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  1. Socreds and monetary policy
  2. Thoughts on PMs in 2010 and beyond
  3. How much silver/gold ever mined video.
  4. Eye Of The Storm - Casey Research
  5. Seven U.S. Banks Closed Friday - Total to 140 For 2009
  6. a deficit savings of more than $130 billion over 10 years! Yippee!!
  7. Dollar set to weaken according to China's central banker
  8. APMEX retards
  9. Any One Ass Deep In Snow Or Stuck In An Airport??
  10. The latest thing for scrap!
  11. Imagine
  12. Can this be the Week to a Happy New Year for SILVERINES !?
  13. How much per oz did you pay for the first oz of silver you bought?
  14. USD$ Index relation to PM's
  15. Debt Deflation
  16. Demand for some commodities drops as dollar rebounds
  17. This Forum has gone down hill lately.. Signing off.
  18. Keeping the Midas touch -FOLKS ARE STILL BUYING GOLD
  19. U.S. Dollar Breakout Means Gold Has a Lot Further to Fall
  20. Chinese Newspaper Says It's Getting Harder To Buy U.S. Treasuries
  21. 2010 Top Trends From Gerald Celente
  22. So lets talk about Silver & Gold tonight.....
  23. Dollar Safety
  24. Senate advances Health Care Bill 60 to 40 SCUM!!!
  25. The new meaning of $17.40
  26. Silver trading is stopped ?!
  27. S'up muthafuggas?
  28. Silver may continue to outshine gold's performance in 2010
  29. The beginning of the end of sideways action..
  30. Planets Have a Gravitational Pull on Precious Metals
  31. How to Spot a Fraudulent Psychic
  32. Just out: The National Inflation Assciation 2010 forecast (w/silver update).......
  33. Ted Butler Still On The Job
  34. The source of global warming has been identified and it is not man
  35. This board deteriorates whenever silver prices drop
  36. Local Government Issue #1
  37. The good news and the bad news
  38. Today was the Bottom for G & S
  39. Silver - Good Period to shake off Cry-babies and Whingers
  40. Shock & Awe
  41. Worst decade ever for stocks: best decade for PMs
  42. AGE or Krug...
  43. What would Adam Smith Say?
  44. Hello! The bond market got nailed today!!
  45. This reversal will be driven by gold prices
  46. Geithner say everything better this spring
  47. We are finally leveling out...
  48. When Stagflation Hits (Part 1 of 2)
  49. Fraudulent Gurus Can Ruin Your Whole Day
  50. The Seven Spiritual Keys to Becoming a Guru
  51. I've Found It!
  52. CFTC decision in December???
  53. Gold Manipulation, Debt Distress and the Cap and Trade Scam
  54. OK, We Get It!!!
  55. French bank SocGen calls for possible global collapse
  56. A "purfect" example of what is wrong with government today
  57. RV sales up when home foreclosures are up. Are you really surprised?
  58. TARP games
  59. Howard Clark On Msn-pms Cnbs Say Housing Is Betting Better
  60. Merry Christmas Everybody
  61. APMEX now has the 2010 ASE's on pre-sell by 1/31 (or so)......
  62. Arizone Governor Jan Brewer,"We Face A State Fiscal Crisis Of Unparalleled Dimension"
  63. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer,"We Face A State Fiscal Crisis Of Unparalleled Dimension"
  64. Merry Christmas Muthafuggas!
  65. Why are PMs moving?
  66. Silver is epicentre of new world order
  67. PLEASE READ! Obama orders 1 million solders stateside for expected civil war!
  68. Treasury Removes Caps For Fannie/Freddie Aid
  69. ShadowStats.com Interview
  70. Obama knows terrorism when he sees it
  71. Help kick Pelosi out of Congress: vote for John Dennis
  72. New England church to auction silver piece hand crafted by Paul Revere!!
  73. Peter Schiff
  74. Who is Janet Nalolitano really and why you should care
  75. Any one who cares...
  76. You muthafuggas have a Merry Christmas?
  77. Here they Are...Czars of the U.S.A.
  78. Canadians who listen to Nadler? A fool and his money!!
  79. $1600 gold and new highs for silver in 2010?
