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  1. Strong reasons to own Silver and Gold
  2. I don't get it
  3. The Thin Ass Hersey Bar
  4. Your Wish Has Come True
  5. States counting On Cheap Credit To Avoid Spending Cuts
  6. News from 1930
  7. Gold still tracking the dollar but silver is chasing the DOW
  8. Has anyone done the math?
  9. The Silver Shortage Will Come By: Israel Friedman
  10. What does Zoellick know that you don't
  11. Good Action Today
  12. Time to buy silver dollars?
  13. Another Lives On!
  14. Do They Still Sell Saving Bonds
  15. Where has Alf Field gone, long time passing!!
  16. These numbers don't add up
  17. silver and the dollar fight!
  18. SOMEONE IS SO SCREWED -- Systemic Failure Approaches
  19. Our Blockbust Video Is Going Out Of Bisiness
  20. Banks Have Us Flying Blind on Depth of Losses
  21. Chinese Revolution Celebration
  22. silver small spike up
  23. Pinheads or patriots?
  24. anyone work for a dealership? wondering if there selling
  25. All PMS up but silver?????????????
  26. Fiat or Gold Standard might be a Cartel win ..
  27. World Bank could run out of money 'within 12 months'
  28. Craig Pirrong: Argument For Position Limits
  29. Excellent Silver Update Website
  30. the SUPER BIG ONE IS COMIN''''
  31. Cot Gold.....Large Dip in Gold Shorts!
  32. Our Restaruant Pondarosa Is Out Of Business
  33. Alan Grayson slam dunks wimpering Fed Puppet
  34. Web Bot Update
  35. Will California Become America's First Failed State?
  36. Important Message About The Us$ Status As The New Carry Trade Currency
  37. If All This Is True-- The World Is So Screwed
  38. Its always a good sign.....
  39. Silver Price??
  40. Yahoo! Finance Silver Article
  41. More Alarming Information
  42. Where's Peter Schiff when you need him?
  43. Silver Going Up--dollar Going Down
  44. Further Demise Of The Dollar
  45. Can Theory & Jargon Destroy Your Net Worth?
  46. The demise of the dollar IT LOOK LIKE WE ARE ALL SHAGGED !!
  47. The Australian Dollar
  48. Well we now know WHEN the dollar is dead...
  49. Australia begins silver restrictions!
  50. "America and Britain Must Be Very Worried"
  51. Experiment III in Position Trading
  52. Cnbc Says Countries Moving Away From The Dollar
  53. dollar at 76?
  54. United Nations Calls For New Global Currency
  55. Cat's Out Of The Bag Folks
  56. Gold Breakout Soon
  57. Funny Yet Scary Story
  58. Demise Of The Dollar
  59. Austrailian Central Bank Increases Interest Rates
  60. China calls time on dollar hegemony
  61. Gold Price Prediction
  62. If, When The Public Starts Buying Silver
  63. Silver Is Headed Straight Up Again
  64. Investors Shun The Dollar
  65. Silver's Worth Is Constant
  66. Australia Raises Interest Rate To 3.25 Percent
  67. Dollar Falls After Australia Unexpectedly Raises Interest Rates
  68. stocks in for big fall very soon.
