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  1. Interesting--Retail outlook Up--Santa Claus Stock Market Rally?
  2. My Participation has Ended Here
  3. Fed Audit Shield Takes Blow After Ron Paul Proposal Advances...
  4. Zero Hedge: T-Bill Yields Turn Negative: Possible market crash ahead?
  5. The Day the Dollar Died
  6. Testing PM's
  7. My Participation has JUST BEGUN
  8. Massive fake gold scandal and gathering perfect storm...
  9. pretty good jump in ASIA am
  10. For What It Is Worth
  11. Precious Metals / Agriculture / Base Metals - Which will outperform the rest?
  12. New Goldbugs Making Gold Investments Go Mainstream - MarketWatch
  13. All Gold & Silver Physical & ETF's On "Buy" Signals...
  14. Options Expiration Day - Place your Bets
  15. Relative performance
  16. Options expired, now what?
  17. The FRN$ is now 100% backed by US Housing Debt
  18. Pms --nbc Loves Silver And Hates The Dollar
  19. Anyone competing with Cash-4-Gold?
  20. American Headed Toward Zombieism
  21. Xmas Toy From Hell - Give Silver Instead. PLEASE!
  22. Red Alert: The Second Wave of The Financial Tsunami
  23. My Hypothesis...
  24. Kruggerrands run out!
  25. Gold Mount St. Helens About To Explode...
  26. As of now, new 52 week intraday low on the $DXY
  27. Skullduggery in Precious Metals
  28. Stage 1 Of The Dollar's Collapse....
  29. The Federal Reserve Audit Silver Lining
  30. India Plans To Buy More Gold From Imf...
  31. Stock Exhange Floor Hub-bub
  32. What Would You Do???
  33. You know what we should do?
  34. Some Ramblings
  35. U.S. Mint has sold out of SAE'S GAE'S
  36. Gold=$1191 & Silver=$18.82!
  37. I must sell SOME silver soon, need advice!
  38. China Will Flood Gold Market...
  39. Gold, $, and the Economy
  40. Thanksgiving action
  41. Bullion Bars work 20% harder
  42. "Lesser Silver"
