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  1. DON'T Store Bullion with Bank of Nova Scotia
  2. The ironic good side of the IMF
  3. Max Keiser: IMF/gold debacle
  4. NY Post writes about manipulation
  5. Are gold coins taxed in Canada? Can anyone help me here?
  6. Comex Commercial Gold/Silver Shorts Jump
  7. Greece Wiins $61 Billion Loan Pledge From Euro States
  8. Jeffrey Christian Has A Second Chance To Disprove The Gold Ponzi Scheme, Fails
  9. Hypothesis: The key to infinite wealth is..
  10. Soros Warns of European Disintegration
  11. Soros Warns of European Disintegration
  12. Gold Market Flashing Debt Crisis Warning
  13. Excerpts Of Recent News Articles
  14. Silver shortages in different countries - any signs of it?
  15. Another investment along with silver
  16. Harvey & Lenny Organ & Adrian Douglas
  17. Guns and Canada to protect my Ag.
  18. Can anyone recommend short and informative "Why to invest in silver" website
  19. double dipper
  20. Another Short Squeeze In Precious Metals
  21. IMF Prepares For Global Cataclysm
  22. China Tells Obama To Stick It Regarding Yuan
  23. Straw pole - Polish airline crash - conspiracy or not
  24. Hello everyone from the new guy, here is my story :P
  25. People have got to stop cheerleading their favorite stocks/commodities/assets
  26. A *must read* article that explains the fundamental flaw in our money and economy.
  27. Interesting article: "The Gold:Silver Ratio: Will The Yellow Metal Lose Its Luster?"
  28. Video: "13 Apr 2010 - MARKET PREPARING FOR HUGE MOVE"
  29. Urgent: ARMED MARCH in Virginia on 4-19-10 is a set up!
  30. Dylan Ratigan MSNBC exposes Federal Reserve Con
  31. Zero hedge claims to have a second whistleblower
  32. U.S. Military Set To Deploy On American Soil This Summer
  33. Just wanted to pass some info along to everyone!!
  34. Yet another use of Silver which is becoming main stream.
  35. Canadian Conundrum
  36. what's your strategy for protecting yourself from counterfeits?
  37. The lowest spread I've seen!
  38. Fed Moves $421.8 Billion Without Warning
  39. Dynamics of the Worldwide Currency Crisis
  40. How do we "stuff-it-to-the-banks" the next time there is a major short sell?
  41. Bernanke's Contradictory Statements - Is He Intentionally Trying To Confuse Public?
  42. I seeeen a gold sandwitch man
  43. Revisiting Joe Blabbermouth Biden's speech.
  44. John Rubino gives a great interview about silver
  45. SUGAR RUSH: "Why Gold & Silver Trailer - The Greatest Opportunity In History"
  46. Super (and I mean SUPER) QUIRKY dude, but he's got a valid point:
  47. SUGAR RUSH: "Paper Silver Doesn't Build Circuit Boards"
  48. Jim Rickards on King World News (Wed, Apr14/10)
  49. The Greece "Thing" Just Isn't Going Away
  50. Marc Faber Interview - VERY Bullish On Gold
  51. Fun With Fibonacci And The Great Depression
  52. Silver has that "Look" to it...
  53. silver & golds next move.
