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  1. Volcker: Greatest Crisis is Collapse of Governance
  2. Questions and Doubts Surrounding the Silver ETF
  3. Hold on to your hat
  4. George soros doubles gold holdings lmao
  5. Interesting GATA interview
  6. Humor from my nephew in Oz
  7. The Onion? Legitimate news source?
  8. Time to be defensive
  9. Plugs Biden
  10. From JSinclair, about what hit the gold price this eve.
  11. IMF sells gold
  12. .999 vs. 90% during an industrial shortage?
  13. Deflation
  14. Obama Sets up Phony Deficit Reduction Panel
  15. Call me and Idiot or a GURU...
  16. New COMEX Rule: Another Reason to Fear ETFs WTF !!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Fed raises rates....
  18. Gold was up over $15 and then the US gov't took it down once again..
  19. Timing of IMF and FED is desperation
  20. Here's something for my fellow muthafuggas
  21. Credit markets flash hottest warning signal since crisis
  22. PM heads up
  23. No Surprise in Gold’s Big ‘Bounce’ ( MANIPULATION)
  24. now or later?
  25. Unemployment Chart Video
  26. IMF gold sale: how big the China slice?
  27. Recent Video About Economic Armageddon
  28. Greece crisis
  29. CHina threat
  30. I am asking for some data analysis by forum members
  31. Citigroup warns customers
  32. HUD seeks to cripple owner financing
  33. Interest on U.S. government debt, a brewing time bomb
  34. $16.49 silver up $.22 already tonight
  35. Andrew Schectman: Gold Driven By Manipulation, Supply Shortages
  36. Adrian Douglas: CFTC admits hiding info exposing market manipulation
  37. Deflation and loans myth.
  38. V-o-l-a-t-i-l-i-t-y
  39. RE: call me an idiot or a Guru
  40. Obama unveils revised $1 trillion health plan
  41. Vid on Gold Reserves Measured in $$ vs. Outstanding Our Monetary Base
  42. CNN Article quickly basing Ron Paul
  43. China Selling US Treasuries: May Find Replacement In Gold And Silver
  44. Commercial real estate losses start hitting home
  45. The Gold/silver Ratio: Phantasmal Or Faithful?
  46. it is about to hit the fan
  47. What does silver correlate with?
  48. Faber: Buy Farmland and Gold
  49. COMEX silver inventory
  50. First post...
  51. Recommendations...
  52. (Dealers excluded) Anyone who sells silver under $20 is desperate, insane, or stupid.
  53. Lunchables !!!!!!!!
  54. Over-Arching Sovereign Debt Crisis
  55. Large Avatars
  56. Financial forecast?
  57. Secret bankers meeting at Oz
  58. Latest From Bob Chapman
  59. World Currency What would that mean to gold/silver
  60. Whats Next After Silver?
  61. Government Stimulates Private Economy With Thin Air
  62. Mamma Mia !!! Read This !!!!!!!!!!! No Kidding !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  63. First Post: If "gold is the ultimate bubble" [~Soros] then what about silver?