  43. Dubai
  44. Craigslist
  45. Sea Gulls In Indiana
  46. early morning coffee and silver rush
  47. OMFG. Silver down -5%!!!!
  48. Gold and Silver Correction
  49. Difference between Silver and Paper Silver
  50. Today is a key inflection point.
  51. No need to freak out over the market yet.
  52. JSinclair: The Essence Of Dubai’s Request For Debt Payment Delay
  53. A very Productive Thanksgiving for silver
  54. Dollar Death Scenario...
  55. APMEX sold out of ASE's
  56. Silver Commercial on TV
  57. Gold rush forces US to clip Eagle sales
  58. Roger Wiegand: $2,960 Gold on the Horizon?
  59. A Special Thread About Ignoring Duney
  60. The Daily Reckoning
  61. Silver scenarios & WWW III
  62. Buying Silver in Britain
  63. The market and PMs
  64. Why are all the LBME silver forward lease rates exactly the same?
  65. NWO instead of SHTF
  66. Obama Warns of U.S. Public Debt
  67. Silver is not lagging Gold
  68. Part 5 of The Day The Dollar Died Released
  69. Well, two downdrafts already tonight.
  70. Silver Explosive to take out $21.00
  71. had to sell some Ag
  72. Neglect May Turn Dollar From Safe Haven to Dangerous...
  73. U.S. Dollar Set To Surprise by Falling to Test All Time Low
  74. Run On The U.S. Dollar Soon
  75. James Turk: The Federal Reserve Becomes the ‘Buyer of Last Resort’
  76. Manipulation by banks of Platinum, palladium, and silver n gold. Foreign currencies 2
  77. Recent short term action has been bullish for the Gold
  78. Gold and Silver Prices Can Be Predicted if You Use Enough TA
  79. Since Kat isn't here
  80. Ted Butler was right on about the ETF SLV
  81. London Trader challenges CFTC
  82. How to calculate a breakout
  83. Silver ETF Holdings Reach Record 453 Million Ounces
  84. Gold almost $1200; Silver almost $19!!!
  85. What does $2000.00 gold mean for Silver
  86. Here comes the melt up in Silver
  87. Bullion Banks are now short 50% of world's silver production!!
  88. Silver and the DOW
  89. Dollar Falls Further After ISM Home Sales Data
  90. Here comes $19.00 and a short covering rally
  91. Breakout of Epic proportions
  92. Measuring Breakouts Using Radioactivity
  93. How to invest in the precious metals market
  94. Silver and Gold for Christmas
  95. GATA's Bill Murphy: "We are in the midst of a commercial signal failure"
  96. Hi
  97. I'm not going to be able to sleep
  98. Where In The World Is Ted Butler??
  99. silver
  100. The eBay Market .. anyone watching?
  101. Experiment IV in Position Trading
  102. Gold and Silver
  103. Year end projections have been reached
  104. Gold and Silver Thoughts
  105. want to get in to silver
  106. PreciousBids.com
  107. Gold Bubble revisted
  108. JP Morgan Derivatives Scare Silver Related
  109. silver is still creepin
  110. No Sleep for the Wicked
  111. Casino royale (the big banks)
  112. Serial Numbers...
  113. Trade 10oz Gold??
  114. Geez, I'm almost afraid to look at this report.........
  115. Worrisome Sign: APMEX out of almost everything!
  116. Thank god for Pullbacks
  117. Something Troubling
  118. Yet another Midweek manipulation
  119. Q pulls the trigger
  120. Market collapse?
  121. Help! Where to Buy Silver In UK??
  122. 99% daily volume reduction in gold contracts?
  123. I Love These Silver Rounds
  124. This just in....
  125. China denounces U.S. banks for 'evil intent' with derivatives
  126. The FDIC Reserve Is Gone
  127. Gold’s Momentum Breaks as Chinese Central Bank Governor Implies Commodity a “Bubble”
  128. Cool interactive graphics gold chart
  129. Dont worry about Silver
  130. Either I'm Getting Bigger Or Everything Is Shrinking
  131. A Question Regard the Availability of Silver and Gold
  132. Equities vs silver
  133. Jim Rogers and silver.............................
  134. Gold and Silver targets
  135. Wrong Wrong Wrong
  136. Apple Iphone Gold & Silver Market App
  137. Should I
  138. Cripes! GDX & GDXJ down -7%!
  139. This Pull Back May Not Last Long
  140. Why silver and gold are NOT in a bubble
  141. Temporary Dip Folks....Bernanke Smoke & Mirrors
  142. Why Apmex Premiums so
  143. Interesting Prediction, If you like that kind of thing.
  144. SAE Premiums Question
  145. Nadler fled Communist Romania with clothes and gold?
  146. Gold Blow Off Rally in for Rough Sailing Ahead
  147. A Deeper Look Behind The Jobless Numbers
  148. Common sense and the future
  149. A very interesting article on PM's and deflation........................
  150. Mutual fund managers buying gold? You betcha!!
  151. How Deep will the Gold Correction Be?
  152. This Stock Market is on Less Footing than in 2007
  153. SSRI, Silver Standard Resources -Chart
  154. BING Cashback
  155. Bar buying advice
  156. Support at $18.00?
  157. 1st Public Prediction on Silver
  158. Letter to the CFTC
  159. Stock Market and Gold Crash, Are We About to Repeat 2008?
  160. USDX up, why?
  161. Gold and Silver Bottom In?
  162. GoldStar IRA
  163. Kudlow Says Dollar Is King
  164. Gold Minor Pullback or a Major Correction?
  165. Interesting...
  166. New article on the dollar and silver fight!
  167. London Calling
  168. Buy silver now on this setback
  169. 9 has crossed 18 day Sideways Action Expected!
