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  1. The biggest scam yet!
  2. what goes uppppp must come downnnnnnn
  3. Google search: Crash jpmorgan buy silver
  4. I've Fallen And I Can't Get Up!
  5. GOLD, Silver Drop as Dollar Driven Higher
  6. Short this, JPM
  7. Is the past any kind of guide?
  8. Watch out for this Man
  9. Call to Action : Kill JP Morgan
  10. $260 billion gold mines going for a song, behind closed doors
  11. China Silver Delivery 180 tonnes short!
  12. What If You Were Paid in Silver?
  13. KWN Blog: James Turk - Kamikaze Attacks in the Silver Market
  14. Silver dust polished into wood?
  15. Which way is silver going on Monday?
  16. Betting On The Gold Standard? Audio from NPR
  17. New Gold Shortage!
  18. The interesting push-pull between the dollar and the Euro and its effect on Ag/Au....
  19. Thank you Edmund Law.
  20. Webbot - what happened????
  21. Pivoting on Afghanistan?
  22. Soros reduces his exposure to gold
  23. Certified Manipulators Exchange Group
  24. Us$ - wtf?
  25. Lunch Special: Irish Stew & Fortune Cookie
  26. Support at $25
  27. Comex requires more $$ for margins on shorts and longs again! Twice in wk 4 silver.
  28. Karma Chamaeleontidae
  29. Fiat Hitmen Talking Shop: Mike Maloney & Max Keiser
  30. What's the reason or the dollars gains since QE2?
  31. Silver bull omen.
  32. The U.S. is not a sovereign nation.
  33. CME Raises Margin AGAIN on Silver
  34. Silver up gold down
  35. Did You Buy the Dip?
  36. "An increase in margin rates confirms a bull market", says Jim Sinclair
  37. 500 Dollar Silver
  38. Fort Knox deplete means federal defeat.
  39. Be afraid
  40. Silver SMASHES $27
  41. The G/S Ratio Has Broken Below 50!
  42. Widespread Silver Bar Shortages
  43. Gold to silver ratio back under 50 again!!!!
  44. Is there anyone still waiting on $22 silver?
  45. Pentagon & JP Morgan
  46. This is teh awesome
  47. The shorts just got blown up....huge margin calls inc....
  48. New COT report
  49. What would the Gold Standard do to money???
  50. Don't forget to keep stacking
  51. Wanted from COMEX: 245 Million ounces of silver
  52. Just bought at $20 an ounce, you heard that right, $20!
  53. US Debt Clock
  54. Wait till the Christmas retail sales report comes out....
  55. Something Tells Me this Week Is CRUCIAL for Silver.
  56. If you own and continue to buy gold and silver..................
  57. Another Dip This Week?
  58. Check this out. Gold ↑ , Silver ↓
  60. Options expired
  61. The REAL Reason Behind TSA Screening Techniques
  62. A very simple challenge for roger
  63. Economic Cold War Brewing: U.S. Defence Intelligence Preparing for Outcomes
  64. Russia and China Drop Dollar - Massive Good News for Silver!
  65. You can't beat the bank, you have to kill it.
  66. Better get some hyperinflation soon or the daydream is going to turn into a nightmare
  67. Silver Seasonal Chart
  68. More Signs of Dollar's Death: Caterpillar Sells Bonds in Yuan
  69. Reasons why they try to discourage silver investments.
  70. Assuming and protecting from US$ collapse
  71. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is a Forgery
  72. The Radical Islam Documentary
  73. The Day the Dollar Died
  74. China, Russia open up non-dollar trading
  75. Dollar to Become World's `Weakest Currency,' Drop to 75 Yen JPMorgan Says
  76. (2nd LD) N. Korea threatens 'shower of fire,' warns of 'brink of war'
  77. Industrial Panic
  78. Why it will be IMPOSSIBLE to "crash" JPM!
  79. If silver is so available, why are they making in 1, 2.5, 5 &10 gram bars?
  80. Free Americans if you can handle what we say. F&CK KITCO.
  81. I have to go by the rules.
  82. get ready for war on the Korean peninsula - what will that mean for silver?
