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  1. Silver Plummets Investors Selling 9$
  2. Are you happy with 8% returns quarterly
  3. dow 1000
  4. Could SDR's become a threat to PM's! ??
  5. heavy action on the comex
  6. Are these premiums reasonable?
  7. Fed say it will have to monetize more debt
  8. Dubai silver ETF
  9. A generation of mediocre returns
  10. And you thought the banks were....
  11. You Gotta Read -- Realy
  12. The Financial Wizards and the Super Heroes disagree?
  13. Easter
  14. FINANCIAL MISCONDUCT: What is a liar's loan?
  15. Will Barclay selling IShares (SLV) change the silver market?
  16. It's party time !
  17. Shrink My Avatar
  18. What is Truth?'s Signature
  19. Thinking of Branching off into Gold
  20. Both Sides Now
  21. Silver, gold, copper, and cement blocks
  22. Duneyman Suggestion
  23. Dunnyman Nark For The Comex
  24. This forum depends on Duneyman it appears.
  25. Is copper a better short term investment than silver now?
  26. Copper: A long term opportunity in the making.
  27. Want Something To Worry About --read This
  28. You Will Love This
  29. Utahns turn to gold, silver coins in uncertain times
  30. When will the workable deposits run out?
  31. Fundamental economics
  32. The market for Buying/Selling Graded Silver Eagle Proofs
  33. Silver Price Future ?
  34. Lqqk At The Chart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Silver Blown It's Top
  35. What a DEAL! - your shameless BRAG!
  36. Doom and gloomers would love this site
  37. Goldman Sachs posts $1.8 billion profit
  38. Which to chose?
  39. From Crisis To Collapse
  40. Bond market
  41. Economic Weakness Supportive of Bond Prices
  42. Map of Tea Party Locations
  43. Larry Kudlow Has Lost His Mind Or Just Loves To Lie
  44. Inflation's Effect On Silver/gold Prices
  45. Why gold and silver ?
  46. Texas Governor supports state sovereignty!!
  47. To The Moon!! Ted - To The Moon!!!!!!!!
  48. New Bubbles Brewing in Shanghai and Wall Street
  49. Mechanics of Short Selling, Naked Short Selling and Synthetic Short Selling
  50. They Are Going To Take Your Gold Away From You By Force
  51. The Method to the Madness...or How Getting Pi__ed on will Pi__ you off!
  52. Obama is at it again...deliberately deceiving us.
  53. What I hate about all this tax day talk...
  54. Technical Charts to prove Silver Rocks
  55. Copper Gains in Longest Rally in 14 Months on Demand in China
  56. We Are Still Soooo Screwed
  57. Nosedive??
  58. Governor Perry talks secession
  59. Why Gold Sucks
  60. Alf Field has been spot on: do not sell your PMs
  61. "Gold and the impending market meltdown" - Interesting TA
  62. Our future: Japan, Iceland, Argentina? And what about silver?
  63. New Flash Hold On To Your Hat Ebay Shortage On Dimes & Quarters
  64. Below 12
  65. Way to go, silver
  66. Gold And Silver Radio Ad
  67. On June 21st. will silver be closer to $10 or $17?
  68. On June 21st will Gold be closer to $600 or $750
  69. The sneeky fed!!!
  70. For Luneyman....("way to go, copper...")
  71. time to get next mini bar
  72. Short the SLV?
  73. Interesting Read
  74. Silver verus inflation and inflation wins !
  75. FED buys TIPS... time for inflation and silver rise?
  76. Hold on to your britches
  77. bush and torture.
