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  1. An Overview Of The Fed's Intervention In Equity Markets Via The Primary Dealer Credit
  2. Gold Blast-Off Starts Friday?
  3. Latest From Jim Sinclair - Important Read
  4. Turkey To Use National Currencies In Trade With Iran & China
  5. SilverHawk is leaving the building
  6. Saudis drop WTI oil contract
  7. Gold to Rise to $2,000 Amid ‘Massive’ Inflation
  8. ccjoe is a FRAUD.
  9. Silver touched the support level and bounced back up
  10. George Washington would be ashamed if he knew his face was on the dollar bill.
  11. Better sell gold now! Maybe silver too.
  12. Gold Market Reaching The Breaking Point
  13. Latest From Jim Willie
  14. Saudis Don't Want Oil Price Set In U.S. Anymore
  15. Some Of What J Willie Said !! Yowzer !!!!
  16. Sting says Obama sent from God: he is divine answer to world's problems
  17. Market Cheers Over Ugly GDP Report
  18. Stimulus saves 650000 jobs
  19. Gold: Cause For Alarm
  20. silver -2010 Harry Dent is right!
  21. In Case Nobody's Noticing The Stock Market Is Crashing A Wee Bit Today
  22. Wilbur Ross Sees Huge Commercial Real Estate Crash Coming
  23. What are the gold and silver sellers doing with their profits
  24. CIT To File Bankruptcy On Sunday
  25. Jim Sinclair On CIT Bankruptcy
  26. 9 More U.S. Banks Fail; $2.5 Billion Hit For FDIC Fund
  27. Schiff report touches on resiliency of gold prices
  28. Fed Audit is "Watered-Down"
  29. China taps huge copper reserves in Afghanistan
  30. Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad) Loves Silver
  31. A silver dealers thoughts on doctors versus guns
  32. Bob Chapman On Coming Commercial Real Estate Crash
  33. China Will Flood Gold Market Demand
  34. Sobering Article From MarketWatch
  35. Catching Argentinian Disease HYPER--INFLATION
  36. "converting" 100oz bars to 1oz rounds
  37. CIT Goes Bankrupt
  38. Here's a good rant
  39. CIT To Carpet Bomb Middle American Business
  40. Gold and silver today
  41. BTW MQ gold and silver did close higher for the October as I predicted
  42. Gold May Touch $4,000 During This Bull Run
  43. We Know They Won't Change Rates--But What Will They Say?
  44. Geithner Inadvertently Signals Gold Going Much Higher, What to Buy Now
  45. Just out: IMF sells 200 tons of gold to India Mon.(Not China!)
  46. IMF Sells Gold To India - First Sale In 9 Nears
  47. The MOTHER of all glitches!
  48. Midday ET Stocks down, dollar up, gold up, silver up
  49. Q+A - Why is India buying IMF gold?
  50. Silver set to Soar as it did in the 1970’s
  51. Peter schiff and Lindsay Williams
  52. Jim Sinclair's Mineset
  53. This Explains Today's Spike - India's IMF Buy
  54. Gold Breaches New Record Above $1,084/oz.
  55. calling TED BUTLER
  56. Dollar Reality From Max Keiser
  57. Auto Industry signals recovery?
  58. London Sees Changes In Gold Market
  59. On 11/2, John (stellaconcepts) called the gold & USD rise today!
  60. Jim Rogers Prefers Silver Over Gold
  61. India Buys 200 Tons Of IMF Gold - Barrick and JP Morgan Run For The Exits
  62. If Gold is part of a new reserve currency...
  63. Why gold did not rally tonight
  64. Bernanke wants you to spend more money you don't have
  65. VERY Encouraging Quote On India's IMF Gold Purchase
  66. I Think We've Increased Our Altitude Folks
  67. Silver Rollover
  68. PM spike impact on JP Morgan
  69. Another rally in New York?
  70. Carly Fiorina to run for U.S. Senate in 2010
  71. Come on 1100 gold and 18 silver!
  72. something's up with Ebay?
  73. After India, China may buy IMF gold
  74. FED anouncement 20 mins and counting...
  75. standing your ground!
