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  1. ** Important **: Gold Commercial Short Positions Hit All Time High
  2. Deutsche Bank executive says he is unsure if Greece can overcome budget deficits
  3. Sarnia Silver RUNS OUT OF SILVER!
  4. Brief HUI Analysis From Jim Sinclair
  5. May 6th Stock Market crash - update
  6. More about my trip to silvertowne mint & sales
  7. Strongman Shelford is right again! wow, that`s me!
  8. Fantastic Documentary: "MELT UP ~ National Inflation Association"
  9. Silvers future
  10. Excellent Video Interview w/Nassim Taleb, Author of "The Black Swan"
  11. Goldman reminds US government just how tenuous life is today
  12. The Silver Futurist
  13. Any one think about buying a used armored car ???
  14. Ted Butler's Weekly Silver Commentary
  15. CFR Meeting: Zbigniew Brzezinski Fears The Global Awakening
  16. Gold Manipulation Debate
  17. Nostrajojo Predicts Sunday to come tomorrow
  18. Ultimate Cure for Trading Theories & Systems
  19. Man this is good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. The FEDs "Loan" Dissident
  21. Silver Shorts go Long, or: if you can't beat the market join it.
  22. Greece May Take Legal Action Against U.S. Banks
  23. It's a frenzy! Resist!.........................................
  24. Market analysis that you may have missed.
  25. In addition to market analysis Greece article points out eventual default on debt.
  26. Panicking German Dealers Stage Run On Kurgerrands
  27. Polishing silver using baking soda and aluminum foil. Pretty neat!
  28. Trading in Sydney opens higher. Silver, Gold, USD gain.
  29. Concealed carry is a scheme to disarm America
  30. A goo reason for another bailout: state tax revenues drop!!
  31. Euro getting slammed in Asia
  32. Asian Markets & Euro Continue To Freefall
  33. Gold Futures Climb As Much As $15 On Globex
  34. Solar Pannel
  35. Be honest, how many of you bought silver over $19.00 on this run up?
  36. Safe Haven?
  37. Silver drops. I might just have to order more.
  38. Did ANYTHING go up today, because I'm looking at a whole lot of red everywhere!
  39. Fun with Jim Cramer, Silverfuturist, and Options Expiry on Thursday
  40. New silver bullion coin: Fijis Taku
  41. Shorts loosing control?
  42. Jim Sinclair On Silver's Recent Drop
  43. How low could this dip go?
  44. what are the largest silver stacks you know of other folks having?
  45. Germany to ban short selling tonight
  46. Unusual Joint SEC-CFTC Panel Convened After ‘Flash Crash’
  47. Wow Gold and Silver
  48. Sell Gold! Cramer is bullish on Gold!
  49. Bads news out of Europe - RUMOR
  50. Germany Cracks Down On Naked Shorting
  51. Greece and Germany to exit Eurozone
  52. Wondering what a Greek default might be like? Look to Argentina…
  53. Germany To Ban Naked Short Selling At Midnight
  54. Dow 50,000 !!!
  55. China Gold Rush
  56. silverfuturist is pretty good. Check it out.
  57. Wednesday should be interesting. Let's see...
  58. The writing is on the wall
  59. Cotton prices are up about 55% from a year earlier
  60. Global Economy Is Now Out Of Control
  61. Full Blown Liquidations Imminent
  62. Maple's Track Record!!
  63. Fortune magazine - predicting $800 Gold in 2011???
  64. silver price trend
  65. XAU:USD live chart
  66. Dollar Chart Today
  67. Buy the dip before the bus leaves
  68. I bought the Euro yesterday
  69. Seems like the fed made a deal with europe....yet again
  70. Canadians: I bought American Gold Eagles Tax Free.
  71. Euro - Germany - Analysis
  72. Ccjoe
  73. Meet the Flockers!!!
  74. Is Roger/Duneyman actually Chris Mullen?
  75. Meltup
  76. Market Visualizer "heat map" - very cool way to see what's up, what's down.
  77. Bank Failures in Brief -- THIS YEAR
  78. How to turn a bear market rally into a bull market
  79. crash of 2010 july 1st and silvers future price
  80. Taking SLV Below 17
  81. Platinum, palladium hit three-month low on concerns over China growth
  82. Hopeless
  83. German Finance Minister: "Markets Out Of Control"
  84. $1800 - $2000 gold this year - and $30 silver - James Turk
  85. Silver Investing Today
  86. The Benefits of Physical Ownership
  87. Silver Price Heads South
  88. The second debt storm & why this is part of reason to buy silver when its down.
  89. Peter Schiff's comments from today's market moves.
  90. “Sell Gold, Buy Oil: The Numbers Are Clear” Oh Really?
