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  1. Credibility
  2. The physical market is different from the futures market
  3. Silver: Is A Physical Squeeze Starting To Bubble Up?
  4. EXCELLENT ARTICLE!! Lays out the picture for Silver's past present and future nicely!
  5. Sell NOW: Get back in when?
  6. The sound of panic from cnbc clowns.
  7. Canadian National News CTV greases the engine
  8. What the hell has happened to glenn becks show
  9. Ted Butler: Silver on the verge of taking off
  10. The gulf spill is a lot worse than were being told
  11. WEBBOT prediction for July
  12. I like lo-price silver
  13. I having been touting July for 4 months
  14. The yuan news and silver tonight
  15. .Dollar Weakens as End to Yuan Peg Signals Confidence in Global Recovery
  16. For how long will Canada play the loonie righteously?
  17. I needed 5 graphics to make my point in a single post.
  18. Smile, Peter Schiff has earned a spot on the Republican primary ballot!!
  19. Sterling Silver question
  20. PANIC! Gold and Silver Tumble - is the end of the world near?
  21. In Pa the government wants your picture when selling gold!!
  22. BullionVault and Rothschild
  23. They will do anything to save fiat money and keep taxing you
  24. that was a nice .40 cent spike, this is nuts :)
  25. Seeking silver list of stocks/equities for contest
  26. Donald Duck: Disney's Tax Whore for Government Propoganda Film
  27. Bank tax: another example of twisted logic
  28. KISS, 2 pictures
  29. This is not starting out like your ordinary mundane summer in the city
  30. good chart
  31. Thanks Chris
  32. 33% drop in housing sales!
  33. See ya guys and gals--good luck!
  34. For you liberals that have forgotten about "General Betray Us"
  35. Will SilverSeek.com Survive?
  36. swapping ALL your gold for silver - rash move or no-brainer?
  37. New uses for silver to increase demand next ten years
  38. Silver below $17.50 this summer
  39. Do you share the Silver story?
  40. A lesson from the Amish
  41. Paper Shorts to now go Long Physical?
  42. From Zerohedge.com: Quite The Read On Gold
  43. For those of you who remember " The Day the Dollar Died"
  44. Bye-Bye BullionVault
  45. Rise of the Republic
  46. Anybody for 5 trillion???
  47. options expiry
  48. http://radio.goldseek.com/
  49. Possible Run on COMEX Silver Inventories May Already Be Underway
  50. 50 years of silver suppression
  51. James Turk says were in stage one of silver bull market
  52. China and gold.
  53. Silver Posting Best Streak... [Bloomberg]
  54. Silver Manipulation Song!
  55. Silver: "Looking Good Billy Ray - Feeling Good Lewis!"
  56. Is the stock market about to collapse again taking precious metals down with it?
  57. How much value does silver have in the market?
  58. *NEW!* Maple's Standard Response to Any & All j-j-jackass Postings!
  59. Future Contracts for Silver...
  60. Looks like some folks are having to sell liquid assets like Au and Ag
  61. Accolades for ZEUS!
  62. ...What's up with the spiky...
  63. Buy Low, Sell High and The Chicken Flock Theory
  64. Silver to rise .70 on wednesday
  65. New WEBBOT interview - 6/24/10
  66. Silver Jewellery & Antique Silver Demand Booming
  67. 2046 Trust Termination
  68. Silver Posting Best Streak Since Hunts No Matter Which Way Economy Turns
  69. Run on Silver inventory at Comex continues
  70. Where's The Gold???
  71. what are the best deals on silver that you've found out there lately?
  72. Woohoo Its the great paper sell off!!!!!
  73. Massive drain of silver at comex could lead to default
  74. Equities no longer even considered an asset class!
  75. I'm sick of hearing the same ass ****
  76. Solar bonnanza
  77. Silver Cup and Handle Pattern
  78. Market Forecast That Says ĎTake Coverí
  79. The LBMA "crime of the century". NOT
  80. Its all going down just as expected
  81. Wilson Article on Gold/Silver Ratio
  82. The ore things change the more they stay the same
  83. "Weakly" jobs data
  84. Solar Panels and Silver
  85. Secret bullion tax was part of USA health reform act
  86. The dollar index is down for 3 days and DOW up for 3 days so what?
  87. ...an oblique perspective of the Ag/Au manipulation.