  64. Silver and gold stronger than ever.
  65. China buys IMF gold
  66. March 2010 monthly SLV "Guru Trader" contest
  67. More Stagflation Talk
  68. Is this spam?: Warning! Next time we will have to complaint to your ISP.
  69. Cool Canuks
  70. A Bit Of Confusion On The China/IMF Gold Buy
  71. Volitility!
  72. Is SilverSeek Spamming Me?
  73. Silver and dollar fight!
  74. Search FT.com Friday Feb 26 2010 All times are London time Search News in the FT.com
  75. Gold, the IMF, and Dirty Jokes
  76. Silver and gold critics win hearing
  77. A Must Read. COMEX inventory alarming trend
  78. Head of IMF Proposes New Reserve Currency
  79. 2nd Stage of Silver Bull Market Began 25th Feb
  80. Legal tender....and taxes
  81. India Now Interested In IMF Gold Sale
  82. Mexican Peso
  83. How China Will Drive Silver to $250
  84. Cftc Fines Swiss On Position Limits ????
  85. CFTC to Hold Public Meeting to Examine Futures and Options Trading in the Metals Mark
  86. 2010 Forecast for Gold and the Dollar
  87. Bernanke delivers warning on US debt.
  88. You Need To Be Aware Of This....HAARP Story
  89. LA On The Brink of Abyss
  90. Latest From Bob Chapman
  91. Can retail silver buyers really affect price?
  92. Lindsey Williams' Buzz Words
  93. Getting Closer To Collapse
  94. I just heared this guy on the radio he sounds stright up
  95. More Jim Rogers
  96. California Greater Risk Than Greece JP Morgan Chief States
  97. National debt in pennies
  98. My new debit card
  99. CME Group Inc. will switch the procedure for settling Comex gold and silver futures
  100. On IMF's Gold 'Sale' - More Propaganda
  101. silver to Median Home prices
  102. English Pound Apparently Getting Ready To Plunge
  103. Gold line in the sand 1125
  104. Trying to bomb proof my savings
  105. This is a must read ...
  106. China: No Shortcut to Greatness
  107. Do you Believe? Tungsten Bars
  108. The Measuring Stick Illusion !!!!!!!!!!!!! ##########
  109. Gold and Silver Exciting
  110. Could down be where we are headed in the next 4 weeks?
  111. Gold and Silver are both going nuts!
  112. Silver Supply Crisis Looms
  113. Ahmadinejad Says Attack Will Come Spring/Summer 2010
  114. Illinois In Utter Crisis...Next To Bankruptcy
  115. Everything you ever needed to know about trading PMs but were afraid to ask!
  116. "All [metals] do is maintain buying power". True or False?
  117. Silverstudy: hypothesis on PMs in the coming years.
  118. Silver vs. Wheat/Oil/Food. Is silver MANIPULATED DOWN vis-a-vis food?
  119. Credit cards based on bullion
  120. JSinclair Greece and a new reserve currency/gold update
  121. SCOTUS and 2nd amendment
  122. Another Horrid Treasury Auction
  123. China tungsten
  124. Some meat for metals traders
  125. 50,000 tonnes of gold has been sold that does not exist
  126. My avy says it all!
  127. Where to find daily open interest?
  128. This is one of the biggest Wall Street frauds ever...
  129. How many metals "analysts" does this describe?
  130. Suze Blogs As Essie the Prepper
  131. Dollar Break down.
  132. Silver strides another golden thread
  133. Quick sell all your silver and buy stocks because jobless claims fell
  134. Bullion banks are at it again :(
  135. Guns confiscated in Mass
  136. What is your silver:gold ratio of metals you own?
  137. Are any of you trading the gold:silver ratio?
  138. The long term hidden dangers of publicly funded colleges etc
  139. "COMEX Gold and Silver Inventory Data Reveal an ALARMING Trend"
  140. 3/3/10 gold/silver chart analysis video
  141. [B]Largest Private Refinery Discovers Gold-Plated Tungsten Bar[/B]