  83. Europe under financial terrorist attack. Nov 2009 again ( dubai-greek sequence)
  84. $3031 silver, sans bankster manipulation
  85. Message to Trolls and Apologists!
  86. This message has been deleted by Chris Mullen.
  87. CFTC justice
  88. FINALLY some good corporate press!
  89. Breaking News on Comex Futures
  90. A solution for the $600 1099 $600 report.
  91. Will it take China to bring back a silver standard?
  92. CHINA CENTRAL BANKER:Central bank advisor says loose policy certain to wind down
  93. COMEX deliveries for December gets off to a slow start
  94. CNBC says Gold / Silver will be higher next year
  95. Wikileaks say Happy New Year
  96. Responding to Wall Street's Paperwork Crisis - DTCC
  97. Are we headed for another dollar up day???
  98. Dec 16th CFTC to put limits on positions
  99. S&P may downgrade Portugal's 'A-' sovereign rating!
  100. Go Figure???
  101. December 2010 SLV Trading Contest
  102. Copper> the new gold?
  103. Are Precious Metals About to Collapse?
  104. AP**X buying rates
  105. Thank JPM!
  106. $30 Silver Before Xmas?
  107. Dollar chart has a bearish engulfing candle today. I think the dollar rally is over.
  108. CUTTING OUT THE MIDDLEMEN...little profit on the side?
  109. CCJOE your right, the world is going crazy!!!
  110. December Will Be the 4rth Month that Marks the NEVER-ENDING Continuation!
  111. The FED liquified the world
  112. China Gold Imports Soar Almost Fivefold on Inflation
  113. How high silver and what do you think the next couple of years will look like?
  114. You almost have to laugh
  115. Start Hoarding Gold and Silver Right Now!!!
  116. Is there any proof that JP Morgand doesnt hedge their shorts?
  117. 1-3 Week Shipping Estimate
  118. Explosions and All That
  119. unemployment to 9.8%....
  120. Up Up and away! $29 broken with convition!
  121. PM Alert! Gold scam just hit Hong Kong..............
  122. Junk on the Bunk # 100
  123. Silverseek.com or Copperseek.com?
  124. Lets all buy copper.They ain't got silver.
  125. My first silver advertisement.
  126. JP Morgan revealed as mystery trader that bought 1bn-worth of copper on LME
  127. Biggest Week in Metals History is NEXT week!
  128. International Forecaster Dec 2010 (#2) by Bob Chapman
  129. GOT PHYSICAL? - Very Cool Youtube clip
  130. WEBBOT response to Tipping Point
  131. 240 000 tons of cocoa & 350 000 tons of copper bought by speculators last week
  132. Lou Scatigna Show today. DEC 5 2010
  133. Buried Silver? Land for sale...
  134. Someone Twitter Rick Santilli, Please
  135. Is the Gold/Silver ratio about to drop?
  136. Silver overbought? Yes. Will it stop? No!
  137. Thirty Federal Reserve Notes Dollars per troy ounce!!!
  138. Silver breaks $30.00
  139. Max Keiser video
  140. alians and egptians slaving for gold ...not sure about silver
  141. copper copper copppaaaaaaaa i need coppa
  142. Morgan Matrix Video
  143. All in Silver
  144. Who would believe we could close over $30 in one day!!
  145. Revenge of the Silver Nerds
  146. He who hesitates is lost
  147. Eric Sprott's latest on silver is probably something you should read............
  148. if all the worlds silver were put in a box or building,,,how big
  149. Looks like London just kicked in and and the spot price has dropped 70 cents
  150. Today (physical?) silver spot seems to be following the ETF price.
  151. JPM has awaken.
  152. Clear evidence that Silver is going to the moon!!
  153. Making sense of the silver market
  154. New to the forum
  155. $29.02 at 3:10 AM are we back for round two today??
  156. Goggle: The 3 Stages of Silver Meltdown---2011
  157. Now here's an excellent reason to eschew paper/fiat currency!
  158. coppers yesterdays silver... silvers yesterdays gold..
  159. Sell SLV, crush JP Morgan.
  160. Silver wins again!
  161. So, what do copper and silver have have in common?
  162. America the Beautiful coins
  163. Metals Roundup
  164. Former J.P. Morgan Banker James Hertz Pleads Guilty to Municipal Bond Bid Rigging
  165. How to Get Open Interest
  166. Silver Backwardation
  167. copper kettle
  168. Evidence of inanity
  169. copper copper copper copper copper coppppppppppper.