  88. So are you all ready for the bombshell coming out next week????
  89. Good discussion amongst brothers.
  90. BIS gold swap
  91. Silver 'robbed of its lustre'
  92. IRS wants to know if your buying or selling PM's
  93. How Wall Street Consumes All Retirement Earnings
  94. A "Duney Swatter" !
  95. Harry Schultz on the Power Elite, Free Markets, the Internet and Why Gold Is Going Mu
  96. July 11th WEBBOT - revision
  97. Something we can all agee on:)
  98. I don't like it when PM's go up with the stock market...................
  99. Why would those in power manipulate silver down in price?
  100. Monthly contest - SLV trading simulation
  101. Sprott Hopes to Launch Silver Bullion Fund
  102. Millions of silver ounces leave COMEX
  103. Duney rules!!!
  104. The more things change the more they stay the same
  105. So...What have we learned from regor?
  106. Hurry up, Roger.
  107. Glenn Beck's Golden Fleece
  108. Financial reg bill increases CFTC power to regulate silver market.
  109. Gold is in a bubble...
  110. Hekura seeks help from other forms
  111. 2 (and a half) Down 1 to Go!
  112. LooK! Silver just spiked!
  113. I am NOT a Roger, Bozo or Vale.
  114. SLV now lags Spot by .38 cents
  115. Goldman Sachs lifts gold forecast to $1,355/ounce
  116. Silverís Historical Correlation with Gold Suggests A Parabolic Top As High As $714 pe
  117. UTís money manager shifts 3% into gold
  118. July 28th last trading day for current month
  119. Kitco DOT com = soyouthinkyoucanrant DOT com
  120. US consumer price index falls for third consecutive month
  121. The Great Deflation is where?
  122. Who is Bozo??
  123. Hurray! I'm a senior member!!!
  124. Au = $2,382 and Ag = $139
  125. In defense of the speculators.
  126. Everything you need to know about gold in three sentences
  127. Apology
  128. This silver market is starting to irritate me.
  129. Expect "Duney" clones to breed like rats.
  130. Cocoa Today, Silver Tomorrow
  131. The Metals are getting Killed, what gives?
  132. Just imagine
  133. Why Silver is Better than "Gold: The Ultimate Fiat Currency"
  134. Seeking wise mens explenation
  135. Financial Overhaul bill (zeus' bombschell ?)
  136. Creating Silver Out of Thin Air
  137. Dow , commodities and silver bounce, was that the bottom?
  138. Competing currency being accepted across Mid-Michigan
  139. Hedge funds accused of gambling with lives of the poorest as food prices soar
  140. Withdrawals from COMEX increasing
  141. Healthcare bill attacks bullion traders
  142. Irony, Paradox and the Law of Unintended Consequence
  143. BREAKING: CFTC says position limits "WILL be imposed"
  144. ...The Ure perspective.
  145. New Gold-Backed Currency Could be in Use Next Month
  146. how did you like that spike???????
