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  1. GM to be owned by the U.S.?
  2. I'd Say It's Time To Take Up Residence Here
  3. Fear Vs Fear - Thoughts
  4. A brief history lesson on paper money
  5. Why are most people so blind?
  6. What Comes After "The Mud, Blood & Beer"?
  7. If You Believe - Banks Are Recovering
  8. The Folly of Central Planning
  9. Robbery in progress
  10. Stress Test capital money list
  11. Swine flu projections using CDC current data and excel
  12. One of the Cruelest Hoaxes of our Time
  13. laugh or cry when u seee this
  14. There is a god
  15. The center of the universe
  16. Proverb.
  17. Outstanding Quote of the Week Awards!
  18. PPT head fake
  19. Chrysler dealership closing was politics; not business?
  20. Latin America: Latins will learn about gold and silver
  21. Stealth inflation is here NOW
  22. "What Jon Nadler doesn't want YOU to know about gold (and silver)"
  23. Good press for Ron Paul?
  24. IMF Gold Sale - Old US Gold to China?
  25. Unemployment Confusion
  26. Ben Bernake sent me a letter from Nigeria!
  27. Socialists and left linging Democrats routed in EU elections
  28. Federal Reserve Bond Sales?
  29. Silver Seeker Senior Member
  30. Goldman Sachs Manipulating Gold...Again!
  31. Why government debt not only matters, but will sink us
  32. The Truth About "Cap and Trade"
  33. "Catching a Gold Basher"
  34. AIG up 68% today as I type this
  35. The Way Cool history of the Byzantine coin of Michael IV
  36. Good Advice
  37. mathmatical fact!! dollar collapse ahead
  38. Plans For Mass Vaccinations And Quarantines
  39. Gold is due a correction - but then it will hit $1,400
  40. The stock market rally is just another bubble – and it's set to pop!
  41. US Bank Health and Silver
  42. see the lying fed lawyer squirm...
  43. Cervical Cancer Shot Kills 14-year Old Girl
  44. Why You've Never Heard of the Great Depression of 1920
  45. Fall of the Republic HQ full length version
  46. NC Balloon Festival!
  47. Stock Market?
  48. tarp#2 being planned power grab over U.S
  49. The King David Javelin
  50. home builders get multi million bailouts...
  51. understand common law vs u.c.c law
  52. if usa collapses, see detroit as all of usa
  53. move your money! how to fight the big banks
  54. queen obamas staff== 1,591,000.00 per year
  55. I.R.S RELEASES " the truth about tax protesters claims
  56. want to get angry see this!!
  57. Phraseology.....
  58. It Wasn't Muslims
  59. Obama care makes PM's go down??????
  60. What you didn't know about the wars
  61. 1901 $5 Liberty Gold Half Eagle
  62. How do we "stuff-it-to-the-banks" the next time there is a major short sell?
  63. Sell your platinum!!
  64. Lithium
  65. What was the old high for gold?
  66. Chilling letter
  67. The week's bank closures updated today.
  68. Job opening: President of the U.S.
  69. Author Daniel Estulin to Shed Light on Bilderbergs with Historic Presentation at Euro
  70. Better Days
  71. So....Western Fights?
  72. A great quote
  73. Gold getting very close to $1200
  74. 'The Roger' or 'centralpa' - who creates the more annoying posts?
