirty rich should not be allowed to control the markets
  90. USD Index surging? What gives?
  91. good analysis
  92. How do you play the simulator game?
  93. Let's move along, nothing to see here
  94. Hey crashjp, can't I take a little time off?
  95. Have you had any strange experience with APMEX?
  96. Wheres Matthew?
  97. Ya know JJ all I got in this fight are friends
  98. Is this supposed to be the dip
  99. This guy explains it better than me when I said that silver corrections are healthy
  100. Your thoughts on the week to come.
  101. Local Coin Shop Reports
  102. I'm new to your forum
  103. Hong Kong Merchantile Exchange Opens May 18
  104. The Bulls are off and......
  105. Do you think Silver will drop below $20 again?
  106. Looking Good, Looking Good
  107. G/S ratio about to dip below 40 (again)!
  108. Ted Butler's 5 Questions for Gary Gensler, Chairman of the CFTC.
  109. Can PM's and USD both prosper?
  110. Paper silver investment recruiting
  111. Sprott Launches Physical Silver Mutual Fund
  112. To good not to share!
  113. Silver Set Up For Rebound
  114. Silver Supply, Demand Grew In 2010; Trend To Continue
  115. Gold, Silver Surged Higher On Euro Zone Worries, Crude Rally
  116. Nationalize the Federal Reserve
  117. K!tco is basically not even selling silver now
  118. Ethics of Short Selling
  119. R E A L Theft!!!
  120. Have they given it their "Best Shot" and LOST!!
  121. The Fog of War Clears
  122. New Sticky about info for new members and forum moderation
  123. Inflation seen as nation's salvation properganda film
  124. Jim Rogers : Expect more corrections in commodites
  125. Trading Long and Short at the Same Time?
  126. Slim-fast diet for silver
  127. Buy Silver On eBay @ 13-14% off
  128. Today's dive links to oil margin hike
  129. Retest of lows today. $35 holding.
  130. How To Go Broke Trading Silver...
  131. Please help me understand what the hell is going on.
  132. crash silver,make the fools pay dearly for shorting the USA
  133. Tear up the Book of Logic and throw it away??
  134. Get the silver truck warmed up
  135. Dollar vs metals
  136. help for buying silver online
  137. Silver fails resistance: All eyes on copper support?
  138. Totally new at this. Paper or pysical with 5K?
  139. Newsflash: Shangai exchange going nutz over silver.....................
  140. 2011 Silver Manipulation Mimics 2008 Gold Manipulation
  141. Is This a Bear Flag Formation?
  142. Gas 20 cents a gallon!!
  143. Newsflash: If JP Morgan is now loading up on silver in their new vault..............
  144. 5 Star Buys in The U.K.
  145. The precious metals market is communist, not democratic.
  146. My awesome oracleness prediction for monday.
  147. What ever happened to...
  148. "Get greedy when others are getting fearful!" Warren Buffet
  149. The Coming Silver Standard
  150. I'll bet you 1 silver ounce...
  151. The Dollar is a joke.
  152. My interview with Investors Bus. Daily: Is There A Silver Lining In Precious Metals?
  153. Blast from the Past!
  154. Silver hoarders
  155. Clive Maund on Silver Using Candlestick Analysis
  156. doomsday may 21 2011? time to sell? walking zombies and earthquakes?
  157. Some right "MUPPETS" on eBay
  158. The shorts are crushing us!
  159. Silver to Outshine Glittering Gold in the Long (!) Term
  160. Gold and the Contra-Trend Moves Seen in USD and EUR Indices
  161. SLA SILVER COUNTER ATTACK is coming soon
  162. Selling Gold at Fort Knox Emerges as Next Big Question in Debate on Federal Debt
  163. Ron paul playing for the gold cartel? " sell US gold now"
  164. Bernanke, President Obama, the CME favoring shorts on Silver
  165. gettin close Matthew
  166. Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange Is Now Open
  167. Don't sell your metals just yet
  168. Jon Nadler Cites Possibly Short-Term Pop to $39-$43
  169. Why silver over gold?
  170. Why copper over silver?
  171. Please forgive me on all my transgressions.
  172. Comex Registered Silver just hit Fresh Alll Time low
  173. Why Silver So Volatile This Week
  174. The official U.S. Government price for silver is $1 per oz, at most.
  175. Posting here
  176. Power of Silver
  177. The plan will create millions more devoted federal government enthusiasts.
  178. "Silver Art Bars"......Junk or Good Investment???