  54. Roger & donneyman give away the silver the never bought
  55. Admin should treat "roger" as a SPAMMER.
  56. Silver tracking other commodites so far. No CFTC hearing impact yet.
  57. SLV ETF Has Another Monstrous Withdrawal
  58. Motives for a Silver Board
  59. Central Banks Stoking Market Euphoria
  60. American Eagle Bullion Coin Sales
  61. Goldman Sachs Real Estate Fund Vaporizes 98% Of Client Capital
  62. The Amish are Coming! The Amish are Coming!
  63. Silver-Is-The-Devil is HILARIOUS
  64. I don't think that drop was entirely unexpected.
  65. George Soros Warns Of Biggest Market Crash To Come
  66. Look For Gold Selloff If Paulson Needs To Shore Up Liquidity On Negative PR
  67. Do you really want to take investment advice from a lab rat?
  68. Goldman sell off
  69. Options Expiry calendar. Please fill me in.
  70. Interview with APMEX (how they make money - they sell to PAPER market). HUH?!
  71. SEC Charges Against Goldman Sachs
  72. How many unemployed
  73. Select the better ~$400 long term investment. (one you must hold at least two years)
  74. VAT Tax Is Coming
  75. Beware 2011
  76. Republicans block bank reform
  77. Large Silver withdrawals from SLV continue
  78. Since there is no actual "PHYSICAL MARKET", what are the spot price swings based on?
  79. Geithner the confidence man and the big Sting
  80. New documentary: "Invisible Empire"
  81. Jim Sinclair: We are a few days from a stratospheric takeoff in the price of gold.
  82. God Is There No End To Geithner's Bullshit???
  83. Top U.S. general in Iraq says all combat troops will be out of Iraq by September
  84. Kitco Gold Index: A new way to measure Gold. Interactive chart.
  85. 4 out of 5 Americans don't trust Washington
  86. Economic Collapse Coming
  87. Neocons one end of a two headed snake
  88. Second wave of Financial Crisis started right now!
  89. Video: "We already know what you are actually attempting to STOP us from finding out"
  90. Goldman Sachs Shares Turn Higher - Analysts Upbeat!?!?!? What the fu_ _??
  91. Song about the Silver Manipulation..
  92. WOW!: "Fed Shouldn’t Reveal Crisis Loans, Banks Vow to Tell High Court"
  93. Anyone buy Palladium?
  94. Ode to Roger's Thread: The silver bull was great while it lasted
  95. SEC's Probe Of Goldman Could Widen To Other Banks
  96. Has silver been good for the modern age?
  97. What just happened with the CDN$? It SUDDENLY strengthened.
  98. Krugman Fails to Answer the Pertinent Question: Who Made This Meltdown Possible
  99. Periodic Table showing DENSITY. Did you know that Silver is almost as dense as lead?
  100. ScotiaBank's response to 30,000oz silver order
  101. Roger is right: Silver IS Evil!
  102. From ZeroHedge: Here Is How Your New, Soon To Be Worthless Money, Will Look Like
  103. James Turk update on hyperinflation
  104. the Royal Canadian Mint produced 9,727,592 silver maple in 2009
  105. New Silver Miners ETF Now On Line
  106. Man Who Shot Polish Plane Crash Murdered
  107. VAT Tax On The Table
  108. Natural gas prices in the future ????
  109. Who started SilverSeek Forums and Why?
  110. Alexis may do Kitco interview!
  111. U.S. Debt To Hit 20 Trillion In 10 Years
  112. Dulles Coin and Currency Expo this weekend
  113. Import Silver Cut!
  114. The calming effects of down days v. the invigorating effects of up days.
  115. Got charts?
  116. Greek Debt Crisis Significantly Worsens ad EU Revises Numbers
  117. Greek Debt Crisis **** About To Hit The Fan
  118. Latest From Jim Willie - Hat Trick
  119. $2.18 SILVER PRICE MAY BE NEW DEAL GOAL! Dam those Democrats!
  120. We all saw this coming
  121. I asked stellaconcepts to explain OPTIONS EXPIRY. Here is his response:
  122. Alex Jones interviews Bill Murphy of GATA.
  123. Greece Urgently Requests Activation Of Rescue Package
  124. Euro Is Screwed
  125. Options Expiry calendar.
  126. This Friday action is looking very positive for silver.
  127. I Make A Motion to...MOVE!
  128. Eric Sprott: Weakness Begets Weakness: from Banks to Sovereigns to Banks - Must Read
  129. What Roger Fails To Realize About Investing In Silver.
  130. Debt Crisis Explodes In Europe
  131. Marc Faber Says Holding Case Will Be A Disaster - Investors Should Accumulate Gold
  132. Canada: "Insert your chip"
  133. Mike Maloney interview during Asian Silver Summit 2010
  134. ZH: "Larry Summers Opens Mouth, Proves All His Critics Are Correct"
  135. Much Greater Depression Has Started
  136. Hundreds Of Thousands Of Teachers Being Laid Off Nationwide
  137. IMF Says For Nations Living The Good Life...The Party's Over
  138. Derivatives!
  139. How Futures Contracts Are Settled [information only]
  140. The banks are making their usual moves.
  141. Silver's (and Gold's) Rate of Appreciation Against 23 World Currencies
  142. Somali Pirates Say They Are Subsidiary of Goldman Sachs
  143. Gold & HUI On Brink Of Asset Explosion
  144. This Really Pisses Me Off!!
  145. Japan rising
  146. We saw this coming too!!
  147. What a little sobriety will do will for the mind of a liberal
  148. What do socialism, communism and Democracy have in common?
  149. Latest From Bob Chapman - Not Good of Course
  150. Greek Crisis In Danger of Spreading
  151. A primer on USA "money". Two part video
  152. South Korean Defense Minister Confirms Torpedo Sunk Cheonan - Next Step: Escalation
  153. "You must have accurate and honest weights and measures, so that you may live"
  154. Keynes, the destroyer, the anti-human, genocidal, arrogant, false, misleading, misinf
  155. Chicago Political Leaders Request National Guard Help To Control City Streets
  156. States Debt Woes Getting To Big To Camouflage
  157. Your morning chuckle courtesy of the MSM
  158. The Next Big 600 Trillion Meltdown
  159. RINO Republicans et al distancing themselves from the Tea Party? You Betcha!!
  160. Goldmadsacksssssssssssss is underfire !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  161. Article: "Why the Gold [or silver] Price Doesn't Matter"