  75. The Biblical Duck Bill Axe restoration project
  76. Newbie's
  77. If you could ask Obama one question
  78. High-larious! ...enjoy.
  79. a fascinating snapshot
  80. About the Greece and the Euro issue
  81. Define Tyranny: A Presidential "kill Button" over the internet!
  82. Leaks in the Shylocks Levee
  83. JPM Casino Gulag...ushering in the Darkness
  84. The True Heart of Islam
  85. Israeli “Temple of Solomon” Finger Cymbals
  86. The streets will be paved with Gold!!!
  87. Gold backed currency. I don't understand.
  88. Identification Help
  89. Elephant Artistry
  90. Starbucks CEO on coffee prices
  91. Guillotine Bid-ness....Late on Silver
  92. Nigel-Rama
  93. Corporate crybabies- Starbucks
  94. For those who have just discovered Copper
  95. Who is going to control the world's food supply?
  96. Diesel
  97. St. Bernanke's Christmas Carol
  98. Metals "authorities"
  99. PM Holders = Law Breakers
  100. Gold underwear - Gold is going to the moon!
  101. Global warming!
  102. Northeastern Moxy
  103. PM Holders Vs. Law Breakers
  104. Copper thefts
  105. Astrological trading!
  106. On becoming a trading vendor or guru.
  107. I am shocked!! Truly shocked!!
  108. Force Majeure?
  109. Someone who has their head screwed on straight
  110. HUGE Discrepency between Brent/Dubai Crude & WTI
  111. The price of Gold
  112. Gold Rush...not just a TV show.
  113. Jewelry Retailers Feel Crunch of High Gold Prices
  114. Gold foolishness
  115. Aluminum vs Copper
  116. For those with dimwitted children
  117. Scottish restaurant giving out Gold
  118. Steadfast's Smoken Cool Chicken Coop! (Ton's of photos)
  119. This guy would face a firing squad
  120. Who's next?
  121. Is it mass murder?
  122. The "Davidic Great Axe" Restoration.
  123. This sort of thing makes JPM's competitors
  124. Someone unfamiliar with the market.
  125. Motley Fool agrees that Gold's value is questionable
  126. Finally!
  127. This is downright stupid!
  128. Mind Candy
  129. Evil manipulators!(153 contracts is a drop of spit)
  130. I Support Israel!
  131. Wee Golly and his Silly Little Tantrum Dance!
  132. Hmmm.
  133. A big deal for the real metals consumers.
  134. A necktie of stupid.
  135. JarJar's World!
  136. E-Cat For Sale!
  137. High IQ Linked to Drug Use!
  138. Identity Crisis
  139. Hugo Chavez and Venezuela's Gold
  140. Call to Enlightenment
  141. First one.
  142. Next
  143. Corzine is a bald-faced liar.
  144. Those evil exchange depositories
  145. Alas, poor Blackhawk, I knew you well...
  146. Gold standard drinking game
  147. Commodity trading
  148. Gold standard?
  149. NASDAQ OMX and IKON Launch Spot Gold Futures
  150. The Rediscovery and Making of LOST Biblical Cedar Pitch Glue!
  151. Best Free LAN Games for Windows
  152. What Gold Did During The Great Depression
  153. Im building a Wind Turbine.
  154. The Elusive Pole
  155. South Park for Gold
  156. USA Inhabitants, Ready Yourself for Transformation
  157. Buddha = Christian Saint!
  158. Not that politicians are stupid or anything.
  159. There is one thing I will say
  160. Goldman
  161. God, how I hate these guys.
  162. 7 and a half months after the fact.
  163. Very curious
  164. We might just drown in Conoco's crocodile tears.
  165. The beginning of the end?
  166. I didn't think things could get dumber in Gold
  167. Steadfast's Rockin Awesome Chicken Coop!
  168. To all the financial market idiots
  169. GUYs I need your opinion with this FOREX ROBOT
  170. Dot connecting the three city states.
  171. Solar Powered Kitchen Island
  172. New York Fed Gold audit
  173. How to Sheer the Sheep
  174. Finally, a consumptive Gold use.
  175. Serious Freeware Download Links - Summer 2013
  176. Movie Time
  177. Looks like all the old posts have been deleted?
  178. The Amazing 1 Candle Space Heater
  179. What is an IOU ?
  180. Online Gold Community
  181. Huge non-silver 'belt' found in UK.
  182. Is this real?
  183. When you've out grown your sock drawer
  184. After the reset, Jefferson nickel = clad Washington quarter
  185. Central Banks and Interest Rates
  186. Will a cashless society lead to chaos?
  187. Cashless society, negative interest rates and hyperinflation – part 2