  170. Silver and the dollar fight! new article
  171. China and the banksters
  172. We have broken through support
  173. Silverseek vs. Kitco difference
  174. Dollar rally over, silver gold correction over
  175. We Are So Screwed !!!!!!!!
  176. The Dubai Financial Nuke
  177. Warning, The Stock Market Is Extremely Overvalued Right Now
  178. Where's the beef?
  179. Soros proposes using $100 billion in IMF gold reserves to fund Green agenda
  180. I am out of here.
  181. Dems to raise Debt Ceiling - 1.8 Trill.
  182. People That Pay Taxes
  183. This Cat Is Back & Pissed Off
  184. If this is a reversal what would it look like and how would we know?
  185. Beatings will Contiue until Morale Improves
  186. Silver news: where has all the silver gone?
  187. Silver-Zinc Batteries to Replace Lithium ion?
  188. Tiger woods
  189. Perfect Storm
  190. Audit Fed Goes Ahead!!!!
  191. An Article on Predicting Gold Prices
  192. NIA Declares Silver Best Investment For Next Decade
  193. More Gold Buying From The Russians
  194. Goldman Sachs Accused Of Creating Current Mexican Economic Crisis
  195. How does the money the government prints get into the system?
  196. 7 Fundamental Reasons why Gold will Double
  197. Samsung preps 'antibacterial' netbook
  198. T'was the night before Christmas
  199. A most unhappy man: hindsight is always 20/20
  200. The MACD is not converging
  201. where too next for silver prices ??
  202. A fool and his money
  203. FYI liberals who love the UN: chew on this!!
  204. "Collapse"
  205. Irish MP loses his cool over state of the economy
  206. L. Kudlow Speaks
  207. Inverstment Devesafication
  208. 1881 gold coin found in Conn. donation kettle
  209. Gold (and plausibly silver) and what happened in Zimbabwe.......
  210. Comex Disbanded---Do We Loose
  211. Greece
  212. Sound familiar?
  213. Latest From Peter Schiff...
  214. Article From Shadow Stats
  215. Shadowstats' John Williams: Prepare For The Hyperinflationary Great Depression
  216. I am Related to Buffet too
  217. FED meeting this week...
  218. USD re-valuation
  219. Huge moral victory for silver!
  220. Gold Correction Targeting and Inter-market Dynamics
  221. Ladies and Gentle men; buckle your seatbelts!
  222. The banks are all better, "not"
  223. Bloomberg - Bank Buys a Sell Signal?
  224. Bernanke - TIME Person of the Year
  225. Cell Phone Numbers Go Public Again
  226. Silver up today. All looks good.
  227. Paper trails
  228. Gulf-Petro Powers To Launch Own Currency In Latest Threat To Dollar
  229. Whatever you do, don't buy PM's from Ethiopia........................
  230. No public option: too bad liberals now you will all have to move to Canada!
  231. NTR Metals ?
  232. Obama warns of U.S. bankruptcy if Obamacare Not Passed
  233. As Good As Gold by John Browne
  234. Gold Beginning of the Current Cycle to $2,000
  235. Jim Rogers is a genius!
  236. 17.20 Bottom 17.40 support...
  237. The numbers do not lie: the recession is far from over
  238. COMEX Gold And Silver Margin Requirements Raised
  239. ROn Pauls HR4248
  240. The coming Debt Panic Only bipartisan action can avoid it.
  241. Gold just went below $1100.
  242. China's Dumping Of The Dollar Has Begun
  243. Ready to Sell
  244. Monex's Crystal Ball ??
  245. Chinese Central Banker Says Dollar Set To Weaken
  246. Audit The Fed, Then Abolish It
  247. State of Georgia accepts gold and silver as payment.......
  248. Democrats still want your steel too
  249. Iran Iraq Oil Tensions See Crude Prices Rise
  250. More Obama nonsense