  78. Culture, Politics, and Silver
  79. NEWS FLASH: COMEX options cancelled!
  80. I knew it... Ron Paul is finally lumped in with treasonous talk via CNN
  81. GOLD! matt bors
  82. Zero Percent on Treasury Bills as China, Fed Converge
  83. Is China Using its US Dollar Reserves to Stockpile Metals?
  84. LA Times reports fraud in 20 bailout cases so far
  85. Read for your leisure
  86. Governments and Precious Metal Holdings -- Why?
  87. Is it all just a bunch of lies ?
  88. A letter to Duneyman
  89. This Is A Pro Silver Post ,i'm I At The Right Place???
  90. Gold price could hit $1,500
  91. Is silver the new gold? ANOTHER PRO SILVER POST
  92. Big bank profits are bogus! Massive public deception
  93. Department of Homeland Security Report
  94. Cup and handle not perfectly formed
  95. acting CFO of Freddie Mac found dead!!
  96. GDP to Debt ratio
  97. Why do you buy/own Silver?
  98. Silver Investment vs Gold Investment
  99. Fantasy Island
  100. Duneyman: GO TO HELL!
  101. THIS FORUM IS GOING DOWN: The duney/silverbug effect
  102. arch enemy the fed reserve....
  103. Link...
  104. I love Duneyman Thread
  105. our best interest...right!
  106. hi ho silver away
  107. silver jumped this morning
  108. Government on record threatening Bank of America to "seize" Merrill Lynch
  109. 10oz bar holder / AirTite type
  110. So long Big 3, guess which one will file for bankruptcy?
  111. Dollar and PM's
  112. Not your cuppa tea
  113. What IS a "Duneyman", anyway?
  114. What IS a "Duneyman", anyway?
  115. YOU are the problem!
  116. Armstrong report
  117. Gold to $3500
  118. That's Why I Buy Silver
  119. What will Chrysler do to silver?
  120. The Real Cost of Gold (and other assorted PMs)
  121. China admits to building up stockpile of gold
  122. Who cares how many helicopters are up there
  123. Silver Prediction
  124. TA question
  125. Silverseek is no more
  126. Gold to command greater share of Gulf investment portfolio
  127. The NR EYE: Gold exchange-traded funds attract investors
  128. Long Silver
  129. Fed Using Currency Swaps To Boost The Dollar
  130. Silver lets us down again
  131. A troll or just a truthseeeker
  132. silverseek betrayal by old members
  133. "Rumor 16 of 19 Banks to Fail Stress test "
  134. pretty much
  135. When??
  136. We & China Are S0000 Giga Screwed
  137. Audio
  138. The Traitors In Congress.....
  139. Silver Jump!!!
  140. live XAG charts on my desktop?
  141. pigs get the flu
  142. Gold and Silver holdings
  143. China Increasing Gold Reserves
  144. Swine Flue President?
  145. 90% or 99.9 fine? wich do you like better?
  146. What happened to the premium forum ?
  147. Tips on buying Silver (flea market, garage sales?
  148. How Bad IS A Flu Pandemic? Voice of Experience
  149. Gripe for the day.
  150. Found Silver, Anyone Else?
  151. Found Silver, Anyone Else?
  152. Latest GATA interviews
  153. Plane that flew near NYC
  154. Filling a Capital Hole MORE NOT SO GOOD NEW
  155. US Dollar in free fall
  156. Its a new Democrat World
  157. The wisdom of Jon Nadler
  158. Half the Population with Swine Flu? level 5 SHTF
  159. Remonitizing of PMs
  160. Request: Historical Charts Sources
  161. Armed Guards Posted Outside Banks
  162. Have A Gander At This-- And Hold On To Y0ur Ass
  163. radiation suits and Geiger Counters to safely measure the TOXICITY of Goldman’s book
  164. Reaction to the CPM Silver surplus announcement?
  165. Whassup? Eating With The Adults
  166. Gold, silver futures gain as dollar fall on U.S. GDP plunge
  167. How Gold Will Top $2,000 Per Ounce
  168. Gold Consolidation Nears End
  169. Cost of mining silver?
  170. This is starting to get real boring
  171. IS THIS TRUE??? help me i've fallen and i can't et up
  172. The Big Fracking Lie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  173. Rampant Ustreasury Fraud
  174. Cashland Wants My Jewlery --bastards
  175. Gold Going Much Higher - Sit Tight.
  176. Suggested reading from the duneyman
  177. Silver Is Up
  178. ETF noob needs help
  179. 13.00 bout time...
