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  1. CFT crackdown may hurt metals, say traders
  2. New Healthcare Plan Will Dramatically Add to States Budget Overload
  3. Uncanny Closes
  4. Unfunded liability meltdown: Pensions
  5. Must Read article: "The Tipping Point at Zero"
  6. Head and shoulders top means trouble for the dollar
  7. The benefits of gun control
  8. silver 16.76 wheres the 50.00 oz
  9. New York City Facing Massive Job Cuts
  10. Mexico Spriling Out Of Control
  11. Ignorance is bliss
  12. Dave Smith video on Silver
  13. Im convinced !!!!!
  14. Blue light special isle 11
  15. A sign of the times
  16. China et al
  17. Bob Prechter reveals the most dangerous Gold and Silver myths
  18. CFTC meets with GATA today!
  19. A lesson in humility
  20. Uh Oh...Bernansky opening his mouth again!
  21. CFTC to examine limits on metals
  22. Missing
  23. Ten-Year Notes Almost at 4% Lookout (PART 1)
  24. Philip Manduca Inteview On Euro And U.S. Dollar Collapse
  25. Astonishing CFTC Meeting Comments
  26. Brown's Bottom Is an Enormous Issue In the UK: Was This a Bailout of the Multinationa
  27. Silver price graphs for the last 10 years
  28. Social Security Payouts EXCEED Pay-In For First Time THIS YEAR
  29. Whistle Blower
  30. Interesting idea: "Defending a Virtual Currency""
  31. Here we freakin' go again with the manipulation.....
  32. Arguments for and against silver.
  33. neat little flash presentation by Karl Denninger
  34. IMF Is Now Rejecting Prospective Buyers For Its Gold Stash
  35. Jim rodgers & Prechter u tube
  36. Treasury Bond Market Starting To Crack
  37. What, in your opinion, is the ULTIMATE ASSET that this world has to offer?
  38. Thinking beyond silver: An analysis of our current Fascistic system and solutions...
  39. Proven manipulation of silver
  40. Your right to bear arms is still threatened
  41. davincij15's video: "Virtually ABSOLUTE proof that silver is manipulated"
  42. Metal-Trading Limits Weighed by U.S. Regulator
  43. Eric Sprott interview with King World News. : gold/silver, housing, peak oil, T-Bills
  44. GATA Whistleblower Andrew Maguire Injured in Hit and Run Car Accident‏
  45. South Korean Ship Exposion Cause Unclear
  46. Energy Star rip off starts this weekend: what you need to know
  47. The more things change: history repeating itself?
  48. Lbma Otc Gold Market Cited As A Ponzi Scheme In Cftc Hearing
  49. Get Ready For The VAT
  50. Get Ready for VAT on Silver!!!
  51. Inflation Is Going To Be Huge
  52. Jim Rogers Video on Gold 3-26-2010
  53. $ 25 silver is the key. David Morgan
  54. CFTC Commissioner Bart Chilton...Remarks to Metals Market Investors
  55. Bernanke Says U.S. Fiscal Outlook "Somewhat Dark"
  56. The Black Market
  57. Video of PM's & where we are headed
  58. New Message From Cftc
  59. Capital Controls Are Here
  60. Requiem For Detroit
  61. Crazy Stuff Happening FBI Raids in Michigan
  62. hina's gold demand is expected to double over the next decade
  63. IMF gold is already been sold
  64. Fitch Downgrades Illinois to A-
  65. Where are good/reputable places to order PM's from in CANADA?
  66. Another incentive not to work
  67. Whistleblower interview
  68. Why The Silver Investor Should Ignore the Dollar Index
  69. Silver Price Continues to Outperform Gold
  70. China's Accumulation of Gold
  71. Connecticut v. Greece: which economy will crash first?
  72. The vague future of the market of U.S. Treasuries
  73. Our Inflation Rate is Really 10% Right Now
  74. The Coming Precious Metals Short Squeeze
  75. True Causes Underlying Moscow Metro Bombings
  76. Europe Has Left Greece Hanging In The Wind
  77. 24 Hours Until The End Of MBS Purchases By The Fed; Then What?
  78. Video Excerpt from CFTC Metals Hearing
  79. How to Corner the Gold Market!
  80. It's Official - America Now Enforces Capital Controls
  81. Tea Party Fodder (A Beached Whale in Waiting)
  82. $6,800 / oz?