  80. Chinese Crash Within 3-4 Months?
  81. Seek & Ye Shall Find - 90% & 40% Coins
  82. Gold Clad Coins For Sale
  83. Everything you wanted to know about Silver and then some.........
  84. 9 Day should hold as support for this move..
  85. Gold fully accounted for at Royal Canadian Mint
  86. I Know This Isnt The Right Place
  87. our great friend david morgan new video 2010
  88. NIA Top 10 Predictions For 2010
  89. The next Gold bugs
  90. The shorts are at work today and yesterday
  91. By JUNE the Price of silver will be at (insert answer here)!
  92. Kudlow Talks Again
  93. How would anyone know if the Comex is lying too?
  94. Kunstler's Forecast for 2010
  95. One of these crazy old nights
  96. Time to back up the truck!!
  97. This is why silver keeps dropping!
  98. What is most likely?
  99. Is it time to buy stock in GE? You betcha!!
  100. Bottom Line: gold to $2300
  101. My Milestone
  102. Buds Gun Shop 2nd Amendment coins will soon be gone
  103. Must Hear Interivew with Zapata George
  104. Silver And Inflation ( If There Really Was Any Inflation)
  105. Happy New Year U Mommahunchers
  106. JP Morgan/Goldman Sachs In Deep For Trillions of Derivitives
  107. Chinese Company Tells Goldman Sachs NO - Refuses To Pay $80 Million Derivative Loss!!
  108. Save the best news for after 5 why don't cha: GMACs new bailout
  109. Correctional price?
  110. Peter Schiff on why things will not really be getting better next year
  111. Off topic but important to libertarians
  112. Could we actually dig ourselves out of debt?
  113. Latest From Bob Chapman
  114. Fort Tungsten Audit
  115. 2007 Australian KOOKABURRA'S
  116. What to look for starting Monday Morning 01/04/09
  117. Rare earth elements: the devil you know
  118. 2010 Will Be Worse Than 2009 - The American Thinker
  119. Viet Nam To Put An End To Gold Trading???
  120. Another liberal comes to his senses
  121. Here is the new tax increase for 2010
  122. When Greed & Theft were Legalized
  123. 2010 Debt Rollover
  124. The Aggie Award for The Top 15 Gloomiest Economic Articles to Date...........
  125. Roll Over Rover and a few other tricks you may want to teach an old dog
  126. A "TIPS" for the savvy investor
  127. Gold is cheaper than ever says Faber
  128. Ron Paul is ready for prime time!!
  129. Gold Rises 2% As Dollar Weakens...
  130. Gold/Silver Set To Explode With Treasury Issuance in 2010
  131. Low Hanging Fruit is Gone
  132. 1-4-10 @ 11am: Silver up 4% @ $17.55
  133. The $250.00 Oil Change
  134. James Turk Says Gold To Hit $2,000 in 2010
  135. Robert Rubin: "All Hell Could Break lose."
  136. Gold never was missing at RCM
  137. Current Gold Correction Explained
  138. Could The Federal Reserve Eventually Become Irrelevant?
  139. Why do liberals insist that guns must lead to violence and racism?
  140. We made history in 2009
  141. The U.S. And China - One Side Winning One Side Losing
  142. Imf Gold
  143. U.S. Treasuries Post Worst Performance Among Sovereign Markets
  144. Is the US Goverment Preparing the Lifeboats for the Next Financial Disaster?
  145. The "turn" is in...
  146. The Meaning of Life in 13 Words
  147. Gold Bulls 2010 Game Plan
  148. Grim Economic Predictions For What May Be A Tipping Point Year In 2010
  149. Maybe it is time Obama consulted with us?
  150. Gold Scams Shortchange Investors
  151. Ted Butler: JPMorgan's Silver Price Management Scheme Will End In 2010
  152. The United States of America - An American Tradjedy
  153. Xerox Silver Ink
  154. Proposed New Regulations will prevent Money Market Redemptions
  155. It's Only Going To Get Worse
  156. Gold Bulls' 2010 GamePlan
  157. Profit taking
  158. Dodd announces retirement bolsters Schiff's chances
  159. IMF sees global economic recovery but urges more public spending! Huh?
  160. Back in the black, baby!
  161. Silver May Rise As Hot Commodity