  180. Money To Buy Silver
  181. IMPORTANT! Perth Mint Update!
  182. Anyone notice the price difference?
  183. Big Money Moving Into Comex Gold & Silver Call Options
  184. Silvertowne Is Now Minting Silver
  185. What The Heck Did Ted B's Artice Say
  186. All Is Well On Nmsnbc
  187. Bigger Than Watergate?
  188. Insanity or Breakout?
  189. Financial pop round 2. Friday last day.
  190. Silver Hits $14.00
  191. Gold Market Volume
  192. Silver Leads Gold as Dollar Teeters a bouble d cup with a swirl, cup & handle CHART
  193. So, what are you doing now?
  194. How to buy in pawn shops
  195. Peter Schiff Don't Be Fooled by Inflation
  196. Boycott Kitco!
  197. Conversations with God…about Gold & Silver!
  198. Can the dollar drop anymore?
  199. International Forecaster May 2009 (#3) - Gold, Silver, Economy + More
  200. So Once Again,what Did Ted B Say This Week??
  201. Ted Butler's Silver Rarity "Estimate"
  202. How much silver can you legally buy?
  203. Hang on, get ready for wild ride.
  204. how chace c card fu---ked me
  205. Buying gold for the first time.
  206. Econemy worst then you think.
  207. Gold Breaking Upwards
  208. Inflation and the Mass Confusion to Follow
  209. If I were China - A PM Strategy Diversification Strategy
  210. New york NYMEX closes below 14!
  211. Imminent Global Stock Market Crash to Support U.S. Dollar
  212. UBS suggests gold has potential US$2,500/oz upside
  213. Why I Believe The Gold And Silver Etf's Are Scams :
  214. Ya Got To Read This !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  215. Tracking foreign markets
  216. Treasury asks for control of derivatives market
  217. Monarch sale at 79 cents over spot!
  218. We need someone to answer the surplus questions
  219. When Angels speak of precious metal and stone
  220. Dubai Moving Its Gold Out Of London
  221. Jim Willie -- GREAT READ
  222. China Gold Reserves May Back Yuan Internationalization-Report
  223. Brazil And China Eye Plan To Axe Dollar
  224. China Has Lost Confidence In And Is Moving Rapidly Away From The US Dollar.
  225. What's Your Local Price for Junk Silver?
  226. Steele. The honeymoon is over!!
  227. Silver retraces 14.20's
  228. Adrian Douglas--Silver to be worth more than Gold
  229. $14.60 Resistance?
  230. Todays Message from JSinclair
  231. silver 2010 call spreads..
  232. Sell off this morning prior to jump prevents breaking of resistance level
  233. Bonds Down, US Dollar Down, Stocks Down, Precious Metals Up!
  234. Gold Glitters Once Again
  235. HOLY SMOKES -- READ THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!! Jim Willie
  236. Russia Dumps the U.S. Dollar for Euro as Reserve Currency
  237. Video Gold & Silver on Jason Bermas Show
  238. Feds' historic silver sold at bargain prices
  239. What To Do With Lincoln Dollars
  240. China to keep buying debt!
  241. Obama Says, "We're Out Of Money."
  242. Short position Rope-a-Dope
  243. If I announce that I like silver as a short here
  244. Dollar Is Dirt, Treasuries Are Toast, AAA Is Gone
  245. Buying Junk Silver
  246. Is there a simple answer?
  247. Hitmen Hired To Bust Comex
  248. Can you believe it.
  249. Obama thinks the economy has turned the corner
  250. Gas prices Rising! More unemployed! Econemy is Better!!SHTF!