  179. How About Nickels
  180. This is probably nothing new to most people here but this is a recording of a call
  181. To those who did not sell at $50...
  182. CFTC & FBI Probe Manipulation of..no not Spot Silver but... Libor
  183. how about aluminum cans?
  184. Today looks like it may be a fun day.
  185. Up $1.14 ... I like the upside today!
  186. OFT May Probe LME Banks and Warehouses
  187. How bad will the end of QE2 be for the US economy?
  188. Sitting on the sidelines for now...
  189. Gold and Silver roaring to life!
  190. Pamp Suisse 1oz bars?
  191. CNBC.Com, Why the dollar's blues may be ending.
  192. NIA Co-founder: "NIA is a fraud."
  193. $38.00
  194. Canadian Grizzly Coins
  195. News Headline: Stock Market Shakes Off Economic Data
  196. CME Cuts Margin For Platinum, Palladium Futures
  197. Is there enough gold and silver in the world to be used as money?
  198. Us dollar just took quite a hit
  199. Ted Butler
  200. Sell Silver, Buy Stocks!!!!!
  201. How much will Silver drop Poll
  202. Qe3?
  203. Anyone see that?
  204. Global economic slow-down and precious metals
  205. How much silver was sold to make it drop almost 2.00?
  206. June 2011 SLV Trading Contest
  207. Technical Difficulties
  208. What is the game?
  209. Why Silver and Gold Video..
  210. Is silver about to get its ass kicked?
  211. Silver and gold Eagles $1 and $50 face value
  212. The Plant Guy
  213. COMEX Registered Silver Bullion Inventories Fall Sharp 38.5% in Two Weeks
  214. Bitcoin Ponzi versus Precious versus Fiat Debate
  215. Silver shortage data? Mining and Consumption facts?
  216. is it time to sell ?
  217. silver and e. coli
  218. silver vs gold
  219. Opec
  220. silver vs Ditka
  221. I am buying silver in less than 20 days. Don`t care about qe3. Who will buy US debt ?
  222. Explain
  223. Bernanke, Peak Oil & Silver
  224. 2nd amendment goin bye bye!
  225. Silver Price with Stochastic
  226. Are brokers made to take a piss test to get their license?
  227. Number 1º TOP OIL ANALYST: "CRUDE GOING TO 120$ SOON" > I am buying silver in 3 days
  228. Silver Update 6/8/11 - Dollar
  229. Silver Update 6/8/11 - Dollar
  230. Dump Silver now or cry later!
  231. I have seen ENOUGH. I AM LONG SILVER AGAIN. Ask me a question
  232. Silver Institute: Photovoltaic Demand For Silver Could Double By 2015
  233. Alleged fraud may involve gold seller
  234. Would this drop silver prices? comment?
  235. Kitco Charged With Massive Tax Fraud Scheme, Business Viability In Question
  236. Question about trade
  237. Why some investors get UPSET!
  238. Silver is strong with industrial demand
  239. Jon nadler is going to jail!
  240. Silver mambo jumbo says it could go either way based on the charts........
  241. Philharmonica's
  242. checkin out a pm broker
  243. can somebody tell me
  244. Fed's 600 Billion Stealth Bailout and Silver
  245. how low will we go? lets be honest.
  246. Massive Silver Outflows; Pivot Point at $35.10
  247. How is the housing market doing?
  248. Silver premiums continue to drop
  249. Silver in the next 6 months
  250. COMEX Inventory