  162. The next "unexpected" shoe to drop
  163. The "cross" is in and it is taking no prisoners!
  164. As predicted gold has decoupled from the dollar index
  165. International Forecaster January 2010 (#2) - Gold, Silver, Economy + More
  166. Talking Over Peter Schiff at CNBS
  167. Gerald Celente Predictions for 2010
  168. Julius Baer plans launch of new precious metals ETPs
  169. Most Serious Bob Chapman Internationl Forecaster Yet
  170. Help
  171. CFTC says commods position limits a way off
  172. again, please help
  173. Venezuela Stagflation Persists
  174. On Interest Rate Cycles and its Implications on The United States
  175. This oughta help unemployment
  176. The dollars value is unreal!!!
  177. Who do you listen to?
  178. walking liberty halves
  179. Geithner caught out, again!
  180. Higher interest rates are a comin' so brace yourself
  181. SCANDALE GOLD - 1999 to 2009
  182. Government Jobs Data BS!!
  183. I hereby accuse the....
  184. Next week Treasury auctions - effect to PMs
  185. USGovt takeover of 401k and IRAs
  186. Silver Appropriation by Governments
  187. The Global Electronics Industry Will Fuel Silver Prices Higher
  188. HSBC Says "Get Your Gold the Hell Outta Here!
  189. Week in review 1/08/10
  190. Disappointment
  191. One More Nail in the Coffin of the Gold Bears
  192. There is a bottom to every market
  193. There is a bottom to every market
  194. Barisheff offers very bullish gold forecast
  195. Who is Long John Silver?
  196. The language of love: discussing the US economy in terms lay people cannot understand
  197. Kat, Akak?
  198. Storing Silver
  199. Goldstar Advise
  200. Liberal healthcare reform will cost you not save you money!!!
  201. IMF saves a national debt of 200% of GDP is not a problem
  202. Lawsuit Against Federal Reserve
  203. Second Tsunami Mortgage Defaults Set To Start In 2010
  204. U.S. Slaps Tariff on China; Gold Price Jumps
  205. Gold Futures Jump by $24 An Ounce
  206. a Global Economic Avalanche That No Bailout Can Stop
  207. Worldwide Chicken
  208. Venezuelan Bolivar a SIGN of things to come for the Dollar?
  209. Rockabuy baby when the dollar falls up will go the PMs silver and all
  210. Silver leadin the pack, again!
  211. America Slides Deeper Into Depression As Wall Street Revels
  212. Are you stimulated enough yet?
  213. The Slippery Slope Steepens - MUST READ!
  214. Ted B's Laatest And Greatest
  215. Treasury To Force 401-k And IRA Savings Into Treasury Bonds
  216. The big money will be made here................
  217. I like This Vid
  218. Scott Brown (R, MA-SEN candidate) moneybomb today.
  219. Tungsten?
  220. Eerily quiet?
  221. Buried treasuries
  222. Gee...none of us saw this coming ;)
  223. Dollar has hit bottom, China says.
  224. sell silver?
  225. silver in 2010! (A must read)
  226. How to credit for work your did not do 101
  227. New member
  228. Federal Pension vs State Pension vs Social Security
  229. Me no comprende! Why is it going down?
  230. Breaking News - Obama Signs Martial Law Executive Order
  231. BullionMaster's notes and analysis on silver
  232. silver and the dollar
  233. and now the market wire news.......
  234. Bearish fundamental
  235. Bullish Comments for Silver:Gary Gensler CFTC
  236. Atilla ...
  237. Chavez devaues Bolivar by 50 percent!!
  238. Economy Has 6 Months To Live
  239. New Counterfeit Gold Analysis Tool Recommended by J. Sinclair
  240. Soybeans And Silver
  241. Hello, New Member Here.
  242. Bashers
  243. IRA & 401k Theft Plotted by US Government
  244. How about a monthly contest for forum members.
  245. Silver in abundance!!!!
  246. Gensler: CFTC Will Examine Trading Limits On Metals In March
  247. Latest Vid On Economic Collapse in 2010
  248. Best bet for online trading silver?
  249. 18.40 - 18.60 range broken
  250. Usa Will Not Repay $1 Trillion Debt To China