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  1. Dollar heading toward 85 and silver heading toward 19.
  2. Why I am investing in silver
  3. Sign of the Times?: Australian Mining Shares Tumble on New 40% Tax on Resource Firms
  4. Is Greece too big to fail?
  5. If Gold Poised for Take-Off Then Silver Should be an Even Better Bet
  6. Are Greek Savers are Choosing to Flee into Gold? Of Course! What Else is New?
  7. Gov is going to sell it's gold to the tv dudes on "cash for gold ""' wtf over !!!!!
  8. Exit strategy for silver investors in other countries
  9. David Morgan: The Latest Skinny on Silver
  10. Latest "Road To Roota" E-mail
  11. Denver Airport mural depicts GOLD AND SILVER MINING.
  12. Jim?s Mailbox About The Fed Insanity
  13. Global Crash - The Slow Grind
  14. hey.. im back..and i luv this place
  15. Rumors on currency reform and the upcoming crash
  16. Something is going to happen: DIAMOND
  17. The difference between owning Cash and Gold! :)
  18. May 4th?
  19. $1200 gold
  20. Article: The Silver Price Spiral, Part II: paper "inventories"
  21. Greek Deal May Fall Apart
  22. Why the sell off in the other PGM?
  23. You can no longer live free and die in New Hampshire
  24. Just follow my basic chart which has everything
  25. Blue Chips Down 250
  26. How long before silver and gold prices rally back?
  27. Why the Euro Is Falling - 4th May 2010
  28. Silver and the economic trends
  29. Greek "Bailout" Not Near Enough - Protesters Taking Over Acropolis
  30. The FED will be saved and gold will go to $2000
  31. Obama: "Americans and Europeans alike will be REQUIRED to do more, not less"
  32. The Fallacy Of "Buy The Dips"
  33. Guess the crooks though ttey won
  34. When buffet says they own h im?
  35. Warren said where he stands
  36. Warren Buffet
  37. Billonaire backs the crooks
  38. Buffet backing 5 bil gs jpm ?
  39. Irs get real
  40. Ok I just bought some more tonight
  41. Yet Another Mysterious IMF Gold Sale
  42. China Is The Gorilla In The 3rd Gold War
  43. Look At All The Contradictory Headlines On Reuters
  44. Paper Silver going to Zero
  45. Terror!
  46. Silver is UP today: Physical silver price disengages from the market price.
  47. Nice: 5/5/2010
  48. We know the Conflict for JP Morgan
  49. Jim Rickards Tells CNBC's Joe Kernen Gold Is Going To $5,000
  50. Gold Will Emerge as the Only Safe Haven
  51. Inflation Worries Among Americans Should Support Gold and Silver
  52. About leaving customs (Az2Africa & Katwoman)
  53. Continuous Strength in the Precious Metals Sector Signifies All Is Not Well
  54. Gold Heats Up as Athens Burns
  55. U.S. Dollar Doomsday Crash 2010, Protect Your Wealth With Gold (PART 1)
  56. Spain Next On The Chopping Block
  57. When articles refer to GOLD do they also mean SILVER?
  58. Greek Riots Escalate, Branch Of Ministry Set On Fire
  59. Hourly Action In Gold From Trader Dan
  60. Bob Moriarty: Collapse as Certain as Time and the Tides
  61. Who are these coffins for? The military?
  62. Somali pirates working for Goldman a HOAX story.
  63. Dow Jones : Silver ratio.
  64. Whats next for greece utube video
  65. Greece and the us trends utube video
  66. “Bad Money Drives Out Good” - short history of silver debasement
  67. Gold Aussie and Palladium Rouble
  68. Why Governements try to control prices, by Keynes
  69. 1200 Dollar Gold is 5 Dollars Away
  70. Holy dow jones!!!
  71. I had a run in with the 401k advisor at work last week!!!!
  72. Get your gold and silver now.
  73. Dow mishap blamed on human error. Indicies may CANCEL TRADES in interest of fairness!
  74. Europe fixed-income desks shut down early. "European banks are halting lending now."
  75. The Secret of Oz
  76. Silver Bullion Is Dirt Cheap - Mike Maloney & David Morgan
  77. What if?
  78. The Moment of Truth for Silver
  79. Greek Crisis Going Global
  80. Electronic Markets and Fat Fingers
  81. Spending 4:29 minutes with David Morgan.
  82. What the hell just happened??? 1.10+ jump in 15 min?????
  83. Manipulation of Precious-metals Market Under Fire
  84. Three Types of Money
  85. Silver Breaks Above 18 in a Nearly Vertical Move, and Gold Follows Higher
  86. Harvey Organ's - The Daily Gold 5-7-2010
  87. Gold and Silver Will Do Well in a Simultaneous Inflation & Deflation Economy