  83. China Opens Futures Exchange
  84. Sell Off In U.S. Treasuries Raises Sovereign Debt Fears
  85. Peoples Bank of China Expected To Buy Gold As China's Mines Become Depleted
  86. public view of silver
  87. FML damn this upward trend
  88. Gata calls out fox business with eric king
  89. Greenspan Shrugged
  90. Gold Lease Rates Signaling Something?
  91. CFTC Gets Facts of Bullion Manipulation
  92. Texas Town On High Alert
  93. New Video on Gold/Silver
  94. The Story of Roger a.k.a. Dunneyman
  95. pics
  96. For the skeptics, a simple explanation.
  97. How do we "stuff-it-to-the-banks" the next time there is a major short sell?
  98. Taking care of the renegades (you) through MASSIVE taxation.
  100. 100 oz of paper gold vs 1 oz physical
  101. Pay your taxes in silver in Idaho!! A sign of the times?
  102. How to spot the new counter"fiat" money
  103. Take Your Own Marker With You
  104. Golden Times at Royal Canadian Mint
  105. RE: "stuff to the banks!"
  106. BullionVault: Porter Stansberry Thinks Our Money System is About to Collapse
  107. Is the U.S. Gold Stock Really There?
  108. California Liberals building house of straw: literally
  109. Gold - The Real Shape of Chinese Gold Demand
  110. Do you all have food storage?
  111. There's No Gold Manipulation? What Rock This Guy Has Been Living Under? Part 1
  112. Commercial Bankruptcy's Rose 52% in 2009
  113. What was the point of the Federal Reserve System? To give central banks cheap gold?
  114. James Turk take on silver
  115. More economic nonsense in the news today
  116. Silver and the economy
  117. Silver Spike?
  118. What the heck is silver price doing today? Bouncing around like a mad dog!
  119. silver and the economy
  120. Silver Sentiment
  121. Paper gold vs physical 100:1, paper silver vs physical.... drum beats, please.....
  122. April Fools....
  123. Gold and Silver Equal Future Purchasing Power
  124. University of Texas Recalling Students From Mexico
  125. The Fedís Last Hurrah By Peter Schiff
  126. Stellaconcepts talks about the coming silver breakout and Good Friday oscillations.
  127. You guys are going to LOVE this: Mike Maloney - The 2nd Phase of the Gold and Silver
  128. Silver investor figures out an economical way to refill inkjet cartridges.
  129. Great article: "CFTC: Obey Your Plaque!"
  130. honest money-expose the frauds
  131. Dare I ask; what about silver during an economic recovery?
  132. What do you guys make of this article: "The Economist: Time to Rebalance"
  133. FM bars liquidity
  134. Short Beer Steins + Naked Morgans > silver high as a kite on Monday
  135. Something Brewing in Silver?
  136. King World News interviews John Williams of shadow stats
  137. Census Video
  138. What is the 'Spot Price' of Gold and Silver And How Is It Set?
  139. Max Keiser: Excellent Report Of Markets
  140. Unemployment Rates and Duration of Unemployment
  141. U.S. Decline, Sloth Look a Lot Like End of Rome: Mark Fisher
  142. What about investing in mining companies?
  143. Fun things to do with gold.
  144. Bill Murphy interviewed by The Daily Bell
  145. National Inflation Association video collection
  146. Coming Short Disaster
  147. Silverfuturist talks about owning metals
  148. Silver boom coming
  149. The #1 Reason Most Americans Donít Own Gold and Silver
  150. Interesting article on mining stocks: set for a major come-back.
  151. Grins and Giggles...G/S parity in 2010...web-bot.
  152. This Guy is Getting Ready for Some Serious Silver
  153. IMHO shorting PMs is positive
  154. $18 is like an electric fence
  155. Oil Nearing $87
  156. USD$/CDN$ parity coming soon!
  157. John Licata: Gold Stands Its Ground
  158. USDX is at 81 and silver is at 18! HAHAHHA!
  159. Who Is the Worst Currency Manipulator? Ouch!
  160. Explaining TRUE economics to an elitist PhD relative: Explaining the Boom/Bust cycles
  161. Billiards, Iowa, Meditation & Gas Price & Wtf??
  162. Search Web Commodity Online Will fraud lift gold prices to $10,000/ounce?
  163. $1200 Gold coming soon? You Betcha!!