  76. Peak Silver Happened in 2008?
  77. CNBS Reporting That "We May See That $1100 Mark in Gold Crossed Today
  78. Japan Spiraling Into Bankruptcy
  79. The Gold Starship
  80. Must read for Thanks Giving for the whole the family
  81. Peter Schiff and Ron Paul on Fox News
  82. Everything is all better cause we only lost 512,000 jobs last month
  83. The Government as landlord too? You betcha!!
  84. Calling Q
  85. $20 in 6 weeks ... I like this guy!!
  86. Weekly trading pattern emerging - Tuesdays'
  87. What Is India & China Doing That Malaysia Has Neglected To Do?
  88. Unemployment Hits 10.2%
  89. 1100 Dollar Gold
  90. Latest From Jim Willie
  91. Gold Tops $1,100/Silver Bouncing Sideways
  92. Dow Jones Top at 10300 in November 2009
  93. Silver waiting on Gold
  94. Why does Ted Butler have faith in Gary Gensler?
  95. Small bank in Ga. closed
  96. Ridicule
  97. Cot gold report.........It's another humdinger!!
  98. Gold Market Reaching The Breaking Point
  99. Gold On The Local News
  100. Freddie Mac Posts $5 Billion Loss
  101. Living in Fear
  102. It's official gold will be going up next week
  103. Idiots In The House Pass A Healthcare Bill The Country Cannot Afford.
  104. Just bought a 1 oz gold buffalo a 10 oz silver bar and some maples
  105. Sri Lanka Boosting Gold Reserves
  106. More Banks Shut Down.....Let's Pass Healthcare!!
  107. Royal Bank Of Scotland's Bad Debt Triples......Let's Pass Healthcare!
  108. Inflation Predictions?
  109. Central Banks Lead Subtle Shift Away From Dollar
  110. And now for a contrarian view on metals...
  111. Reserve Bank Of India May Have Sold U.S. Treasuries To Fund Gold Purchase
  112. Excess Silver Supply Preventing Higher Breakout (for now)
  113. I'm doing 'God's work' - Goldman Sachs boss
  114. Gold Touches $1,100 Before Easing Back
  115. Gold , SIlver and next year prices
  116. US dollar index data
  117. Gold Futures Climb To New Highs
  118. Jim Sinclair
  119. G20 Leaves Door Open For Fresh Pressure On Dollar
  120. Calling Dale
  121. IMF & G20 Pave Way For Further Dollar Weakness
  122. I know this isn't a gold site, but...
  123. Idiots who wont pay $50 an oz 4 gold must see
  124. Guess the Dow/Gold/Silver competition
  125. Google News: New Precious Metals Section
  126. If the US were to sell its Gold...
  127. A possible sharp pull back to $14.50???
  128. Silver Manipulation Graphically Proved
  129. Governor Paterson: New York Will Be Broke Before Christmas
  130. Dollar Index Reaches 15 Month Low on Massive Selling Pressure
  131. More Commercial Real Estate News
  132. Two Senators Won't Vote to Raise The Debt Ceiling
  133. Buckle in folks, were re-testing $18.00!
  134. Chilton sees decision in December on position limits
  135. Dollar to touch 74 and Silver to be well above 18 by November 21
  136. Where's Main1Event?
  137. Donate your silver to Uncle Sam!!!!
  138. Lindsay Williams prediction. Dollar worthless in 2 years. Gold n Silver to moon
  139. Whew! Tiny Tim: Tiptoe Through The Tulips With Me!
  140. October 25th?
  141. questions...
  142. What's up with silver?
  143. What did I tell you?
  144. Quite possibly the biggest moron in the world!!
  145. Barrick Shuts Hedge Books As World Gold Supply Runs Out
  146. Coin Shop Report
  147. hello everyone
  148. This little dollar rally is out of gas
  149. Stock Market Sell Off Tomorrow 11/12/09
  150. Silver to go supernova?
  151. John Corizine Rumored to Be Next CEO of BofA?
  152. Yet another reason to favor silver over gold
  153. WSJ..."World Tries To Buck Up Dollar" Now I'm really confused...
  154. Update on Fort Knox gold ...
  155. A lucky day for the Chinese;)
  156. Paraskevidekatriaphobia and the real value of gold and silver
  157. Silver dollar action today
  158. Market Thoughts Today ( Market Top? )
  159. Silver Miners leading
  160. Is silver's salvation upon us?
  161. Obama says we need to cut spending so we can borrow more money!!
  162. slow turning?