  170. Ron Paul in charge of Federal Reserve Oversight Panel
  171. Some banks unwilling to hand over client-held physical gold and silver?
  172. Jamie Dimon as Hitler in the Bunker
  173. Swiss Bank Client Battles Over 2 Months For His Silver
  174. Let's focus on the big picture.
  175. to Copper Crazed Joe---Pebble Mine Alaska
  176. Not a good week for Silver
  177. whats worth more 100,000 shares of paper silver or 1 oz physical.
  178. big crash on paper in march...buy physical now...sell paper
  179. Simple Silver Strategy
  180. Silver is/will be wonderful.
  181. the floor keeps moving up
  182. The other possible Silver story.
  183. Statistics
  184. Eric Sprott's Double Barreled Silver Issue
  185. Indian consumers eye silver in face of pricey gold
  186. Keiser Report №102: Markets! Finance! Gold & Silver! The absolute best episode yet!
  187. We need a leader, not a Zionist puppet, if we want a viable silver market.
  188. 40% of silver market cornered...
  189. Silver Overdone Now, But Headed Higher in 2011 - David Morgan
  190. Hello
  191. China Rates Worries Weigh On Gold
  192. Silver is edging back to $30 again. Up 81 cents already.
  193. John Williams of Shadowstats: Hyperinflation Will Start in the Next Couple Months
  194. Stockholm Syndrome
  195. GSR question.
  196. JP Morgan Admits Defeat, Cuts Silver Short Position...........
  197. smashing 30 today?
  198. will i get a raise when hyperinflation is near?
  199. Facts or fiction?
  200. Precious metals firm ripped off clients, feds say
  201. Silver Shortage in Australia?
  202. I talked to a commodities analyst at a major bank today.
  203. $29 support
  204. Before the conspiracy guys tell me about this
  205. CFTC admits will miss deadline on position limits
  206. Goldman Execs to Get $111 Million in 2007, 2009 Bonuses
  207. Street Fight and Top 2011 Trades with Peter Schiff
  208. Gold & Silver: Time to take profits?
  209. anyone got any good pm apps for mobile phone
  210. Do they ever stop calling for a top?
  211. 401k what would u reccomend safe fund or stock
  212. Abrupt Ending to CFTC Meeting
  213. Gartman says sell silver buy gold
  214. Margin Requirement Raised Again on Silver
  215. Upcoming Debt Ceiling vote/showdown...Effect on gold, silver, mining stocks?
  216. Are the Central Banks Running a Fractional Gold System.
  217. Monarch PM
  218. Outlook 2011: Silver Attracts Investment In Precious Metals Rally
  219. Whats really holding silver below 30?
  220. HARVEY ORGAN : Criminal Bankers VS Silver & Gold Vigilantes
  221. 3 Things to Watch As Silver Season Ends
  222. How many ounces of silver do you physically have?
  223. Is JP Morgan Shifting Its Silver And Gold Shorts To Non-US Domiciled Banks?
  224. Look at this chart. Looks like a bullish pennant.
  225. "off season"
  226. Window dressing
  227. JP morgans short position
  228. David Morgan on where silver prices will go.
  229. China is shorting silver???
  230. EPA to regulate U.S. refineries
  231. Rick Rule - Physical Supply Shortages in Silver to Continue.
  232. Silver Paper Market About to Collapse?
  233. China says it will bail out the Eurozone
  234. Chinese Rate Hike
  235. Was webbot $600 silver a misinterpretation?
  236. 2011 A Year of Decisive Change?
  237. avatar of physical silver
  238. The day the dollar died.
  239. Melt up
  240. Currency made of plastic
  241. Deliveries and expirations
  242. Scotia Mocatta 2011 Forecast
  243. What happened to the Silver Bears end of year sell off/crash?
  244. Here comes the moon shot
  245. No Signs of a Gold and Silver Bubble Despite Record Advances in 2010
  246. Physical Silver is getting close to 50 oz! Price and Demand
  247. Back over 30!
  248. Ignore dumb ass roger and his pal Nadler
  249. Mike ruppert - u.s. Has only weeks before economic collapse
  250. Ebay silver price