  69. Bingo---13 minutes to go and we hit the day's high 17.60!
  70. Congressman Paul and Grayson tell Dodd no to Bernake
  72. Silver Will Reach New Highs
  73. March 2008 When Silver Looked As If It Had Exploded
  74. Nadless Draws a Line in the Sand!
  75. What about JP Morgan?
  76. What will news coverage do to PMs prices?
  77. Cmbc Just Buy Gold & Silver 9:04 Am
  78. Well I never......
  79. Did India set-up a silver exchange?
  80. GOLD AND SILVER, why it could go up fast
  81. Trading Styles
  82. Commercials shorting at record pace!
  83. Okay so these guys are a little late but right on, just change silver to gold
  84. Silver flirts with $18, USD falls below 76
  85. Latest Gold Hat Trick Letter/Get Yourself Strapped IN!!
  86. Price of silver, set in 1477, now stands at $1,012 an ounce
  87. Chavez want silver for his oil!
  88. Gerald Celente On Dollar Demise
  89. Three Government Reports Point To Fiscal Doomsday
  90. Pullback.....
  91. Yes, We No Gold, No Gold To Sell
  92. My Avatar & Reward Offered
  93. Who's buying the idea that silver is now more rarer than gold?
  94. Greenspan: Serious Inflation Risk Ahead: our solution, tax the sheople more!!
  95. Yes there are vendors who will accept gold and silver coins
  96. Off to the races!
  97. SNL gets in on the action, gold all time high
  98. Lqqks As If " We Are So Screwed" Again !!
  99. Yet Another Dollar Demise Article
  100. Jim Sinclair Article - November Tipping Point For Dollar
  101. Gold Breakout Alert
  102. Gerald Celente - People Should Brace For Depression
  103. U.S. Bullion Banks Short 32+ Million Ounces Of Gold
  104. I Don't Think I Get It -- Silver Shorts
  105. The Resession Is Over !!!!!!!!!!
  106. Jim Rodgers "quite sure"
  107. Chronic Depression - THIS GUY DOES A GREAT JOB EXPLAINS A LOT
  108. What a real socialist sounds like: remind you of anyone
  109. Tonigh tonight will the dollar crash tonight
  110. JASPN HOMMEL on paper SILVER
  111. Silver bars are as hot as gold bars!
  112. Liquid Assets - Silver And What Else?
  113. The Super Dollar
  114. Gold Futures Back On The ove
  115. Sorry I meant Back On The Move
  116. Accelerated Deployment of Bunker Buster Bommbs
  117. CIT Nears Bankruptcy
  118. Gold Hits Record High $1064
  119. NY Post: Dollar loses reserve status to yen & euro
  120. silver IS AT $17.97
  121. silver hits 17.95
  122. US Dollar Crashes Through Major Support Level
  123. Dollar Loses Reserve Status To Yen & Euro!!
  124. Is anyone seeing this?
  125. Jon Nadler's latest BS
  126. Latest from Jim Sinclair
  127. Should I buy Silver NOW?
  128. India Getting Into The Silver Game
  129. Gold/Silver get a small haircut overnight
  130. THERE IS NO INFLATION Social Security makes it official: No COLA in 2010
  131. Sunshime Mining Co
  132. Panic in the bullion vaults!
  133. Speculators leave PMs to chase stocks?
  134. With all this study of silver the market...
  135. Bloomberg: Dollar To Drop To 50 Yen & Cease As Reserve
  136. Bungle in the jungle
  137. China Halts All Sales/Exports Of Gold
  138. BOA reports loses
  139. Big oil find in Alaska
  140. They always save the best news for after 5PM on Friday
  141. JPMorgan controlling silver market
  142. Gold Could Pass $3,000
  143. Drumbeats For The Dollar
  144. The Silver Short
  145. Ignorance Is Bliss/Peter Schiff
  146. Whatever...
  147. can some one tell me
  148. Trace Mayer: Fiat currency and central banking are barbarous relics
  149. Latest From Legendary Al Korelin
  150. The Banksters are now offering bribe money to settle in paper!!!
  151. The Value of a Silver Dollar
  152. Callng Aussie Land Blokes
  153. Ron Paul Warns Of Violence From Coming Dollar Crisis
  154. See if Asia can FINALLY take us to 18 overnight!
  155. CME To Allow Gold As Margin Requirement Collateral
  156. Things Going Wrong In The Gold Market
  157. Skepticism About Gold Reserves Spreading
  158. Gold at $2,000 Becomes Inflation-Adjusted Bullseye for 80 High
  159. Lindsey Williams about Gold and Silver
  160. Silver focus on silver
  161. Gold, Silver and Interest Rates