  88. Decoupling You Can Believe In
  89. Beautiful Market Crash video with Trader Pit audio
  90. Goldman Sachs shareholders re-elect Blankfein, Directors
  91. What was it that turned the Dow plunge back around? Anybody know?
  92. Trader on Bloomberg says markets are manipulated and volumes 'ficticious'.
  93. Global Deflation, Global Inflation & Australia’s Gold Tax Grab
  94. Orange juice & paint
  95. Pension Options!!!???!?!?
  96. CNBC Kudlow: "Gold is the new reserve currency, amazing!" - analysis of SILVER.
  97. U.S. gold coin sales surge as investors flee risk. TWICE THE PACE!!!!
  98. SEC, CFTC Review Unusual Trades Tied to Market Plunge (Update1)
  99. New regulations likely as stock dive probed
  100. US authorities probe shock share plunge after panic
  101. British taxpayers ordered to bail out euro - DOWN COMES PAPER MONEY FOLKS!
  102. CBO Estimate: $85 Billion April Deficit, Federal Receipts Still Falling
  103. On The Nationalizing Of 401(k)s
  104. GATA: BIG NEWS!!: Criminal and civil probes under way into Morgan silver trading
  105. Silver:gold ratio
  106. One False Flag After Another...
  107. Even Gerald Celente Has 80% Of His Personal Assets In Gold
  108. Interesting Take On Last Thursday's Stock Market Crash
  109. India Banks Start To Sell Silver Bars On May 16th
  110. Silver News = Own Real Silver
  111. Getting Your Moneys Worth
  112. Peter Schiff Vid May 5th 2010 on Hyperinflation
  113. Chilling: Jim Moran: "Redistribution of Wealth"
  114. Really Excellent Vid on "The Collapse of Our Economy"
  115. Pennsylvania taking Totalitarian Orwellian measures to FORCE people pay their taxes!
  116. Watch the EU Finance Ministers meeting live:
  117. Bank Funding Crunch Deepens as Swap Rates Soar
  118. EUR Traders Holding On For Dear Life As FX Vol At Never Before Seen Levels
  119. Gold plunges. Silver spikes. 18:10 EDT
  120. Anyone buy Canadian Junk Silver?
  121. EU Pull Nuclear Option On 500 Billion Euro Bailout Package (is this for real)?
  122. can anyone tell if this is fake?
  123. Kitco News Videos.
  124. Time Magazine's Gold Hitpiece
  125. Time Article on gold found on CNN frontpage website near the headlines....
  126. Bernanke makes Americans responsible for the failure of Greek Socialism.
  127. Bank of America....actual conversation
  128. The world is running out of silver, big opportunity | Goldseek Radio
  129. 10oz silver bars make good hand warmers
  130. Stock Market Crash Pit Audio As Market Goes Into Meltdown 2010
  131. Richard Daughty (The Mogambo Guru): Silver- A Screaming Buy!
  132. Gold:Land Ratio?
  133. Ridiculous moves in the markets today. If silver drops today, I'm buying more.
  134. Crash of 2010 July- Heres the stats on the states and the amount of debt.
  135. Kitco is no longer selling Silver Maples to Canadians!
  136. Investors pay 31% Premium for Physical Gold ETF
  137. George Ure: Wave analysis.
  138. Ron Paul: "Euro Bailout Will Lead To Currency Collapse."
  139. Stop responding to Roger's taunts.
  140. Watch first minute of video: Lloyd Blankfein (Goldman Sachs CEO)
  141. May 6: "The ECB will not buy bonds" ~ Jean Claude Trichet
  142. What's your silver ounce : gold ounce ratio?
  143. Gold and silver forming break up or break down pattern today.
  144. Tracking the Nation's Bank Failures - Google is good for something at least.
  145. $7B in Bank Failures Include About 25% of Puerto Rico’s Bank Assets
  146. Silver vs. the Banking Cabal - Bix Weir
  147. Plan? Who needs a plan when you can just print more money!!
  148. Some more nonsensical news from Japan this time
  149. Bet the house
  150. U.S. Stock Futures Fall on Concern Aid Plan Won't Solve Crisis - 11 May 2010
  151. European Banks Now Betting Against Euro - Gold Surging
  152. Gold Rises As Eurozone Debt Concerns Remain
  153. Wow I just ordered more gold and silver and I just beat the SPIKE! :)
  154. Silver Spiking Up Nicely
  155. RE: Bet the house-recent events
  156. Get your popcorn ready!!!!
  157. Silver video on silver boom
  158. My gold/silver stocks are up an average of 3.75% today.
  159. Article: "More on the Friday Spike in Silver"
  160. CDN$ strengthens - gold down, silver same. Why?
  161. 19.30 silver, eat **** Roger.