  142. Do Central Banks have SILVER stockpiles? Why or why not?
  143. Gold and Silver price target
  144. Over the next 12 months, which will be King - CASH or PM?
  145. New Hong Kong vault for goldmoney.com.
  146. Good read
  147. Venezuela Central Bank To Increase Gold Purchases
  148. Coming soon: cardboard loonies.
  149. CFTC suppressing information that would expose precious metals market manipulation
  150. Love these 10 oz bars
  151. Liberty Dollars
  152. What is a Penny Worth? US Coins to be Debased Again
  153. Paul Martin Advocates Giving Up Canadian Sovereignty
  154. FWIW - Open & Sample Your SPAM!
  155. latest goldseek radio
  156. Saketa et-al Regarding Premium Form Posting Ability
  157. China still taking down gold
  158. Amazing---Hard to Disagree With This!
  159. If you wanted or needed to sell
  160. Was silverseek (and goldseek) down yesterday?
  161. Dollar to Gold Ratio
  162. Watch Out for JamesWilliams
  163. Are Traders Demanding U.S. Credit Default Sawps Payable In Gold??
  164. The world has 15 years of Silver reserves?
  165. A supremely dangerous situation now [email I sent to my parents]
  166. Us Economy Heading Toward Total Disintegration
  167. Panic Buying
  168. Come on, hold up your hand
  169. Jake
  170. Federal Budget Deficit Sets Record In February
  171. Latest From Jim Willy...It Ain't Good
  172. silver /gold
  173. US Government wants national ID cards for every American. Papers please......
  174. Half of Kansas City's Schools To Close By Fall
  175. Italy Faces Derivatives Time Bomb
  176. New York Fire Department May Close 62 Fire Departments And Ax 1000 Firefighters
  177. Kudow Speaks The Truth
  178. Video: Gordon Brown Calls For A World Constitution
  179. Government Economic Propaganda Machine In Full Effect
  180. Dollar Just Slipped Back Below 80
  181. Inflation, Gold, Fighter jets and reality
  182. Wanna hear something ironic?
  183. Bankruptcy Only A Matter Of Time
  184. Silver premiums are not high; paper silver is low.
  185. New ETFs: Bullion Equivalent or Metal Facade?
  186. "Leave Yuan To Us" China Tells Obama...
  187. Soros, Goldman, Hedge Funds Attack Greece, Euro
  188. Top gold trader Graham Birch quits to run UK dairy farm
  189. Paper Gold Market Going To Explode
  190. Social Security To Start Cashing Uncle Sam's IOU's
  191. Bullion Banks Go Short On Another 24,000,000 oz. Of Silver
  192. Now that the air is clearer..on to next week!
  193. This down trend is ending
  194. CFTC invites GATA to speak at March 25 hearing on metals trading
  195. Now I have heard every thing
  196. The Insanity of MarketWatch Report
  197. Marc Faber "We're All Doomed."
  198. USA & England Move Substantially Closer To Losing AAA Rating
  199. Metrosexuals and other scary evidence of evolution
  200. MasterQ's kinfolks
  201. The Search for the Guggenheim Treasure
  202. China Trims Holdings Of U.S. Debt
  203. Precious Metals ETF Set To Implode
  204. Silver supply crisis looms
  205. Moody's Fears Social Unrest As AAA States Implement Austerity Plans
  206. California To Lay Off 22,000 Teachers
  207. Idaho's Plan To Devalue The Dollar
  208. The answer to, "How Much Do I Need?"
  209. Tired of the Naysayers
  210. Senate Stimulus Bill gives half $Billion for the cleanup of MINES.
  211. SLV trading at a PREMIUM...Higher Silver Prices Soon?
  212. Questions from a PM broker
  213. SLV vs. SIVR
  214. Silver and the economy
  215. smokeless cigarettes
  216. 50/50 Bullion/mining stocks - too risky?
  217. G-Bay..."can we get a bidder"?
  218. THE END of the US ECONOMY: But NEW AGE for SILVER
  219. Discount rate....
  220. silver leasing
  221. USA's Get Out of Jail Free
  222. It's Starting - Walgreens Not Taking New Medicaid Patients As Of April 16th
  223. In Dodd We Trust
  224. Are we still on the road to $5,000 gold?
  225. Finally an explanation for the gold that vanished from Fort Knox
  226. Selling silver is not an option but insolvency is
  227. China pushes its citizens to buy silver and gold 19/3/10
  228. USGS metals production charts
  229. Court Rules Fed Must Disclose Bank Bailout Records
  230. MAYBE OR MAYBE NOT Tired of the naysayers
  231. Biggest Silver Miner - Not Who You Think!
  232. Mexican Drug Wars Explode
  233. Silver Market Manipulation summary
  234. Americans: Cftc Meeting Your Chance: Ask Your Congressmen To Assist The Meeting!
  235. You heard it Here First: They Bribed Stupak and Healthcare Passes
  236. Silver and Gold starting off in the red after H.C. Bill passes
  238. Do you want big government to impose social justice or a smaller Washington presence?
  239. USA AAA Rating In Severe Danger
  240. Stat & Local Governments In Meltdown Mode
  241. Dollar Rising??
  242. Anyone remember H1N1? Where did it go?
  243. Obama Care makes pm's go DOWN?????
  244. THE Most Important Chart of the CENTURY
  245. "We've got these economic problems, but we're the United States"
  246. "unalienable rights" or "un-a-lien-able rights"?
  247. CFTC Hearing
  248. The more things change
  249. Straaange how EVERYTHING is up at this moment
  250. Fox News Poll: 78% Say Economy Could Collapse