  164. $100/oz is an absolute no-brainer: Maloney
  165. Silver for cheapskates
  166. Lithium & potash stocks
  167. $150 oil & $4 + Gas Coming This Summer
  168. CFTC Hearing Comments From Market Skeptics Website
  169. JP Morgan's Last Stand...
  170. Mike Maloney - Death of the Dollar - Manipulation is a spring
  171. CDN$ is about to break parity with USD$
  172. Greeks Scramble To Pull Out Ä8 Billion From Local Banks
  173. Explain why you sold Britain's gold, Gordon Brown told
  174. Want a really good reason to hold physical silver
  175. Hypothetical Question...
  176. I saw this coming
  177. Arizona governor does the "rights" thing
  178. Quo vadis Argentum?
  179. Minerals ownership to stay with the Crown
  180. You picked a fine time to lead us Barack!!
  181. There is a way to beat JPMorgan at their game
  182. Congratulations Jake!
  183. Boston was sold for Silver.
  184. 300,000,000oz of silver in the world?
  185. Gold and Silver separating from US Dollar
  186. Protect Your Wealth From Exploding Debt as States Implode
  187. Metals Market Manipulation Update
  188. How to use the Ignore button
  189. Wall Street Journal Hiding Andrew Maguire Revelation Of JP Morgan Chase Manipulations
  190. International travel carrying gold. Any restrictions?
  191. Now This Is Scary - Even FED Admits "Recovery" Could Lose Steam
  192. inflation.us new silver video
  193. What are your top 2 (or 3) things you like about silver?
  194. The IRS accepted your return. You should receive a directDeposit in about 8 to 15day
  195. This guy should be impeached immediately
  196. "You sir, Alan Greenspan, are the biggest failure of them all" - Peter Schiff video
  197. If I wanted to order several hundred thousand $ where would I do it from?
  198. MUST READ REPORT of Toronto Conference with JSinclair
  199. Good vid: "Patriots Are Being Outcasted By Family and Friends"
  200. Lehman chief warns of more big bank failures
  201. Second Massive Round Of Mortgage Defaults Has Arrived
  202. Breaking News: Harvey & Lenny Organ & Adrian Douglas: Drop Another Bombshell
  203. You may be a right wing extremist but
  204. A nice jump in the silver and gold price today.
  205. China Takes Another Step Toward Ridding Itself of the U.S. Dollar
  206. Conflicting stories on the 100:1. Now I'm confused.
  207. Paper Gold, Tungsten Bars, and Rising Treasury Yields
  208. Economic Cost Of Ruined Currencies
  209. Canada's Only Bullion Bank Practically Empty
  210. Hong Kong Recalls Gold Reserves From London
  211. Silver on eBay - A Buyer's Guide - April 2010
  212. Scoring 1921 Morgans on Ebay with free shipping
  213. silver manipulation
  214. Bloomberg: Goldman Says Commodities May Witness ĎViolent Price Spikesí
  215. Mighty America's 5 Stages of Rapid Decline
  216. Jobless recovery
  217. A friend of mine is trading her gold certificates at ScotiaBank for metal.
  218. Phase 2 Starts Today! - Gold & Silver Bull Market - Mike Maloney
  219. Gold and silver higher than ever relative dollar index and holding
  220. Master Q's final warning
  221. Did silver hit 18.30 for a nano second??
  222. Triple Digit Oil Will Kill Any Potential Recovery
  223. Greece Plunges Deeper Into Crisis
  224. If the economy is going to crash more why should we hold silver?
  225. Bigger Cracks Appearing In The U.S. Financial System
  226. Thinking about a sting operation...
  227. To the US Department of Justice!
  228. Trump. Why is he into real estate? YOUR FIRED!
  229. What are your top 3 sites you visit?
  230. Just sold my agriculture to by silver/gold mining
  231. Start of sydney trading 9/4/10 price movement
  232. Current seas
  233. First Official Complaint Filed to DOJ For Silver Manipulation
  234. Article: "A Trillion Here, A Trillion There....."
  235. We are getting close to 18.50!
  236. Thomas Jefferson quotes on paper money and precious metals.
  237. What's next for gold and silver
  238. It's Just Gold's Time
  239. United Socialist Sates of America (USSA)
  240. Wtf happened to the silver seek place
  241. Silver Sales Soaring - Casey Research
  242. Replacing John Paul Stevens: Can We Find The Right Marxist?
  243. California on the Brink
  244. Good Article
  245. Excellent Article on Why Silver is the Best Place To Put Your Money
  246. Best and Worst case Gold to Silver Ratio
  247. RE: If the economy is going to crash this is why you should hold more silver!!
  248. Taking the plunge
  249. What if someone made you a very tempting offer on....
  250. Plane Carrying Polish President, Wife & Scores Of Military And Government Leaders...