  162. Here come the nickel free nickels
  163. No single cause? Really?
  164. Gold World Record! Yeah!
  165. The resignation of Gordon Brown and the future of the British pound?
  166. SilverHawk is BACK.
  167. This is it!!!
  168. BullionVault: Gold "Mania" Ahead - 10th May 2010
  169. Harvey Organ's Daily Gold Commentary 5-10-2010
  170. Hourly Action In Gold From Trader Dan
  171. How long to cover 87,457 Short contracts?
  172. Roger is shorting silver
  173. I just purchased generic silver from ampex
  174. Video: "Watch for a breakout!"
  175. Silver is my Gold
  176. WalStreetPro: "second half economic recovery"
  177. Letterman...a clue?
  178. Dang it! I knew I paid too much!
  179. Silver coin art - yeah, it's more than art.
  180. I made more than $4,000 in gold/silver stocks today
  181. Financial Armageddon 2.0
  182. Massive TRAUMA. Bleeding from all wounds. Chance of survival - slim. BUY SILVER NOW!
  183. Breaking: Bank Protesters Storm Irish Parliament - Yesterday Greece, Today Ireland, T
  184. Gold: inverted head and shoulders. $1,300 target
  185. 24 Spot Chart Shows Gold a $1243.50
  186. Austerity GDP and tax revenue: the inconvenient truth
  187. Traders Flocking To Gold
  188. 500 oounces of silver under spot!!!
  189. Panic Buying Of Physical Gold In Europe Threatens Depletion Of Austrian Mint
  190. Rumors About Germany Abandoning the Euro?
  191. Gold & Silver: The Only Game in Town 2010-2011
  192. Bankers Jailed in Iceland
  193. Silver Seems Under Valued
  194. In fiat money we do not trust
  195. This is supposed to be good news? I just don't get it!!
  196. First Gold, Now Europe Running Out Of Silver
  197. Silver Stocks Doing Excellent
  198. Beyond the Point of No Return
  199. Selling Gold to Save the Euro?
  200. Great Article on Gold Too Long To Post
  201. Gold Investing: Protection Against Inflation
  202. Sell in May and go away?
  203. What got you interested in silver and gold?
  204. Video: 600 year price of silver
  205. Unmasking Roger's Silver Deceit and Intentional Ignorance, some more MONEY 101
  206. The US still hemorrhaging jobs while the trade deficit soars
  207. Another look inside the insane mind of a speculator
  208. WHos the govt? Trends research tells whats happening and when. Pm's up FYI
  209. Quick poll: Will silver spot hit $20 this week?
  210. "Akshay Tritiya" - Hindus buy precious metals on Sunday May 16th.
  211. 19.70 and feeling great!!!!
  212. On CNBC, GLD is dissed for not investing in physical gold
  213. Rogers Gone!
  214. Gold ATMs - First In Abu Dhabi, Soon Everywhere: Gold Is Close To Full Currency Statu
  215. Afternoon Profit taking before...
  216. I'd like some advice on buying please...
  217. APMEX: Philharmonic Gold- SOLD OUT. Maple Leaf Gold - SOLD OUT. Krugerand - SOLD OUT
  218. New Slogan
  219. If paper silver plunges, then there won't be ANY SILVER ANYWHERE for people to buy.
  220. Roger
  221. Gold Has Reached All Time High...(and moving higher)
  222. JP Morgan: Gold Now Could Face Unlimited Demand
  223. Roger stay off of my threads!!!
  224. 85.349......................
  225. Real wisdom (something Roger can only wish for) from today's JSMinset.....
  226. SDR's???
  227. The Best Reason to Buy Silver!
  228. What would rodger do if it were 1975
  229. Moves in Silver Market over the last week
  230. Goldman Sachs trying to improve its image?
  231. China rising?
  232. Fears of public unrest in the euro zone rising
  233. Portugal Now Announces Tax Hikes Pay Cuts
  234. Gold 1000€/oz
  235. European Wipeout Continues: EURUSD $1.24 And Falling Fast, Carry Unwind Accelerates!!
  236. Latest From Bob Chapman
  237. MIssing voices
  238. Gold and the FOREX: A New Technical Triad and Gold
  239. Building material and garden supply store sales led gains!! What did they expect?
  240. International Monetary Fund discusses a new "Global Central Bank" and SDR's
  241. Just bought Silver!! ..in a different form.
  242. Sarkozy threatens to withdraw France from the Euro!
  243. Gold correction and not Silver
  244. Explaining todays drop in PM prices
  245. my advnrture at silvertowne
  246. Last Vid of NIA - meltup
  247. Profit taking
  248. Kitco's Nadler Problem
  249. Dollar index
  250. Bubba Says Goldman and VAT Good