  147. Slow day around here. Read this: Silver Heading for Price Crash to $9
  148. August - SLV Trade Simulator Contest
  149. Competing Currencies In Michigan: Silver Mentioned
  150. Transplant: Duney research.
  151. Cot report
  152. How to solve the troll problem
  153. Lets say I bought physical silver in 2001
  154. Cheap but precious silver could replace expensive metals in Catalytic Converters
  155. Letter from Bart Chilton(head of the CFTC) to me about silver position limits.
  156. Respect for each other pledge poll.
  157. My Interview to Ted Butler
  158. The Death of Paper Money
  159. State Your Position
  160. Failed banks
  161. London metal exchange doing fishy things..............
  162. Silver Whistleblowers Make Millions: Another Nail in the Coffin
  163. The percent at which silver is being sold 4.78%....Is that even possible..my concerns
  164. If You Have the Time...
  165. Go figure
  166. Dear god when will it stop ??!!
  167. No Mystery Today
  168. Max Keiser Discusses Silver (Keiser Report #63)
  169. Platinum Going...Platinum?
  170. Keep in mind silver lovers
  171. Here's a question
  172. Giant Douche or Turd Sandwich??
  173. The US Mint Fraud
  174. Gold Is Going To Explode!
  175. Youíll Hate Your Gold So Much Youíll Want to Spit On It
  176. Dollar's Never-Ending Plunge and Its Golden Consequences
  177. Silver is still good !
  178. The Natural market movement is UP
  179. Gold (and silver) on the cusp of a parabolic Move up
  180. Still Haven't heard from Roger
  181. Gold Could Slide During Third and Fourth Quarters : Natixis
  182. why is Silver outperforming gold?
  183. Chimps, Champs and Chumps
  184. Is the Handwriting on the Wall?
  185. Silver Looking Bootylicious!
  186. Troll observation
  187. JP Morgan Covering Its Silver Shorts Like Crazy
  188. SLV (short term sentiment) Indicator
  189. Max Keiser interviewing Jim Willie, July 30/10.
  190. The Only Banker I TRUST...
  191. 1,000 ounce bars for sale at Tulving
  192. Availability of 1,000oz bars of silver bullion
  193. Something to consider
  194. Silver Demand: Why and how it may cause silver prices to fall.
  195. Nice to see
  196. All in 2008
  197. China bitches
  198. Buy back minimums
  199. US Gov't is at it again.....
  200. I have a question
  201. Vacant Possession
  202. ...must...not...let...silver...break that important psychological 20 "dollar" mark...
  203. Technical analists. question.
  204. Volker Rule, Prop Trading and Silver
  205. Gold Movements Suspect
  206. A Poll, A Pledge and A Prize
  207. China's 65 million vacant homes
  208. Today is the Cardinal Climax
  209. Deflation gold relationship
  210. Owning Silver vs. owning junior mining stocks
  211. Gld - $2.47 . . . . Slv $29.95
  212. Question for Mr. Shelley
  213. Anyone waiting to buy gold until the sgr gets more favorable
  214. OMG - Why never pay by bank transfer
  215. The Most Bothering Thought
  216. Almost nine years old but still appropriate.
  217. Acward movement
  218. Buying the dip?
  219. Sad Memories? Eight Traits of the Disinformationalist
  220. Thought I'd share my "love" mail from Bozo...
  221. Upcoming FED "diversion"...
  222. Peak bullion
  223. Real Backing of Fiat Money
  224. It's Official. USA monetises its debt.
  225. I think silver will head beyond $8000/oz., in less than 15 years. And Iíll tell you
  226. Can the Gold Price Rise If the Jewelry Market is Weak?
  227. Revelation :shock:
  228. Marc Faber's latest....
  229. Is Gold Crash Proof This Time Around?
  230. Thank all who post usefull information
  231. Why You Should Buy Gold Right Now - Mad money
  232. Hard Rain Going To Fall?
  233. This is a game....
  234. New to precious metals, should I stick to silver or purchase gold as well?
  235. Teenage wasteland
  236. The seal has been opened....
  237. "gold coins" makes top ten searches on YaHoo!
  238. Greg Hunter...
  239. Which of these events occurs first?
  240. Ever notice how Roger aka Duneyman never posts on an up day in gold and silver??
  241. ...for "bot"-heads...the Ure perspective.
  242. Is this finally the economic collapse?
  243. Silver Is A Bargain
  244. Silver is stuck in a rut
  245. Respectful question to our survivalist members
  246. Duney-roger-Bozo's new trick...hi-jacking member NAMES.
  247. Obama did what?
  248. I just luv this forum......The names have changed,but change is good
  249. The NEW Duney, "heckura"...likes to send me mail too...hmmmmmm.
  250. WELCOME! Information for the New-to-this-forum "Seeker".