  163. Obama to use TARP funds to – what? – reduce the deficit?
  164. Excellent Article On Silver From MarketWatch!!
  165. Gold and Silver thoughts
  166. Music to my ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  167. Second Guessing the Market
  168. Peak gold and peak oil
  169. Ted Butler Silver out of the solar system!
  170. Is gold going get hammered next week?
  171. China arrests activists before Obama visit
  172. Ancona's Wife
  173. China quashes talk of letting yuan strengthen
  174. Does everyone here like profanity and insults?
  175. What me worry me Chinese and we have 1.3 billion people. We'll win!
  176. Commercial real estate problem getting media attention
  177. Anyone familiar with Jon Nadler?
  178. Comex Silver Stock Drops Another 1.2 Million Ounces
  179. Vietnam To Lift It's Import Ban On Gold
  180. Next week is setting up to be a doozie
  181. Anyone Seen This Counterfeit Gold Vid?
  182. Dear Leader is Popular in China!
  183. The Warning Bill Clinton Gave Me About Barack Obama
  184. Gold Just Hit 1125 Silver 17.58 in Asia
  185. I Believe This Explains Our Little Gold/Silver Spike This Evening....
  186. The flu
  187. The Dollar Is Headed For 74
  188. Most important news you will read in your life
  189. Dollar Pressured After China Official Warns Of Risks
  190. More nonsense coming from the lips of Obama
  191. 18 18 come on 18!!! Go 18!!
  192. Contrarian thread: you propose how US averts dollar crash
  193. Gold - First Upside Exhaustion Alert in 22 Months
  194. Silver to $25/oz in 2010? Silver-Zinc Electric cars?
  195. It is time to get out when your coin dealer wants to buy your stack
  196. Watch Out Now
  197. Silver Melting Up, Parabolic?
  198. Bank Shorts
  199. Shadow Stats inflation calculator
  200. Dollar Slips Against Major Rivals After Posted U.S. Data
  201. Msnbc Trows A Wet Blanket
  202. silver BROKE $18
  203. Russia's Central Bank Ready To Buy Up Gold From State Depository
  204. Obamunism is coming!!
  205. Deadly flu spreads across Ukraine
  206. News Flash! Gold will "continue to go up until it stops." -- Dennis Gartman
  207. Dollar Index Almost Retesting Lows At 74.89
  208. Am I the only one who does this, or do all of you do this?
  209. Currently Silver Is Up 99 Cents For The Day
  210. My prediction was correct. $16.10 held
  211. Is it worth checking the pre 1965 quarters?
  212. Is there logic?
  213. Legendary Investor Jim Rogers loves silver!
  214. According the national debt clock
  215. Dollar Falls, Sending Gold To Record Highs...
  216. Lets see what happens now
  217. Imf/gold
  218. Doing an Alf Field
  219. What to do with gold eagles today?
  220. New Meltdown On The Way/MarketWatch
  221. Trade across markets?
  222. Silver to hit new highs in 2010 due to industrial demand.
  223. Silver purchasing power
  224. Impressive Strength
  225. More Garbage From Bernanke.....
  226. China Will Plan To Let Yuan Move Higher....
  227. Got Gold Report: COMEX commercial shorts in retreat for silver
  228. Looks Like a Shiny Day for Silver
  229. Fake Gold Portends Silver Explosion
  230. PM Roth IRA
  231. Just Words---Just Speeches
  232. Phony Gold - View On Another Site
  233. Which Will Double First? Gold or Silver?
  234. U.S. Mint to Resume Selling Some Gold Coins
  235. Russia To Sell 30 Tonnes Of Gold To Central Bank...
  236. So exactly how many attempts at 74...
  237. Now a Good Time to Start Buying?
  238. Tiny Tim Rejects Call to Resign, Faults Republicans
  239. This mornings action. $20 oz by Dec 1.
  240. President Imposes Wage and Price Controls.
  241. Cap and Trade: A License Required for your Home
  242. ETF SLV on a RUN
  243. First of lindsay williams dvd predictions. Silver and gold is the elites money!
  244. Stock market Top
  245. CNBC: Dollar may rebound back over 76.
  246. Lindsay Williams DVD 2. Dollar down, gold n silver up
  247. Chase Bank Credit Card
  248. The Day The Dollar Died
  249. U.S. Gold Up Despite Dollar Rise; Sentiment Strong
  250. Frank Holmes, CEO of U.S. Global Investors, Tells MarketWatch Gold Going To $2,300...