  162. Somali Pirates Disclose They Are A Subsidiary Of Goldman Sachs WOW OH WOW !!!!!!!!
  163. Portugal Next To Fall
  164. Lawsuit hits Goldman: "Goldman Sachs and Chief Executive Lloyd Blankfein were hit..."
  165. World Gold Council Discloses Investors Bought 5.6 Tonnes Of Gold Via ETFs In Q1
  166. Here Comes Shitty Timberwolf: The Goldman/Greywolf/Bear CDO Is About To Go Front Ctr
  167. Rioting And Protests Increase In Greece
  168. Hillary Clinton: War In Middle East At Any Time.
  169. Video: "Economic Collapse, What Happened to the Brave People?"
  170. Not fun any more
  171. Zero Hedge Articles On Goldman Sachs Crisis
  172. Chicago Leaders Request National Guard To Help With Out Of Control Crime
  173. Taking advantage of America's ignorance to push through changes we do not need
  174. Yippeeee the market is down!!
  175. International Monetary Fund sold 5.6 tonnes of gold in February
  176. Threat of VAT tax and budget cuts pulling PMs markets lower
  178. Euro extends drop as Greece, Portugal rating cuts
  179. Dow down 146 points
  180. Don't be too intemperate; you never know who's reading your posts.
  181. Video: Gold and Silver Manipulation To Cause Death Of The Dollar? - Mike Maloney
  182. ZeroHedge is down. Is it getting overloaded?
  183. Washington events for April 26 - 30 All times Eastern
  184. Not us: Goldman execs deny wrongdoing in crisis
  185. is there a chance that China could be accumulating PM's to back the yuan
  186. Greek Debt Downgraded To JUNK
  187. Good Zero Hedge Article On Greece
  188. Good Information From Jim Sinclairs Website
  189. Vix Surges 31% On Greek Downgrade: Bloomberg
  190. Economic Collapse Prep: Home Fortification
  191. Any regret?
  192. Soverign Debt Crisis Spreads - Greek Bonds Slump
  193. Greek Meltdown Tradjedy Could Morph Into Lehman Worldwide Crash
  194. Scary New Development From Jim Sinclair - One More Leak (big one) In The Dike
  195. Metamorphosis
  196. What site do you use to check silver/gold price?
  197. Whats up with the silver price...
  198. 20 years until Silver reserves exhausted?
  199. Follow Willies Roadmap
  200. Greek pm says greek interest rates illogical based on market fundamentals
  201. More lies and nonsense from the FED
  202. Very interesting "precious metals" "secrets" on the new $100 bill
  203. Spain Downgraded As European Debt Crisis Widens
  204. The recession is over, we're out of the woods for good!!
  205. Greek Debt Crisis Spreading Like Ebola
  206. A series of article I sent to friends regarding what's going on.
  207. Buy. Pics.
  208. Conflicting Articles In Bloomberg
  209. Gold never higher in history in terms of the USD index
  210. Bill Clinton on Regulatory Reform, Goldman Sachs
  211. Dead money lives: Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein gets $2.8M richer - by testifying
  212. Question for Katwoman
  213. More crybaby soup
  214. Nouriel Roubini Warns Greece Just Tip Of Iceberg
  215. Gold may be close to breakout. Silver following close behind.
  216. The END OF THE EURO - as we know it
  217. We may be our only hope
  218. U.S. Opens Criminal Probe Into Goldman Sachs
  219. Gold/Silver Advancing Nicely At This Point
  220. Charts show why Duney and Roger are silver buy signals
  221. Some Quotes and Excerpts I Picked Up
  222. Peter Schiff Tears This Moron To Shreads
  223. Goldman Shares Tumble On "Sell" Rating
  224. My coin shop in downtown manhattan offering to buy silver bullion over spot
  225. DOJ Antitrust Division Considering Launching Investigation Into Silver Market Manipul
  226. Spelling police
  227. Some Silver(and Gold) COT Excerpts From Harvey Organ's Website
  228. The Silver Price-spiral, Part I: today
  229. Anti-Trust Division of the Justice Department To Look At The Silver Market Manipulat
  230. video of different silver coins
  231. This is BIZARRE! Just Came Across This In European Union Times! This CAN'T Be True.
  232. Can The Fed Continue This Insanity?
  233. Europe's central bank president calls for global governance
  234. Would Asia be a good place to go to if TSHTF?
  235. Asking your CEO to pay you in SILVER not paper.
  236. Pay Me My Silver Now
  237. Reflecting on civilization vis-a-vis money, wealth etc.
  238. Video: "Gold:Silver Ratio - Technical Analysis"
  239. The massive 401K Retirement Plan swindle (same in Canada (maple that is you))
  240. This Vid is 6 Days Old But It's a Good One
  241. America's Second Great Depression
  242. Prelude to the deluge
  243. Europe's web of debt diagram
  244. On the verge of an inflationary surge
  245. Is This The False Flag Attack We All Know Is Coming?? Or A Prelude?
  246. I've Never Seen This Guy "Mangru" -The Panel Discusses The Dollar and Metals
  247. Why despite bailouts Greece will fall
  248. Gulf Oil Spill Spells Higher Petro Prices
  249. What's so special about 1876?
  250. Oil Going To $100