  91. Follow the money.
  92. Turn Pennies to Silver and Gold (Chemistry Trick)
  93. Comment quotes from Zero Hedge regarding precious metals re: today's market moves
  94. You Don't See This Everyday!
  95. jberni 1- New Goldstandard
  96. Commercial real-estate market weighs on banks
  97. U.S. Begins Massive Military Buildup Around Iran
  98. Becking You To Buy Gold
  99. Europeans Will Find Gold Sooner or Later
  100. Dow -110 at opening!
  101. $18.50 next week!!
  102. Some Cut and Paste For 5-21-2010
  103. Should we rename this forum RogerduneySeek?
  104. Is Chris Mullen an incompetent idiot and coward of a moderator?
  105. Chris Mullen: Why don't you step up to the plate and ban "roger"? Obvious TROLL!
  106. Anti-roger porn video.
  107. Top thirteen threads all about roger.
  108. Other options to "SilverSeekForum"?
  109. About siver: Chris, why did you delete: " Hey Chris Mullen, How Is "the roger" ..."?
  110. Chris, knock it off already! BAN ROGER and do us all a favour! Are YOU "roger"?
  111. How come "roger"'s posts get to stay, but you delete Akak's post?
  112. Top EIGHTEEN threads about ROGER.
  113. Beware Silver Bulls in Bear's Clothing.
  114. Chris, why don't you keep "roger" and ban all the rest of us?
  115. Chris. Are you listening yet?
  116. Yoo who! Where's Roger?
  117. I just registered at another forum. This place sucks with Chris as a "mod".
  118. Alternative forum to this troll-infested, unmoderated swamp
  119. I just replaced my bookmarks: OUT with SilverSeekForums - IN with...
  120. Jake, I wanted to PM you.
  121. Two out of Two...Leave the NU-B thread alons...
  122. Harvey Organ's - The Daily Gold
  123. Trader Dan Comments On This Week?s COT Data
  124. From Zero-Hedge: "Jim Rickards Discusses Financial Warfare"
  125. silver price next week
  126. We'll Hit 13 Trillion Tomorrow
  127. Spread the News about Silver
  128. Hey Chris Mullen, the rats are abandoning the sinking SShip!
  129. hello, just need a tod of help
  130. The Silver Valley Lost It's Mojo
  131. James Turk says after three years of waiting silver set to take off
  132. Ted Butler tells King World News...
  133. U.S. Mint Bullion Eagle Coins Surge, Despite Plunging Gold and Silver Prices
  134. Hugo Salinas- Why Silver Should Be Legal Mexican Currency
  135. From Ed Steer's Gold and Silver Daily...
  136. An Argument About the Gold Price: Deflating Ross Hansen’s “Inflate This”
  137. Why Gold Is a Sure Long-Term Bet
  138. Inflation-Proof Deflation Hedge
  139. APMEX out of Silver Eagles and Maples
  140. Richard Russel Says....
  141. Aids
  142. Question Engelhard 10oz loaf
  143. Are the Connecticut sheep ready to vote for change?
  144. "K" - Wave...Krrrrrrrrrrrrraaaazziiness! Ure.