  162. Lindsay Williams! Returns! Urgent Info! Gold and Silver!
  163. Einhorn Bets On Major Currency 'Death Spiral'
  164. Euro zone wants a stronger dollar but they aren't going to get it
  165. Could this be true???
  166. Da Paperbugs
  167. Silver may outpace gold through mid-2010
  168. So what if silver breaks $18?
  169. CFTC's Chilton Suggests High Futures Position Limits 'At First'
  170. For all of you who complain about the gold/silver manipulation
  171. The colleges that employ all the Keynesian economists are raising tuition
  172. Latin America to drop Dollar!
  173. Collapse Is Inevitable
  174. Real audit the fed bills being threatened by placebo bill
  175. Check the dollar charts..whoa nelly!
  176. 1 out of 6 US americans lives in poverty
  177. Bob Chapman: GLD & SLV have no change in holdings in 9 days
  178. Gold's No-Confidence Vote on Obama
  179. Ed Zimmer: Silver Futures Show Markets Are Acting Strangely
  180. What are we really hoping for?
  181. Like Minds Want to Know .....
  182. Lindsey Williams on gcn right now
  183. Frontline Video: The Warning
  184. What will China do without "US"? How will they ever survive?
  185. Russia's Central Bank Buys 400,000 oz. Of Gold In September
  186. Gerald Celente - There Is No Economic Recovery, It's A Cover-Up
  187. Jobless claims
  188. We can still build a good Battleship!
  189. The Obama spin machine is hard at work today
  190. Old news
  191. Using "Democracy" to attack the second amendment
  192. Tom Coburn Bill Requires Congress Members to Sign Up For ObamaCare
  193. What Should I do ????
  194. Top Chinese Miners See Rising Gold Price Ahead
  195. Record gold prices could turn Indian buyers onto silver
  196. Max Keiser Vs mindless zombie!
  197. Nice Rally - 18 today
  198. Ted Butler: JPM increased short silver position by 28%!
  199. Peter Schiff 10/23: Get Out of The USDollar!
  200. Russia said planning to sell up to 50 tonnes of gold
  201. Interesting Article On Gold Futures
  202. China To Increase Gold Holdings
  203. They always save the bad news for after 5PM on Friday
  204. Road to Roota XXI - The Defining Moment --U GOT TO READ THIS !!!!!!!!!
  205. Bank Failures Hit 106 This Year!
  206. APMEX now uses JP Morgan as their bank
  207. Good debt?
  208. Emergency post please read
  209. OCT 25th WEBBOT IS HERE
  210. "Deflation" vs "Inflation" camps are one in the same
  211. Who Is Nanny Pelosi really?
  212. Silver bullion fund like Central Fund of Canada
  213. The Cot Report ---- Yikes !!!!!!!!!
  214. Sheila Bair's body language: are our FRN$ safe?
  215. Attacking the Chamber of Commerce? Really? Come on now!!
  216. Golden Star About To Be Born
  217. Latest From Jim Willie/Get Your Silver Seatbelts On Folks.
  218. If You Are Feeling Down -- Just Watch This
  219. Capmark Financial May File For Bankruptcy
  220. CBS: Swine Flu Cases Grossly Overestimated
  221. What A Bunch of CRAP!!!
  222. check the chart --dollar head for the basement
  223. Latest Credit Card Debacle
  224. Pension Funds To Start Buying Gold
  225. Next leg up poised to begin today
  226. Get Ready To Buy
  227. Dollar Rally?
  228. Dollar Rally?!? The Dollar???
  229. We Deserve A New Congress
  230. Great Peter Schiff blog today
  231. Silver Price: $20 in 2010?
  232. All Time Bearish Sentiment on the US Dollar
  233. Gold Set To Breakout In Multiple Currencies
  234. Day by Day
  235. JP morgan firmly in control of silver
  236. online dealers
  237. Interesting article about gold this week.
  238. U.S. official resigns over Afghan war
  239. Silver Daily Technical Outlook
  240. Gold Says "Governments Making a Mess", Investors See Higher Prices Ahead
  241. Very Interesting From Jim Sinclair/Please Read
  242. Show "me" the money Benny
  243. Xerox Claims Printable Electronics Breakthrough
  244. Inexorably Down!!!
  245. Still need to drop
  246. Silver Unmasked
  247. Sell all your gold and silver now and use the proceeds to buy FRNs
  248. Still think your Safe Deposit Box is safe?
  249. Repeat of last year?
  250. The Gold Market and the Price of Gold....nice article