  145. Anyone hear anymore about the Dept of Justice Investigation On JP Morgan?
  146. Geez, at the rate things are going with gold demand, I wonder when............
  147. Energy position limits
  148. High-Frequency Trading Leaders Forum 2010 to Review Issues Prior to U.S. Commodity Fu
  149. Paper versus Physical - May 25th
  150. Is it time to think about selling your stack?
  151. Late action bullish
  152. Metamorphosis of silver.
  153. What is the most silver has gone up on one trading day in the U.S.?..................
  154. Funny Peter Schiff video
  155. Opening Statement Of Chairman Gary Gensler Meeting Of The Joint CFTC-SEC Advisory Com
  156. SEC and SROs propose new circuit breakers for individual stocks, as SEC and CFTC issu
  157. A sign of the times in Iraq
  158. ATWT Theory!
  159. ATWT Prediction #1!
  160. Everything is up right now? EVERYTHING?
  161. You mean Gold is good?
  162. Options expire $1 short yesterday
  163. Siver in historical terms
  164. Greeks buying gold at $1700 an ounce
  165. All of us will be doomed
  166. 200 day moving average
  167. Gold Crash??
  168. Sell in May and go away?
  169. One hit wonder?
  170. Astrology & Markets...an airtite thesis. Ure, et al.
  171. Truth
  172. World Collapse Explained in 3 Minutes Video
  173. It will NOT be just fine - 2010 year end Predictions
  174. Faber on Inflation
  175. Where are all the members?
  176. Glenn Beck & Goldline vs. A Weiner: Gainsville Wins in the End
  177. With prices rising, the future is gold
  178. If Gold Becomes Big, It Needs To Be Small
  179. Video from previous major local minimum.
  180. IMF sold about 14.4 metric tons of gold in April
  181. My avatar shows what can happen when you try to spend you way out of dept
  182. Reply to 2010 prediction post
  183. comex inventories numbers
  184. This news ought to help to "not" fuel a speedy Euro zone recovery
  185. Due to unprecedent demand, US Mint suspends SAE production
  186. David Walker then versus now....
  187. One vid you do not want to miss
  188. Buyer alert
  189. Latest from Jim Rogers! Buy Silver NOT Gold
  190. US$ up again, WTF!
  191. Todays news-It was not a fat finger!
  192. JP Morgan in record FSA fine for risking clients' money
  193. Silver Future Markets...
  194. I will have mine straight up please
  195. Does this compute
  196. Buy Alert!
  197. What is going on !!!!
  198. GSR Anyone?
  199. We saw this coming too!! So how come we see things the economists can't?
  200. You're gonna wet your pants when you read this one
  201. Palladium Buy Price
  202. Blaming Wall Street for what government does to the dollar and your ROI?
  203. Interesting article
  204. Do you think it is time to sell all?
  205. Hugo Salinas Interview
  206. RE time to sell steadfast?
  207. More info on what happened today!
  208. I know this does not belong here
  209. Survey says: the left flunks econ 101
  210. Double top?
  211. The funniest thing you will hear today
  212. Jim Rogers was right
  213. Bernanke says buy gold and silver!!
  214. How do you explain this kind of madness?
  215. "Pimp"co buys treasuries: yippee now I know we are saved!!
  216. Liberty Gold Card Receives Patent!
  217. is the yuan versus the dollar battle setting the stage for WWIII?
  218. Hi silverbugs. I am Strongman Shelford. I am back.
  219. someting wicked this way comes
  220. Retail bullion sales
  221. Free ounce of silver eagle
  222. A good role model to follow if you really want to stay free
  223. cmx call option
  224. What has happened to this forum?
  225. What Are Your Favorite Web Sites for Silver and Other Financial Information?
  226. Thirty Billion Ounces Of Silver... Under The Great Wall
  227. Where is the comex inventories link?!?!??!
  228. Confiscation Schmonfiscation Obfuscation
  229. U.S. Identifies Vast Riches of Minerals in Afghanistan
  230. More nonsense from the Euro zone
  231. Silver v . gold today
  232. Moody's downgrades Greek debt to junk!!
  233. Silver & Vampires
  234. Possible future taxes in PM-s market
  235. The craziest notion in the world
  236. Why are DOW futures up when there is really no good news to speak of?
  237. Gsr -- omg!
  238. This 40¢ leap might be the start of the delayed and widely anticipated break out!
  239. Is the NRA selling us out? Maybe.....read 'em and weep!
  240. More funny but true news to make you smile
  241. silver as money is legal
  242. Silver Kaboom??????????????
  243. Nadler wrong again
  244. Roger to forecast Silvers demise.
  245. Guest Post: The 2010 Silver Buying Guide
  246. Gold: Where to from here? From Financial Sense University
  247. Is it safe, legal and ethical?
  248. Welcome! Information for the New-to-this-forum "Seeker".
  249. The FED emerges intact. So what can we do about it?
  250. Bubbles schmubbles